Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Wednesday This and That . . . .

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Many years ago, a dean went into his cathedral to check that all was well.  He noticed a small boy in ragged clothing kneeling in front of the crib and praying, "Please can I have a wheelbarrow for Christmas?"

When he made enquiries about the boy, he found that young though he was, the boy was the man of his house and he badly needed a wheelbarrow to collect wood to keep the fire going for his mother in their poor home.

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The Dean called together some of the congregation and told them of the boy's prayer.   Between them, they produced a sturdy wheelbarrow, filled it with Christmas Fare and warm clothing for the family, and left it outside the boy's door on Christmas Eve.

Early next morning the Dean was in the cathedral when in came the boy, scrubbed and tidy and pushing the empty wheelbarrow.  When he reached the crib, he stopped . . .  gently picked up the doll representing Jesus, placed it in his wheelbarrow and wheeled it round the cathedral.

"What are you doing?" asked the Dean.

"Well sir," said the boy,"I asked Him for it.  It's only right that He should have the first ride."

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Just a little story this morning to cheer the heart and help us to feel the true meaning of Christmas, which is Love.    Love for God, love for the Saviour, love for our families and love for our fellow men.

I dreamt of a world without sorrow,
I dreamt of a world without hate,
I dreamt of a world of rejoicing,
And I woke to find Christ at my gate.

I dreamt of a world without hunger,
I dreamt of a world without war,
I dreamt of a world full of loving,
And I woke to find Christ at my door.

I dreamt of a world without anger,
I dreamt of a world without pride,
I dreamt of a workd of compassion,
And I woke to find Christ at my side.

I dreamt of this world of tomorrow,
I dreamt of this world set apart,
I dreamt of a world full of glory,
And I woke to find Christ in my heart.
~Marion Elliot  

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It's our Amanda's Birthday today.  She is 36.   I am so very proud of her as a woman.  She has a lovely husband, two children and a beautiful home.  She works full time as an RN in a children's hospital where she works as the Family Care Co-ordinator, and recently graduated from Dalhousie University with her Masters in Nursing, which she achieved whilst still taking care of her family as well as working full time.  She also is a great athelete, competing at a high level in Ultimate Frisbee with her team mates.   I have always been very proud of her and I love her very much.   I hope that she has a lovely day today. 

It's not easy having a birthday just before Christmas and the day after your baby brother.  I always tried to mark both of their birthdays in a special way which was unique to each of them.  I do hope that they each have some special memories of birthdays while they were growing up, and that they are making new special memories now they are all grown.

We are off to Manchester today.  It is Transfer Meeting again.   It sure comes around fast.   We will be saying goodbye to the Missionaries which are going home at the end of their missions and welcoming in the new Missionaries who are just beginning their missions.   This is also a day when they switch companions and areas for some of the companionships.  It's a very exciting meeting and one which we always love attending.   Praying we have save travels there and back.

And with that I will leave you with a thought for today . . .

A good marriage is like a typewriter.
The spools are the husband and wife,
working in smooth harmony,
and the ribbon is the love that flows
between them.
~Maurice Fleming

Just thinking of typewriters takes me back. No such thing anymore is there!

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 Cooking in The English Kitchen today . . .  French Onion Soup, Holiday Beef Tenderloin and Herby Baked Haddock.

Have a great Wednesday!  Wherever you go and whatever you get up to, don't forget!

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And I do too!


  1. Sorry could not get yesterday's edition to come through !! But that gorgeous red coat really looks gorgeous with. It's polar bear as well...lucky do make the most wonderful beautiful things Marie, I have no idea why you have not been snapped up by some boutique like shop....oh to have money to buy all you make and I mean would be hard to pick my favourites...well you know me anything miniature is a sure big seller in my eyes....I'm so sorry that you were not feeling so good yesterday, but glad your feeling a wee bit better today. It must be quite an emotionally charged day when the missionaries come and go etc...hope all goes well. It looks like it's going to be a nice dry day so that will help....take care xxxx

  2. God bless your travels and your meeting today Marie. I love the story of the boy and taking the infant Jesus for a ride in his barrow. Beautiful.

    Happy birthday to your children. I understand the close together birthdays as Will and PIp share their birthday. They are not smack bang on Christmas though. It amazes me how some who are born close to Christmas have such a lovely attitude and others don't.

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter ! I too can understand having birthdays so close and trying to make it special for each one. I have a daughter and son that were born on the same day only 1 year apart. They were like twins when they were young. Safe travels to you.

  4. That little story brought a tear to my eye.
    I am certain you treated your children individually like gold.
    I just know it..that all the special attentions were there.
    That's how you are.
    Her card is so cute:)
    We have a very..only British shop in town..which has switched hands and she has it packed to the brim.I always think of you..she has a map in back of her cash to the left..with pearl pins..showing people that live here..where they are from in England..I asked her to show me where you are:)
    You make Knorr proud.

  5. WE were lucky enough to have dry weather Sybil, so that was good, but the traffic on the way there was horrendous, so many large trucks on the road. I hate that. THen on the way home there was an accident so the journey took us twice as long with traffic queues! Yes, they are very emotionally charged days. PLus I have a really sore arm. Not sure what is causing it! xoxo

    Thanks Suzan! Interestingly enough four of my five had birthdays all clusted around or just after Christmas! Not very good planning on my part I guess! lol xoxo

    Thanks Pam, my two girls are like that as well. Even though they look nothing alike people always thought they were twins when they were small! xoxo

    Monique! How delightful! I am chuffed you wanted to know where I live! I got your beautiful card yesterday. I will e-mail you! xoxo


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