Thursday, 11 August 2016

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens . . .

These are a few of my favourite things . . .

I much prefer to wear mittens in the wintertime than I do gloves.  I don't know why that is.  I had a lovely pair of brown tweedy ones that I had bought off of Etsy, but they seem to have disappeared.  I will have to start saving to buy another pair, or else figure out how to knit my own.  I once had a pair my mother had knit me.  They also disappeared.  What is it with mittens disappearing???

Snow which has never been touched  . . .  pristine and unbroken.  Not that we get to see much snow over here anyways.  It is a precious commodity!  We got nary a flake last year.   I do however like to see pristine snow with birdie foot prints in it. They are quite charming.


I have been loving Grace and Frankie on Netflix.  It makes Todd cringe however.   Its a good thing each episode is only half an hour long or I would have to listen to him grumbling.  I let him watch his Shaka (which is an hour long) so I can have peace while I watch this   He thinks he doesn't like it, but I catch him watching it out of the corner of my eye.  I think it is quite humorous.   I am Frankie.

Notebooks and stationary.   I love, love, LOVE notebooks and stationary.  I prefer my notebooks to be lined however as I cannot draw, write or do anything in a straight line.  I can draw circles, squiggles, etc, but not straight lines.  I love notebooks and stationary.  There I said it again.   I should start designing my own stationary.   Good stationary is hard to find.

If I had my own line of stationary, all of my envelopes would be lined with pretty tissue paper linings, in pretty florals and designs to match the stationary.  The stationary would be printed on one side and plain on the other..

Lined or not as you desired.


Autumn  . . .  it will soon be upon us.  Believe it or not I have seen some leaves changing already.  Autumn is my favourite season of all the seasons.   Really.  The changing colours, the cooler temps, the smell in the air.  The sounds, sights, temps, smells . . .  I love it all!

Old mirrors . . .  and if they are etched and beveled . . . sigh . . .  so much the better.

Vintage Baking Tins and the patterns they leave on the bottoms of your cakes and cookies.   Somehow cake tastes better if the bottom is patterned with little dimples or swirls . . .


Avocado pears  . . .  I adore Avocado, and its so good for you as well.  Its a super food and filled with healthy fats.   I just wish they weren't so expensive.

Vintage Television.  I love it all.  Bonanza.  Leave it to Beaver, I Love Lucy, Father Knows Best, Beverly Hillbillies, Andy Griffith, Donna Reed, The Honeymooners, My Three Sons, Bewitched (before it got all modern) etc.   I could watch these types of shows every night and it doesn't matter how corny they are.   It was a gentler simpler age.  And everyone was a lot kinder.


I love, love blogging.  My readers are some of my best friends, and whilst that may seem sad to some, its not really.  As invisible as you may be, you all mean the world to me.  I feel we connect on a very personal level and I truly care about each one of you and what is going on in your lives.   If someone had told me once upon a time that I would feel this way about people I have never met, I don't think I would ever have believed them . . .  mind you I couldn't foresee a time when everyone would want to have a computer or have any use for them in the home.  DUH!  wouldn't be without  mine now.   We cry together.  We laugh together.  We do care about each other.   If someone hasn't posted in a while I worry about them and wonder if they are alright.  I was a very shy person before blogging.  Blogging has helped me to be braver and more confident.   Funny how that works!

And those are my favourite things for this week.  What are some of yours???

A thought to carry with you . . .

If you must look back, do so forgivingly.
If you must look forward, do so prayerfully.
However, the wisest thing you can do 
is be in the present  . . .  gratefully.
~Maya Angelou

Spiritual Enlightenment

 photo DSCN8028_zpscf9qjc83.jpg

In The English Kitchen today  . . .  Cardamon and Lemon Chicken Stir Fry.

I hope that you have a wonderful Thursday! Be happy and be blessed! Don't forget . . .

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═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

And I do too!!


  1. Good morning Marie. I have had a more interesting day. Mum and I took dad out to breakfast. It is the first time mum has seen dad in over a month. One of the nuns begged a pattern off me and today she showed me her knitting. I had to undo the lot and help her out. She is trying to knit a gift for another of the sisters. This afternoon I went to tea and an intro to Tilda fabrics in our local and new patchwork shop. That was fun to sit and stitch and try a dainty or two while it poured outside.

    I love some of the older shows on the tv too. In my childhood they were shown in black and white so it is a double delight to see them in colour. I used to love the Waltons and it never repeats here.

    You may be seeing autumn and I am seeing signs of spring. The amount of cat hair I suck up is astonishing. Winter has barely been here.

    Enjoy your day. I hope you can sit in the sunshine and enjoy a little peace sometime today. God bless.

  2. Ok how great do those 2 gals look?
    It is not Jacques' fave show either..
    But I enjoy it..some parts left me indifferent or not loving the subject matter..but I love seeing the two ...not to mention their home..and Frankie's clothes and jewelry:)
    Grace is stunning..cannot believe her age.

    I love fall too..but not the garden clean ups and impending long winter.We have had a tropicl summer..who knows what winter will be like..
    Watched all the same shows as you..
    At our brocante last summer I found mitts that were a heavy felt on the palm side and faux fur on top..nice and warm..she made them herself..$5.00..
    I do better with gloves..and need to feel my dexterity when driving etc..
    But mitts are so cute:)

    We share an avo a day and I agree w/ you so $$ we buy them at Costco now..bananas..berries..potatoes..Costco..and a pineapple a week for me..
    love vintage molds too..
    Don't you find so many notebooks tempting?

    Have a great day!
    Love blogging too:)

  3. Seeing that picture of the snow reminded me of how grateful I should be for these hot summer days we continue to have. Those days will be coming when it seems you can never warm up. Happy Thursday!

  4. You always manage to pack so much into a day Suzan! Sounds like you have had a very good day with your mum. A visit to dad sounds good and the fabric shop with Tilda anything. What fun! We have been into town to have some forms signed and it tipped down the whole time. My old coat doesn't do up. Methinks I need a new one. One day. ;-) xoxo

    I love the way both those gals look Monique. They are very well preserved for their ages. I love Frankie's hair and her clothes also, so fun! Jane Fonda has always been a beauty! The garden clean up is always a pain and we will have extra this year because of the intense cropping of the hedge. You cannot believe how much has to be taken to the landfill. Wowsa! it will be at least ten trips or more! Your Brocante sounds positively lovely. I wish . I want to join Costco. Not everyone can here. Todd is going to apply if we ever get a few steps ahead! xoxo

    Those cosy days of Autumn Pam. I love them. Not too hot, not too cold and a nice fire indoors. God bless your day! xoxo

  5. I'd love to join costco but it is over an hours drive away and I don't know if that is practicable. I have been there and everything seemed enormous.

    Ladies I meant to add that I live in a land where avocado grow and there are farms nearby. They still cost a fortune. I love them and call them sailors butter for some odd reason.

  6. I agree with you Maggie I loved the old nostalgic shows on TV..I don't get to see them at all unless I come across one on an odd station when I'm flipping through looking for something to watch...and ahhh I've found something we ..don't...agree with, I can't for the life of me write on lines, my notebooks have to be blank pages LOL.....and Autumn, I'm not so sure about Autumn as it heralds winter and I don't like winter, give me spring and summer....Today has been another windy one, wherever has these winds come from, I can't remember ever having gales at this time of year, thankfully out of the wind it's still be quite warm, I got sitting out for a wee while around lunch time....
    Hope all is well up with you...

  7. It's horrid to lose something; I'd rather give it away. I have just lost my favourite secateurs - even worse upset as I won them on a Twitter competition. I am at an age (81) when I put things in strange places, so I hope they may yet turn up. I only hope it wasn't on the bonfire with the prunings.

  8. We have a Costco about ten minutes away Suzan. Yes, everything is rather large sized, so you have to pick and choose. I would never do my full shop there, but rather a mini shop every now and again. They are especially handy when you have to bring something to a large gathering and don't have the time to make anything! xo

    Ahh, now that is one thing we differ in Sybil! Writing on lines. I would if I could write a straight line! haha I can't! It is always sloped! Of course being Canadian, I don't really mind winter too much. Winter's over here are a doddle in comparison to over there. I have always loved autumn most of all. oxox

    I hope you find your secateurs Bunny! God forbid they ended up on the bonfire! xoxo


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