Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sunday meaderings of the mind . . .

I love to burn an apple log
upon a chilly day,
when all the world outside seems cold
disconsolate and grey.
I love to watch the flicker of
the flames on polished oak,
and catch about the house
the teasing fragrance of the smoke.
For when I'm burning applewood
I always seem to see
a vision of the strength
and beauty of the fruited tree.
And in the rustle of the flames
I hear the thrushes call.
I catch the whisper of the wind
and hear the apples fall . . . 

I used to love it when we were living down South on the Estate and the farmer who owned the orchards around us would burn the prunings from his trees.  It was a lovely, lovely smell.  But I adore the smell of woodsmoke anyways.   I can remember when I was at school you always knew the children who had a woodstove at home because their clothes smelled like woodsmoke and comfort with a capital "C."


I lived in an old farmhouse for a time when my children were in highschool.  We heated the house with an old Mennonite wood cookstove.  It was lovely and the best turkey I ever cooked was cooked in that stove.  Most days it had laundry drying on a line we had strung above it.  I loved to sit by it on Winter days and nights and write or draw . . .  or even just think.  Our dining room table was next to it and a huge picture window looked out onto a small corner of the garden.  There was a bird feeder there and I loved to just sit and watch the birds as they visited while the logs in the stove crackled and hissed.   And of course I loved the smell.

Our Amanda hated that house, or at least she did at the time.   I wonder if she has any fond memories of living there  . . .

It was not the best of times really . . .  we had no money at all and I mean that literally . . .  my ex husband had just come back from serving  a year in Bosnia during the troubles and was suffering from PSTD.  We had moved there from a beautiful home we had left which we had built ourselves in New Brunswick.   My oldest son had already moved out of our home and so we had had to leave him behind, which is always hard.  So there was a lot of sadness there . . .

But I have many happy memories also . . .  of the woodstove, of the birds, of crafting and blackberrying with my sister, of the lovely vegetable garden we planted and grew and picked, of the field of sunflowers which the farmer across the road was growing, of all the canning, pickling and preserving I was able to do . . . of the beautiful area we were living in, right on the banks of the Georgian Bay . . . of the good friends which I had at the time.   Oddly enough when I joined the church I lost them all.  In fact one of them told me I needed help because I was mentally ill.  Sad but true . . .


I used to take care of a little boy each day.  His father was divorced.  He was in the Military also and was really struggling to make ends meet financially.  I took care of his little boy for free to help him out and through a rough time.   I had so much fun with Sean.  (That was the little boy's name)  He helped me to bake cookies and we played Mario Cart and coloured and did all sorts together until the older kids got home from school.  He was great company for me in that big old house.  He loved Kinder Eggs.   I used to buy him one each time we went grocery shopping.  A little treat.   My mother's heart longed to have another child.

Sometimes it still does, but alas those days are long gone and in truth I don't think I have the stamina or the energy now!

Bonfire night was quite uneventful here last evening.  Mitzie was just a tiny bit agitated at the fireworks which went off right across the road from us, but for the most part she snuggled in between us on the sofa.  I really feel for the animals on nights like Bonfire night when everyone is shooting off fireworks.  I often wonder what the animals in the wild feel about it all.  It must be very frightening for them.

We've been enjoying a new series on Netflix called The Crown.


Its very well done.   In fact we have watched it two nights in a row.  We can't help ourselves.  Its very compelling and very well done.  I highly recommend.   You feel like a fly on the wall watching things unfold.   As you know I am a great Monarchist.  I love all of this stuff.  We both really enjoyed Young Victoria as well.   Great done television is a real treat.

We also watched the last episode of Season 3 of the Gilmore Girls last evening.  I cried when Rory graduated.   I was reminded of my own High School Graduation and all of the feelings attendant with that.  I remember crying that night also.   I knew I was on the precipace of great change and that my life would never be the same again . . .  and it wasn't.

I keep hoping that Lorelei and Luke will get together.  It is so clear that they both have a thing for each other, but they keep us dangling.   Don't spoil it for me if they eventually do or don't.   I want it to unfold naturally for me.  Thanks!

It is Fast and Testimony Sunday at my church today and so I will end with my Testimony  this morning.   As you know October was a month filled with a multitude of blessings with October General Conference, Stake Conference and two meetings with an Apostle of the Lord, President Nelson and a few others.  We were so richly fed spiritually speaking.   At the second meeting we attended, President Nelson's wife spoke about how when President Nelson had been asked when he was a much younger man what was it that made him different from the rest and why he seemed so happy no matter what . . . his answer had been simply, "Because I know the Book of Mormon is True."  And I want to tell you that today.

I know the Book of Mormon is True.  It is a book of scripture equal to the Bible and it upholds and upbraids the Bible in every way.  It actually has helped to deepen my understanding of the scriptures and to clarify many deep and soul enriching principles which are in the Bible.   It testifies of the Saviour Jesus Christ, our redeemer . . .  on every page.  Reading it has brought me closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ than anything else ever has.  If a book can do that, then I feel it is a very great book indeed.   I have to ask myself, if it is such a bad book, inspired by Demons as many Evangelicals say, then why has it brought me into a closer communion with God and Jesus Christ?  It is not Demonic and it will not hurt you.  If anything it will inspire you to want to be a better you.

We live in amazing times.   In times where we are seeing Biblical prophecy unfolding  around us with a speed unimaginable.  In the 1830's when Joseph Smith was first given the gold plates and was compelled to translate (not write) the Book of Mormon, our fastest mode of transportation was the horse, and within a hundred years of that we were flying through the skies.  I love my Heavenly Father and Saviour Jesus Christ very much.  I live my life according to the teachings and example of the Saviour.  I love my church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It has brought more joy into my life than anything else ever has, and has helped the joy I already had to become even moreso.     I know the Book of Mormon is True.  This is life changing.  and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

In The English Kitchen today  . . .  Apple Pie Coffee Cake.  Homey, rustic and delicious.  Todd enjoyed his with cream.  It is more apple than cake.

Have a beautiful Sunday.  Don't forget  . . .

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And I do too!


  1. Good morning Marie,

    Late this afternoon we had clouds of butterflies. Of course mum tried to dismiss what I was seeing. I came home to find it is a once in a ten year thing. I loved.

    I wish you a wonderful day and God bless.

  2. You've had quite a life..brave you.
    Not easy certain's amazing what we get through younger..
    watched a sad movie last night..Cake.Great acting by Jennifer Aniston.
    Have a beautiful Sunday..I know you will.
    Off to see that pie:)

  3. Oh how very wonderful Suzan! That is something I would LOVE to see. What a blessing! Love you!xoxo

    Well Monique, how do they say it in the South? A Hot Mess? A beautiful mess? Whatever I would not trade a minute of it. Love and hugs! xpxp

  4. Marie, how do you get Netflix, please? xx

  5. These butterflies appeared almost everywhere in south east Queensland. They made the news.

    Sleep well everyone.

  6. Hi Bunny, it is a subscription service. We discontinued sky a while back and got netflix instead. You simply go to and subscribe. It costs £7.99 a month (which is a lot less than the £58 a month we were paying with sky, plus our maintenance agreement). If you have a newer model television or dvd player you will be able to hook up to broadband with that and sign in and watch via an html cable which goes from the telly to the broadband box. After you sign in once you will be able to access is automatically each time. Our television remote has a netflix button right on it so it's very simple. If you don't have a newer tv or dvd player you must do it via the computer, but you can either choose to watch it on the computer or hook up an html cable between your computer and television. Which enables you then to be able to watch it on the television via your computer if that makes sense. Hope you can make sense of this! xoxo

    Thanks for that Suzan! A very interesting read! Wow! xoxo

  7. Many many thanks for that, Marie; I have saved it, and will have a quiet moment investigating my setup. Having a bit of trouble viewing comments and answers just now; glad I found yours! xxx


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