Sunday, 29 June 2014

A few of my obsessions . . .

Today I want to talk about something which I have loved since I discovered it about two years ago.  Pinterest.   If you don't already pin you should.  It's so much fun!  You collect photos from all over the web and curate them into one place on separate "Boards."   These "Boards" are like virtual bulletin boards, except there's no mess, they don't take up any space and they are yours to do what you want with.  It's a way of fueling your passions that doesn't cost any money or occupy any space in your home . . .  downside being, it's also a great time waster, and quite addictive.

 It's a great insight to people personalities I think.   The boards they choose say a lot about someone . . .  their loves and interests and passions.  As usual I am over the top with mine.   I have 186 boards, with over 30,000 pins and almost 15,000 followers.  (Yes you can get followers on Pinterest as well.)  In contrast I only follow 263 people.  I am very discerning I guess.  If I follow you, you just know I think that you're the best!  If I don't, I just may not have discovered you yet!  One day I will, I am sure.

 I have one board on there that is totally dedicated to things both red and white.   I have always loved that colour combination and now I have a whole little collection of red and white things to look at and to love.   There is everything on that board from the picture here today to red and white china, and everything in between.   And I haven't spent a penny.  (That makes Todd happy.)

 I love, LOVE brooches.  I only have a few in real life, but on Pinterest I have collected no less than 128, with a new one being found every so often.  I only pin brooches I would want to wear.  Not just any old brooch will do.  I am partial to antique looking ones and ones with a bit of glitter attached, like this pretty blue bird.   I am a bit like a crow.  If it sparkles I love it!


 I am also slightly obsessed with angels, and I have a board which is filled with them.  Angels such as this one here, but mostly stone angels which reside in church yards and cemetaries around the world.   Most are so beautiful . . . frozen in time . . .  God's messengers . . . they speak to me in a special way.  They touch my heart.  I'm also obsessed with fairies . . .  but I am sure you already knew that.


You might think that this folder lies under the heading ot cookies or pastry, but it doesn't.   It's all a part of my obsession with hearts.  Yes, it is all things heart shaped. There  are cookie hearts, and felted hearts . . . bejeweled hearts and naturally formed hearts. Mosaic hearts, embroidered hearts, any kind of heart at all.   If it is even remotely shaped like a heart, its in that board, and beloved by me.  


 You know my faith is a big part of who I am and so it goes without saying that I would have a board dedicated to that as well, with quotes which inspire from the different conferences, special crafts and lesson helps that I might one day need to use in Relief Society, or Primary or Young Womens. . . . words from the scriptures and the prophets.  I am an open book, and I love live by the book.



I may only have ever had one or two dolls when I was growing up and I may only have one or two now, but on Pinterest I have  324 dolls.   Each one interesting and beautiful to me.   Antique, and rag, and designer . . . and, yes . . .  I finally DO have my Chatty Cathy!  And don't get me started on Blythe.  I wish!


I can't remember when I last looked for a recipe on or FoodTV.   I look on Pinterest now.  I've discovered a lot fo really good food blogs that way, and some not so good.  I have about a bazillion food boards, for everything from soup to nuts to snacks and tea parties.   At first I just pinned to a general recipe book, but after a time it became clear that I would never be able to find anything that way and so I categorized them according to the meal, the type of food, the occasion.  Much, much easier, and a wealth of information.

I have household tips and cleaning tips, beauty tips, etc.   In short I have almost everything about anything that I could ever want to know at my fingertips.   I love Pinterest.   I don't spend as much time on it as some people do, but I do love to peruse it at least once a day to see if something new is happening.  I love also being able to "pin" things to my boards as I surf the net.  Much better than bookmarks in my opinion.  Do you Pin?  If so I would love to follow you. Leave me a link below!  

 photo copyrightBoPeep_zpsee7c1ddc.jpg

In  keeping with the Nursery Rhyme theme, I did this yesterday afternoon.  Not sure what I think of it yet.  I think I need to add some sheep.  Sometimes doing art is a bit like owning your own homw.  You are never quite finished with it, always wanting to add this or to add that.  The trick is to knw when to stop.

A thought to carry with you through today . . . 

"Don't postpone joy until you have learned all of
your lessons . . . 
Joy is the lesson."
~Alan Cohen ✻ღϠ₡ღ✻✻ღϠ₡ღ✻  

 photo SAM_5709_zpsd4d73ccc.jpg 

Baking in The English Kitchen today  . . . Snickers Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies.  Seriously addictive.  Naughty naughty things they are . . .

Have a wonderful and a blessed Sabbath!  May it be filled with light and love!

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  1. I do love reading your blog ever day MArie, today is no different, although have to say that I have yet to discover what one does in this Pinterest thingy...but it does sound quite good fun...One day I will have to pay more attention and be a bit braver I'm a wee bit afraid of change and so end up not really making the most of things on the computer....I think if you were actually here with me and was explaining how to do things I would be so much more adventurous,
    Off to church this morning and out for lunch afterwards it is Mary's birthday today so will be a nice lunch out for her...not the Chinese she wanted as it was fully booked...but a nice pub in teh country side...It looks like going to be a lovely day warm and sunny already......

  2. Good morning Marie. I have been thinking of joining Pinterest as my computer is cluttered with stuff that could be elsewhere and there when things go wrong!

    Enjoy your day. Church was interesting this morning. I think you would have liked the sermon. Do Mormon ladies ever give the sermon. God bless your day.

  3. PInterest is so much fun Sybil! I think you would enjoy it. I have never found anything bad about it actually! Except you can lose time in it! Happy Birthday to Mary, I am sure she will have a lovely day!

    Suzan we have women speakers all the time. We don't have sermons per se. We all have the opportunity to speak. There are usually 3 "talks" each week. The first speaker is usually a youth, and for five minutes. Second speaker talks for about 10 minutes and the third talks for the remainder of the time. It's a nice way to do things. I love to give talks!

    Pinterest is a great way to cut down clutter on the computer, as it's all stored online!

    God bless you both! xxoo

  4. Love Pinterest! have sooo many followers..I follow maybe are one of them..but I rarely see the pins..must be a glitch:)
    I used to have bookmarks etc..It's my fave storage place;)

  5. More and more now it seems that when I google a recipe there is one that shows up that is on pinterest. It is getting very popular. I'm thinking your picture doesn't really need any sheep as it says she doesn't know where to find them, but maybe one hiding behind a little bush would be appropriate. Like you, I always want to go back and change something I've painted, but I've made my self quit because often when I do that it just never works out the way I wanted. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. I used to do bookmarks too Monique, but I could never find anything because I had far too many! Pinterest makes it better. I can find everything I saved on there! xxoo

    Pam, I know what you mean. Sometimes you can fiddle with something so much you ruin it! I hope that you have a lovely Sunday too! xxoo

  7. Marie, I really like Bo Peep as she is, all alone and looking melancholy; did you incorporate some fabric as well? I like the flowery field and the blanket stitching. As for Pinterest, I do have a few boards and pin to them occasionally in hopes of being inspired to create or motivated to do something. I've marked boards to follow, but haven't visited them. I have art and scrapbooking supplies, as well as crochet and knitting supplies, collecting dust while I ponder what to do with them.

    Hugs from Alabama

  8. Here's my board, although I don't put something on it very often and it is small:

  9. Wow! Impressive pins on Pinterest. I love all of that! The reason I don't pin on there is because I will be on there ALL the time. I do go on and look at things but I'm not signed up. I just lurk!;-) But never say never! Loved your email! Will write soon. Hope your thumb isn't hurting any more than it was! Have a great Monday Marie!

  10. I must make cookies for my dear husband; he will love them. We were just talking about snicker bars today.
    I love pinterest too; but I had to slow down a bit. I do love to pin things I find.
    It is fun to find items and then have a place to put them so you can visit them again.
    I do love yours and you have a lot of fun things on it.
    Blessings, hugs for you dear friend.

  11. Thank you Sharon! She does look a bit melancholy! I have piles like that too, of fabric and wood bits to paint, etc. Never enough time in the day I say!

    Laura, I will check you out!

    Val, thanks! I think you would enjoy it. It's ever so time consuming though if you let it be. I limit myself nowadays!

    LeAnn, I am sure Roger would love you to bake him cookies! There are tons of tasty recipes on Pinterest as you know. But I do hope you will try these! There is only one problem with them. They get in your mouth! haha xxoo


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