Saturday, 17 January 2015

Saturday this and that . . . .

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It's a common complaint these days and I am as guilty of saying it as the next person . . . I don't know where my time flies, but it seems to be evaporating at the speed of light.   A day no sooner begins than it is ending, and I could say the same thing for my weeks  . . . my months . . . my years.

Or is it just that, despite having more time saving devices than ever . . .  we fill our days with so much that we cannot possibly cover all the things we want to get done?  I don't know.

Sometimes I think we just need to slow down . . .  to live slow enough . . . to find joy in the simple.

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When was the last time you sat and just watched snow falling . . .  the journey of a single flake from the sky to the ground . . .  or onto your fingertip . . .  to melt back into the water from when it came.  When you think about it . . .  this is the circle of life.  It began as water . . .  evaporated into the air . . .  condensed back into liquid . . .  began it's journey back to earth . . .  froze . . .  then floated  . . .  landed onto your fingertip or the ground or the fence post . . .  and will turn back into the water it started off as at one time.

The ongoing moment of the beginning . . .  the quiet instant from which each breath begins.

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As a child, time seemed to last forever . . . or  . . . was it just that I knew better how to savour each particle of each day in a different way?  Often when we are feeling inconvenienced . . .  it's because we are waiting or delayed . . . forced to slow down by the cosmos . . .  airport delays, traffic jams, waiting for the restaurant check, waiting for the bus . . .  etc. . . . etc. 

Why do I always pick the slowest line in the grocery shop . . .  no matter what?

Perhaps instead of looking at these tiny delays as minor nuisances . . .  we would be better off looking at them as opportunities.  Opportunities to catch our breaths . . .  to slow down.  To rediscover the joy in simply being.  To slow our thoughts down to the pace of cracks widening . . .  to slow our hearts down to the pace of the earth soaking up the rain or the melting snow.

I cannot add a second of time to my days . . .  but I can surely add a second of days . . . to my time.

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This little lady surely knows how to get every moment out of every day.  I took this photograph of her yesterday as she was sitting next to me on the sofa.   She looks as if she is wondering whatever am I up to?  Just drinking in your beauty my dear.

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One of my daughter's friends has taken the most wonderful action photos of her at an Ultimate  tournament.  She loves this sport.

Ultimate is a limited-contact team field sport played with a flying disc (frisbee). Points are scored by passing the disc to a teammate in the opposing end zone. Other basic rules are that players must not take steps while holding the disc (maintain a pivot), and interceptions and incomplete passes are turnovers. Rain, wind, or occasionally other adversities can make for a testing match, with rapid turnovers, heightening the pressure of play. A prominent feature of the modern game is the "lay out," a horizontal dive to catch or block the disc

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She's obviously very good at it, looking at the photos.   She was always quite athletic.   In school she played volleyball and was very good at that, even though she was a lot shorter than the other players on the varsity team.   What she lacked in height she more than made up for in agility and speed.  I only ever got to watch her play a few times.

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I always had other demands on my time, such as younger children to care for at home.  Perhaps I should have just tried to get a baby sitter to come and watch them . . . money, or the lack of money . . .  was always a factor.

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I am so grateful that she has a husband who affords her the opportunities and the time to go out and play  Ultimate . . .  to enjoy something which she is passionate about.  I know that it must involve sacrifice on his part, on both their parts.   They both work full time and have a young family.

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I think it's important as a couple to make sure that you give your partner the time and the space to explore and develop talents and abilities which bring them personal satisfaction.  It can only make your own relationship better.

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 A little something which I found the time to create the other day.  I need to buy some more blue markers.  Mine are running out of steam.

A thought to carry with you through today  . . .

It isn't what you have, 
or who you are, or where you are, 
Or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. 
It is what you think about. 
Today, choose HAPPINESS . . . 
 ~Dale Carnegie~

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Baking in the English Kitchen today  . . .  little Queen of Pudding Cakes.  Deliciously simple!

Have a  fabulous Saturday!   Don't forget . . .

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═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

And I do too! 


  1. Good Morning Marie,

    Today has been a to time to breathe day. Sadly my beloved Margaret went home last night and we all feel bereft. I keep telling my girls that they were fortunate to meet a lady who was so strong, gentle and loving. There is void now. I will miss her always.

    So we changed our plans a little and took Pip shopping. While we were out I bought myself the same water glass that Margaret used to use when she was well. Mum was horrified that I spent so much. But I have loved these glasses for years. So now I will drink my water from my Margaret glass. Does that sounds weird of morbid?

    One of Beth's friends plays frisbee for Australia. I have only watched it once in Adelaide. It looked like fun.

    I wish i could pack the heat and send some your way. It is the third day in a row when the temps have passed the 100 mark.

    God bless you and keep you.


  2. Morninng Marie...It was funny that as I was reading about the frizbee game I looked up and on the TV Breakfast programme there they were playing frizbee !!

    Weather looks not so bad as we expected this is cold but not the heavy frost we were expecting. It is still grey out but I can see that the car is free of frost and roofs not white...I have a busy day ahead of to Chippenham as always around 8,30ish then this afternoon into Bath to the theatre matinee performance then home probably around 5ish (dependiing on traffic) by whih time Pam will be here she is stopping overnight as we have a concert in aid of church in teh Selwyn Hall ( our village hall) I am praying hard that it will be a sucess or at least break even we need to sell 150 tickets thing we have about 130 sold so hope that maybe they will sell on the door...that starts 7.30 then home and bed !! in the morning Peter and I away to Bristl Airport to collcet Ann Margaret's friend from Edinburgh staying with me for a couple of rest for the wicked is what they say,,,,,
    have a lovely day and tomorrow as well if I don;;t get back xxx

  3. Suzan, I am so sorry to read about Margaret. I know you will miss her deeply. ((((hugs)))) Praise be for the Gospel which teaches us that this life is not all that there is. I am glad you have your Margaret glass. Anything which brings comfort is a.o.k. in m books! I would like a bit of your heat, but I won't take all of it! lol Blessings and love to you. xxoo

    Isn't that ironic Sybil! It is quite the rising sport and very demanding. We have a frost, but no snow, which os good. I hope you enjoy your busy day and that you are able to sell all the tickets you need to sell" Enjoy your company. Love you much. xxoo

  4. I for one have taken the time just to watch the snow fall. It's important to slow down and just breathe sometimes. When life flies by so fast, it's important to enjoy what you love doing. That is so different for each of us. The choice is up to us. Hope your Saturday is a super one !

  5. You are right Pam. It is a choice we make. I am trying harder to slow down and make it more often. xxoo

  6. Jacques and I both feel the days fly by..I must admit they fly by more than when I worked.
    I never thought I would say that..but they do.
    I think it's great when couples still date w/ young children..and still do activities on their own.
    I was very much like you..there was no extra $ when our girls were small..
    In retrospect..I don't think I missed it though..
    I have no regrets re our family life..Thank goodness..Cause I have others:)
    Have a great day!

  7. Now I am the exact opposite in that respect Monique. I feel, in retrospect, that I should have made more of an effort to go to those Volleyball games just spent the money to do so irregardless of whether we could afford it or not. Or maybe, just maybe my husband could have stayed home and let me go sometimes instead of it only ever being him that went. Perhaps my daughter would have different feelings about me if I had been there for her then. I will never know. We are battling plumbing problems today, but I think we finally have a handle on it, or at least I hope that we do! Sadly no cooking has gone on today. I'm starving! I might try to talk Todd into a takeaway tonight. We'll see!! xxoo

  8. Great post. Great thought for the true! xoxo


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