Thursday, 30 April 2015

Five Things About Me . . .

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This is a photograph of me at my son Bruce's highschool graduation.  I was so lucky to be able to go home to Canada for his graduation.   That meant that I was there to watch all of my children graduate from highschool.  I am very proud of all of my children and their accomplishments.  They may not see themselves as such, but they are all very successful in my eyes.  I helped to raise five decent human beings.   Well adjusted, happy for the most part, law abiding, hard working likeable people.  They all love the Lord, even if they don't all go to church regularly.  The ones that are parents are very good parents.  I believe they are good partners in life, and good employees.  They are not paragons of virtue or perfect human beings, but  . . .  as a mother, I love them and overlook their shortcomings, because  . . .  mother's do that.  I believe I am a good mother.   I know I am a good mother.

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I am irreplaceable.  I have always walked to the beat of a different drum than others around me.   That means that sometimes when I was growing up I was bullied, or made fun of.  But those things helped me to become stronger and more compassionate towards others.  I have never felt the need to follow the pack.   When I joined the church that I go to now, I finally found a whole group of people like myself.   People who were different and not afraid to stand apart from the crowd.  We all walk to the beat of a different drum.  I like that about us.

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I like to share . . .  feelings, opinions, treasures, joy  . . .  cake.   I cannot imagine a life where I hoarded all of my toys, joys and talents to myself.  What a narrow and limited existance that would be.   Something shared is something doubled.  How much better a sunset when someone is enjoying it with you . . .  how much better a cake when someone is nibbling right along side of you.  Life was meant to be shared not hoarded to oneself.

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I have finally learned that it is okay to celebrate my accomplishments, and feel proud of the things I have done and who I am and am becoming . . . for years I hid my light under a bushel.  I am now letting it shine a bit and I don't think there is anything wrong with that.   If you can't love yourself, how can you ever expect anyone else to love you.  The problems come in when you love yourself too much, to the exclusion of everyone and everything else.  I have known people like that and it's not a nice way to be.  There has to be a happy balance between pride and humility.

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I am trustworthy and honest, but I struggle with keeping secrets.  I would rather not know them.  I don't like having to keep anything secret.  I tell Todd everything.  I think married people should share everything with each other.   No secrets.  If you want to tell me something that you don't want anyone else to know . . .  please don't tell me.  I would rather not know.  I am like Sheldon Cooper.  I struggle.  I think that if you don't want people to know certain things . . .  you don't tell them to anyone.  A secret shared is the cat being let out of the bag.  I will endeavor to keep your secrets, but be forewarned . . .  I will tell Todd, so best not tell me in the first place.  ☺

I am the same way with presents.   I have to buy presents at the last possible minute for the instant I buy one . . .  I am wanting to give it to it's intended recipient.   Christmas presents for the children were really hard for me.  I really DO get more joy in giving than receiving . . .  that's why I can't wait to give my presents.  It's kind of selfish really.

And those are the five things about me.  I hope you still love me.

Mom is still in the hospital, but appears to be doing better.  They have had her up walking around her room.  I am sure she is bored silly because the hospital isn't allowing any visitors at the moment because of the noro-virus.  Nobody is allowed any visitors.  I don't know how much longer they will be keeping her in but I hope it won't be long.  My sister says my dad is sad and worried.   My parents may be divorced, but they are also the best of friends and care deeply for each other in a myriad of ways.  I am grateful for that.

A thought to carry with you through today  . . .

The sign of a beautiful person 
is that he always sees the beauty in others.
~Omar Suleiman

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I am making a good use of leftovers and little bits in my kitchen today  . . .  Chicken Fajita Skillet Supper.   Simple.  Easy.   Economical and . . .  delicious!

Have a wonderful Thursday!  Don't forget . . .

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═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

And I do too!


  1. Hugs for you and your mother, Marie. It must a lonely time for your mum.

  2. I am sure she is very lonely. She doesn't read books. She never has. I am hoping my sister brought some word puzzle books in for her to do as she loves them. xoxo

  3. Glad to hear your Mom is doing better. That is encouraging. Hope she gets to go home soon. It is good to have a good opinion of yourself. After all we were all uniquely and specially made. If you can't be good to yourself, you really can't be much good for others. Hope you have a wonderful day ! Happy Thursday !

  4. She is such a fighter your mom..Wow..

    Glad she is up..
    I had a dear friend who..after years lived apart from her husband..when he died..she was in such grief and sorrow..the bond was there..they just could not live together..she quiet..he a ball of energy..
    this is years ago..
    you can glow in your are never vain or boastful..NEVER.
    You have this talent..and you share it:)

    You have not changed at all since your son graduatated!

  5. Hope your mum gets back home soon.
    Old couples care for each other and miss one another.
    For the last 17 years, since my mum died, my dad keeps complaining he is alone although all his three children are around, and friends, too.
    Take care!

  6. I so loved your confessions today !!! lots of things...inded almost all I think I share with you...Especially I am teh same with secrets..I share everything with Mary ( although she is a real good secret keeper ) but I like you are a truthful person and can never see the harm in sharing with another friend..I'm also teh same with presents. I always want to give them away as soon as I buy them for somone. In fact I TRY to make it a rule NOT TO BUY to soon, A few times I have bought things for a frined and unfortunately they have died before getting their giifts...and that makes me even more deptermined not to hang in to gifts..what a pair we are !!!
    Hope you have had a good day. I have not been very good today, just the usual funny turns that seem always to start during the night and next today I have just been no good to anyone just sat here half asleep all morning with Masy who seems to know sitting quietly on top of me ! but by afternoon beginning to feel better. I will have an early night tonight and hopefully all will be back to normal in the morning xxx

  7. Thanks Pam, we do take comfort in mom being in the best place for her where her breathing is being monitored. I hope that you had a great Thursday! xoxo

    She is strong for sure Monique! I've changed a wee bit since my son graduated. I think I am a bit heavier! xoxo

    What are WE like Sybil? I don't know! I do hope that tomorrow will be a better day for you. Sending you love and hugs. ((((hugs)))) xoxo


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