Thursday, 3 November 2016

Raindrops on Roses . . .

These are a few of my favourite things  . . .

Thornton's Toffee Cake Bites.  One small bite.  Okay  . . .  maybe two to make them last longer.   Tiny toffee flavoured cakes topped with toffee buttercream (just a thin layer) and dulce de leche (just a thin layer) and then smothered in milk chocolate all over, with a carmel drizzle.

OH.  MY.   WORD.  These should be illegal.  They are addictive.  Remind me to never bring them into the house again.  So wicked.


Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus.  Something healthy to counteract all that decadence.  I use Guy Fieri's recipe and eat it with carrot and celery sticks.  It's so so so yummy.

The only way I can eat chickpeas now is if they are pureed, otherwise they give me great distress and I used to love them so much.


Woolen throws.  Tis the season.   I have several and I use them all winter long.  They help to keep us warm and cosy.


Homemade applesauce.   I love applesauce, but I like homemade the best of all because I like my applesauce a bit chunky and not so sweet.  And I do like cinnamon in it or nutmeg.


Aprons.  I love aprons.    I have a few but mostly wear the full cover ones like tabbards because they give me the best cover.  I have a few special ones, but only ever very rarely wear them.  A good apron is a cooks best friend.  (Along with good knives and a multitude of other things!)


A good book to curl up with.  I actually read this one a very long time ago and have read it several times since.  It's great.


 Wooden Peg Dolls.  I love them.


Vintage Christmas anything  . . .  cards, wrappings, ornaments, etc.


Our new fire.   I know I have told you this before, but every time I look at it I fall in love with it again.   It was a lucky find, and perfect for us.


Vintage house plans.  Oh, I know  . . .  we will never have one, but I like to dream.


Cottage Bedrooms.  This one actually reminds me of my room that I had in the house I boarded in when I first left home to go to work in Kentville.  It was a big old Victorian House and I had the cutest little room with the sweetest wall paper on the walls and a single iron bedstead.  It was cosy.  I spent a lot of time in there.  I used to go up just after supper, have a bath and then spend the evening in bed reading.  I was so shy back then.  It would never have occured to me to do anything else.


Oh, I know she is a person and not a thing, but I just love the Queen.  Always impeccably turned out, she is a real class act.  Never a touch of scandal attached to her.  She is a good Queen and has served this country admirably.  She is stalwart and a great Embassador to the world.   I am a Royalist I guess.


Flour sack tea towels, embroidered or not.  Just love them to pieces.  They work the best and wash like rags.


Forget Me Knots . . .


Macaroni and cheese  . . .  homemade is the best, but I also liked the boxed kind.  I always add extra cheese.  I can't help myself.  In fact last night for my supper I had a frozen macaroni and cheese dinner.  And it was Kraft.   It was good.  Todd had a fried egg sandwich.  It is not all gourmet in this house.   We often don't spend a lot of time cooking and just have quick things as time allows.    You only see the good stuff.


Working with my hands . . .  be they plying a needle and thread, stirring a pot, rolling out a dough, patting out a biscuit, clasping a pen or a pencil, holding a paintbrush or marker, folded together in prayer . . . 


Needlebooks and Pin Keeps  . . .  pin cushions, etc.   Anything to do with sewing.  Atelier Lavanda.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  A guilty pleasure.   Are these people for real.  It makes me laugh.   I said to Todd, they should do a Real Housewives of Blacon, but then I laughed.  They already do, its called The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Ohh, I better stop now before I bore you to death  . . . 

And those are a few of my favourite things for this week. What are some of yours?

 I can still hear that sound like a cat up-chucking.  I have no idea of what it is. Most perplexing.

Everytime you are tempted
to react in the same old way,
ask yourself . . . 
"Do you want to be a prisoner of the past
or a pioneer of the future?"
~Deepak Chopra

Spiritual Enlightenment

 photo DSCN9542_zps9pxhq9bj.jpg

In The English Kitchen today  . . .  The Best Bread Dressing.  I don't make that claim lightly.  This is also one of my favourite things.

Have a beautiful Thursday . . . may you never forget . . .

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And I do too!!


  1. Liking the toffee cake bites ♥

  2. They are very naughty Summer! xoxo

  3. Hi Marie. Unfortunately I love anything from Thorntons!!! Thank you for your prayers Marie, Joyce is still in hospital but out of intensive care. She is definitely on the mend. Unfortunately my brother, her husband, had to have an emergency operation on his eye because of a detached retina! He too is on the mend but unable to drive so we are on taxi duty at the moment. We also had good news about my daughter. She got a cancellation appointment with the doctor in London and he has diagnosed her with Mast Cell Activation Disorder. Although there is no cure she should be able to control it with medication and a low histamine diet. It was such a relief to get a diagnosis after so many years of suffering. Lots of love to you both xxx

  4. Good morning Marie,

    I am off to explore some pages.

    I love the needle book. It is so pretty. My bedroom has blue and white wall paper but at present Pip has the white iron bed that should be in there..

    I have read the Lady of Hay a long time ago too. I no longer have those books. I am going to have to replace my old favourites on the kindle. But novels are not cheap on there either.

    God bless your day. I send you lots of love and best wishes.

  5. Kate, Thorntons is my nemesis! lol I am so grateful that prayers are being answered! What a blessing! I will continue to pray! Taxi duty is alright considering the alternative! Love and hugs! xoxo

    Thanks Suzan! Lots of love and best wishes coming your way also. I love the idea of blue and white wall paper! Its on my wish list. xoxo

  6. Oh my, I do love homemade applesauce. When my children were little I used to can a lot and got spoiled. I no longer do that but do often make just enough for me to enjoy. Hope you have a lovely day.

  7. Sweet post your thoughts:)

  8. I bet your family misses your homemade preserves and applesauce Pam! I make it a bit at a time now just for Todd and I. It's so good. You have a lovely day also! xoxo

    Thanks Monique! Love and hugs. xoxo

  9. Oh those toffees!. I'm drooling. Love toffees but don't often get that taste now. And Mac n cheese. I've made it a whole family favourite. None of that moussaka!! Lovely post

  10. Thanks Linda! I Like Moussaka also, but I do admit to loving mac and cheese more! xoxo

  11. I just found your moussaka recipe on English kitchen. Excellent. Authentic. OK and tasty too

  12. I certainly try very hard not to have on hand the decadent desserts that I enjoy. They are the once in a while pleasures.
    I too love throw blankets for the winter. I like cuddle up and watch the TV or read a good book.
    I really love aprons too and used to wear them a lot. Now days, I don't bake like I used too. We eat such simple meals unless we are feeding the beloved missionaries and or having someone over.
    I love your fireplace too; it looks so cozy. I really love vintage homes. We had an old remodeled farm home in Richmond, Utah for about 3 years; it will always be one of my favorite homes. I loved the front porch and just about everything about it.
    The small bedroom reminds me of my grandmother's extra room that I would stay in when I visits. It was such a favorite place to be.
    I really love your queen; I do think she is a class act in everyway. As you well know here in the US we don't have that kind of a woman leader at all. Our poor nations is in a mess.
    Sending you loving thoughts your way and big hugs too~

  13. I pray for your nation every day LeAnn! It is in such a mess, but so is the whole world. But we know it will get worse before it gets better. Love that you used to have a farm house. Love, hugs and blessings to you always. xoxo


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