Thursday, 23 April 2015

We interrupt our normal schedule . . . .

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Normally I would be doing a Five Things About Me post today . . . but I can't seem to concentrate on that this morning and I am also trying to minimise my time on the computer.  I have a lot on my mind.

Two nights ago, as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed little glinting flashes  on the left side of my left eye.   This is the same eye in which I had a blood vessel burst for no reason a number of months ago, and to be honest I have always kind of thought of it as my weak eye.   Most often when I am reading in bed at night, I keep it closed and read with my right eye, and if I wake up during the night, I can't see much of anything with it really.  Everything is a lot more blurred with it than with my right eye.

So, these flashes . . .  I found them a little bit disconcerting.

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My friend Jo (remember her, she was the housekeeper at the Manor when I first went to work there) used to work at an optometrist's office and she had told me once that if you ever got flickering in your eyes you should go to see an eye Doctor as soon as possible because it could be something really serious, like a detached retina.   My Aunt Thelma had two detached retina's and went blind because nobody took care of them.  And so I decided that I would try to get into see an optometrist  as soon as I could.

I was really lucky as I managed to get an appointment really quickly for yesterday morning.  Todd and I went into town and I had an eye test and exam.  The Doctor couldn't really see anything much, not that she told me, and my prescription hasn't changed since the last eye check up, but she said she was sending a letter to my Doctor's surgery to get them to refer me to an Opthamalogist at the Hospital, who could do a more thorough check.

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And so we treated ourselves to some fish and chips (naughty) and then came home.   Todd thought perhaps I was spending too much time on the computer and I have been doing a lot of close work recently, with doing that quiet book for my friend's daughter and then getting my artwork ready for the NYC show.    I thought, perhaps he was right and so I didn't go on the computer all afternoon, not even to check e-mails.   I watched some Nigel Slater Cooking Videos that Todd had gotten me a while back that I hadn't had time to watch and then Todd and I took Mitzie for a walk at the park.   I had to use my cane the whole way,  *grumble* , and my right hip and knees were so sore after, but I felt good for having done it.

After getting some supper for Ariana, I sat down and decided I would work some more on the quiet book.   It's very thick and so I am having to sew the pages in by hand.   I got two in and they were all crooked and I was so disappointed and started picking them out . . . I was almost in tears about it, thinking about how am I going to do this  . . .

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Then I got up to make Todd a sandwich.   Neither of us was very hungry because of the fish and chips.  It was when I was in the kitchen, making his sandwich,  I thought bugs were flying at my face (we had had the back door open all day) . . .  kind of like a small spider had dropped down on a web and was moving towards the left side of my face.  I kept trying to brush it away, but it wouldn't go away and so I went to the mirror to look so I could get rid of it . . .  nothing there, but I could definitely see something with my eye . . .  a small black dot that moved with my eye and lots of webby bits, very disconcerting . . .  and now this morning it is like there is a film over my eye, with more black bits that move constantly . . .  it's like looking through petroleum jelly with black bits and pieces of web moving about.

I am going to call the Doctor's Surgery this morning to see if I can get in to see a Doctor right away and see if I can't chivvy up a hospital appointment as soon as I can, and in the meantime stay away from the computer, etc

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I am a bit afraid.   I don't want to go blind.   I have always said I would rather be deaf than go blind.  I am trying to be positive about this and hoping that if it is a detached retina I have caught it in time.   And if the worst happens and I do lose the sight in that eye, I still have one good one so I will count my blessings, but I would really appreciate some prayers, or even happy thoughts if that is your thing.

Wish me luck at getting an accelerated hospital appointment.

It's a beautiful day out there today.   I hope it's a beautiful day where you are also.   Don't forget . . .

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And I do too.


  1. Wish I was up there with you my dear Marie I coudl just it by you and hold your hand..and go with you to Dr. etc. But please try not to worry to much the black spider shapes and sometime dotts and fly shapes are called FLOATERS...I get them now and frightened me to death I to went to the fact I have felt that my right eye ha not been good for a while now but they said it is just age related and I have a cataract growing but they say that that houldn't ditort my does though. I was saying to Mary jut yesterday that when I am reading I can't see a complete letter sometimes..but they insit it i still "age related" I am sitting praying that you are havinng the same...but do go to Drs today or if he can't see you go to accident and emergency you must never leave your eyes without having them looked at...the quicker the better...Please keep us in touch...but I agree with Todd maybe better not to do so much close work or on computer..
    God Bless much love flying north xxxx

  2. Hi Marie, thinking of you and saying a little prayer for you. You are so right, you're eyes are so precious and hopefully you will get to see the doctor today. When I was 21 I woke up one morning and everything was completely blurred. It turned out that I had a cyst behind my right eye and it had ruptured. Unfortunately , it left a scar across the middle of my eye which has left me unable to read with this eye. It's amazing though how your body compensates itself and I have just used my left eye since then without even noticing. The only thing that frightens me is if anything were to happen to my left eye. But I don't worry about it and will just face it if it does happen. Sending you lots of love, Kate xxx

  3. That would be scary situation for sure. I'll be praying all is well for your eyes. I agree with Sybil about the floaters I've had those black dots before, but with your other symptoms I am glad you are calling the doctor.

  4. Marie how frightening for you and Todd. Yes you must follow this up and stick to your guns. Eyes are precious and you use yours in such diverse ways. God bless you, may he guide your doctors, may he bring you his serenity and may he remian in complete control of this situation.

    Love you my friend.

  5. Marie ...I have had those "floaters" in my eyes for years. They are caused by bits of the vitreous of your eye breaking up at times. My eye doctor said it's an age thing. I have these bits off and on. But better safe than sorry.

  6. Floaters.. many people get them..if that's what you need to worry..I had some even very young..

    hard not to's my middle name so I hear you..
    you can even get eye twitches that last for doesn't mean you have blepharospasms..that will can be just a tired eye..stress..nerves..
    you have been working hard and diligently..just the little dolls we have made requires small stitching ..concentration etc..
    please keep your chin up and try and think more positively.
    Take care take care take care..

    eyes are very important..I can't wait for a doctor to put your mind at ease.

  7. Marie would like you to go to emergency today. Don't wait for an appointment. It may be nothing serious but why wait any longer until you get your answer?
    I'm thinking and praying for you.
    Take care of yourself, nothing else matters.

  8. I did go to the Doctor this morning and they sent me right over to A&E. The Long and short of it is after spending the morning in A&E. I have an appointment tomorrow with the Eye Clinic at the hospital. Had I not gone today I would still be waiting probably several weeks to get in. The Doctor I saw at the hospital said that the Opthamologist was wanting to see me asap. He said unfortunately with the eye it is usually too late to do anything when symptoms appear, but if it is a detached retina they are able to do quite a bit these days so long as it is caught early. So hoping it won't be bad news, but will deal with whatever I have to deal with when it comes. Thanks everyone for your happy thoughts. I have pupils the size of moons now! It's really wierd. xxoo


  9. Your name will be going to the Temple...your in my prayers as always.oxoxox

  10. Marie I am calling the Oakland temple here in the bay area as soon as I get done with this. I have had those flashes too. They scare me every time but I know that feeling you are having. My friend has the dark spots too. She was telling me about them the other day. She has also had them for years. You sort of tune them out after awhile she says.

    I am glad you went in to the doctor and that they are moving forward quickly. I am thinking you will be just fine. I have actually had that thing where it feels like yo have a little spider on your face before. It is weird but nothing ever came of it.

    The Lord is with you. I know you know that. When Ig et that eye thing I have Jim give me a blessing. I relax and I take an aspirin. It always goes away. I am praying all is well. Love and hugs, Bonnie

  11. Thank you CAthy Jo and Bonnie. Not long now Bonnie! xoxo

  12. Blessing Marie. Am praying for a positive outcome.

  13. I am so pleased that I came back on just in case you had put in an update. I am so pleased that you got to the hospital an dthat they have made an appointment right away. By this time tomorrow at least you will have some news..I am praying that they will be able to do something and you will be reassured...that it will not get any worse...much love xxxx

  14. Marie - You are such a lovely lady. I will be hoping and praying for the best.

  15. That would give anyone a scare Marie! Hang in there and don't worry too much until the doctor tells you what is happening. Keeping you in my prayer for a quick doctor visit and that your sight will be restored soon. Love you! xoxo

  16. Thanks so much everyone! Each and every prayer is so very much appreciated! xoxo

  17. Oh my gosh dear Marie; I am so happy that you are acting quickly on this one. There will be prayers for you.
    I read your last post first so I know what you have been told.
    Love and hugs for you!

  18. I had that feeling that midges were around me. I kept swatting them away before I realised they were in my eyes. It went on for several months. Thankfully it has stopped now, only you mentioning it made me realise it HAD stopped. I'm 80, so I count this as a plus. Good luck!

  19. Thanks LeAnn and Bunny! So good to see a comment from you Bunny! Xox


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