Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Wednesday fun . . .

 There is something about the month of April which makes me want to throw all the windows open, take down the curtains and wash them  . . .  and clear away the cobwebs of the Winter.  After having been shut up in doors for the past several months there is a deep longing in my soul to let loose and just sweep all of Winter away  . . .

As a child this would have been when the storm windows came off and the screen windows went on.  The screens would have been stored in the top of the garage all winter, and so a good wash and a dusting would have been needed prior to putting them back on, even though they would have been well washed prior to their winter storage.   I can still remember the metallic smell  when I pressed my nose up against them.   That was when screen windows were actually made of woven threads of metal . . .  my age is telling now . . .

Once this all began, of course  . . .  then the windows needed washing, inside and out.  Might as well before the screens got put back up  . . .


 And then of course the curtains looked a bit dingy and so they all came down and were washed and hung out to dry . . .  the lovely spring breeze making quick work of it.  And then while we were at it . . .  might as well hang out the blankets and bedspreads as well.  Let's make a day of it.   Everything would smell just gorgeous after it came in . . . the whole house having been perfumed of the great and beautiful fresh outdoors.

With the windows looking so clean and sparkling . . . and everything smelling so fresh . . .the whole rest of the house would look rather dingy also.  It's the sunlight you know  . . .  it shows everything up.  There was nothing for it but to give the whole house a bit of a spit and a shine . . .

Walls and woodwork dusted and washed . . .  mirrors polished . . . curio cabinets emptied and their contents given a good wash in some hot soapy water, a good dry and then replaced . . .  and dearie me, might as well take the dishes out of the cupboards and give the inside of the cupboards a good wash and a dusting too . . . ahhh . . . new shelf paper . . . is there anything more beautiful on earth?

Oh dear  . . .  the fridge needs a good defrost and a clean  . . .  the freezer too . . .  and don't get me started on the oven  . . .

Are you tired yet?  Coz there is more . . . . floors needed to be stripped and polished, rugs beaten, furniture hoovered and cushions turned.  If you were lucky enough to have slip covers that changed with the seasons, those would be changed also  . . .  and  then there are the Winter/Summer wardrobe changes.  Back then we had cold weather clothes and warm weather clothes . . . the winter ones needed packing away and the other ones bringing out and of course, you guessed it  . . .  after being stuffed away in a box all winter, a good airing out of those was also required.

Everyone was doing it however . . .  all along the street . . .  banners of carpets and blankets were hanging, whilst lace curtains fluttered in the wind, and clotheslines hung heavy with drapes, damask, satin and chintz, and many a dad could be seen to be beating the rugs, if he wasn't already washing the car.

And  . . .  it all started with wanting to put the screen windows up.


Whew!  Don't worry  . . .  you get to do it all again in the Autumn.

Just a bit of fun this morning.

A thought to carry with you through today  . . .

Don't fear change, 
you may lose something good, 
but you may also gain something great.

Spiritual Enlightenment  

  photo DSCN6274_zpsuwjeucpp.jpg 

In the English Kitchen today  . . .  Cheesy Broccoli Rice.  Seriously scrumptious!

I hope you have a positively splendid Wednesday.  Be happy and don't forget! 

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═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

And I do too!


  1. I am exhausted reading this. Have a brilliant and blessed day.

  2. LOL Suzan, all in good fun. Glad that Will got through his op okay. Praying that he heals quickly and without any complications! Love and hugs and blessings to you! xoxo

  3. You are so thing leads to another..very cute your post!

  4. The sunshine does make a difference and shows up all the dust. Trouble here is we haven't had much of it. It was so dark most of yesterday I felt like I never really woke up. Today is another dark day but I'm getting out for some shopping. Spring cleaning will need to wait on some sunnier days.

  5. Thanks Monique! It is that way with all things isn't it! xoxo

    Oh, it is swinging back and forth here today Pam from sunlight to rain and back again. It is very windy however and quite chilly! xoxo


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