Friday, 13 March 2015

Friday Finds

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A few of the wow moments, or things I discover each week that tickle my fancy. I hope that they may inspire or tickle yours too!

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It's not quite the season for roses just yet, but here is something to bookmark for when it is.  Homemade Wild Rosewater.  You can use it for all sorts.   Found on Lovely Greens.

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Cottage Sewing Case Tutorial.  This is so adorable.  From start to finish.

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All instructions and measurements are given.  These would make wonderful gifts.  From The Sewing Directory.   Soooo cute!!

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A Soda Pop Can Key Chain.  A great way to recycle, you guessed it!  Old soda pop cans!  From Diary of a Crafty Lady.

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A, what looks to be pretty easy, fabric doll house.  So cute!  What little girl wouldn't  like this.  Actually you could turn it into a barn or a garage for a boy, so I am sure you could make one for any boy or girl.  From A Girl and a Glue Gun.

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No instructions or source, but totally sweet.  If this is yours I would be happy to add a link.  I love Bluebirds and this one is totally A D O R A B L E.   Made from pom poms!

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Use Your Noodle, quick and cheap, Butterfly Decor.  Aren't they sweet?  From How Does She.

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Make Your Own Fairy Garden . . . . cute.   From Little Monster Baby.

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DIY Pape Garlands.  Now these are so easy to do.  I might make a few for the craft room.   If you can cut and sew a straight line, you can do this.  From High Walls.

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Easy Meal Planning Board.  From  Life Sweet Life.

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The Magic Way to clean your windows.   With Spring and more sunshine coming into our lives, this is something we can all use! From the Made From Pinterest blog.  Actually we are getting new windows and doors at the end of this month.  Nice landlord.  Hope he doesn't put the rent up because of it.  Finger's crossed.  The windows we have now are all impossible to clean and none of the windows upstairs are large enough that an adult can get out if there was a fire.  There is moisture caught in between the double glazing which has gone greenish and is impossible to get rid.

And that's my Friday Finds for this week!  Hope you found something useful amongst this lot!

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Not great photos because the light is not good this morning  . . .

 photo DSCN0997_zpstbnfnb47.jpg

But she does have wings . . .

 photo DSCN0998_zpsjoosnaku.jpg

Flower and butterfly beaded embroidery on her jacket and a silver bow charm fastening.
It's a butterfly doll.    

A butterfly hovers closely
And then quickly moves away,
Swiftly going where so ever
Her heart may freely say.

A butterfly lowers and rises
With the winds’s gusty breath,
As if coupled within a dance
Of a loving tenderness.

The butterfly only knows
How it feels to have wings,
To kiss the petals of flowers
In such elegant flitterings.

To have but one moment
Of such an exquisite flight,
Would be like a dream
Where all seems so right.
~Author Unknown


 Cooking in The English Kitchen today  . . .  Scalloped Macaroni.  Old fashioned goodness.

Have a wonderful Friday my dear friends! Don't forget . . .

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And I do too!


  1. Good morning Marie,

    You seem to be having so much fun making your sweet little people. I also adore the little bluebird. I still have that sewing case saved on my one day list!

    Enjoy your day. I am not 100% over my cold and have a nasty cough. Meanwhile we wait to see what mum's test results show. I am desperate to be on the sea and breathing some fresh air. I have never sailed out of Sydney habour and I want to. All must be well by Monday.

    Pip has not heard about the job which probably means there is no job. She applied for a different job today with an Amercian candy store. It looks more her scene. She would really like that one.

  2. Sorry Pip has not heard about the job yet Suzan. Never say never, though, she still could. Praying she finds a job she enjoys! I do enjoy my little people for sure. I hope that your mum's test results are good and that you get to sail out of Sydney harbour! xoxo

  3. Hi, Marie! Fun finds, as always! LOVE that little cottage sewing case--be still my heart! ;o) And those garlands are so pretty for spring/summer. So glad you're getting new doors/window--sounds like you really need them, and for many reasons. Hope all goes well with that! Your little fairy doll is sooo CUTE!! Love her mob cap! Your are so clever with crafts, my friend--I'm always amazed!! Wishing you all there a great weekend now ((LOVE & BIG HUGS))

  4. Cleaning windows is on my list of things to do as well as washing curtains and doing spring cleaning. It's amazing the dust that has collected over the winter. Nice you are getting new ones. I live in an old house and I know how old windows are. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one !

  5. Thanks Tracy! I love finding these things and sharing them. I am appreciative of your faith in my talents! It works both ways as you know! love and hugs back. xoxo

  6. Thanks Pam! I hope you have a fab Friday also Pam! xoxo

  7. I Pinned the case:)
    I LOVE your butterfly so sew sew cute!!

  8. I thought you might Monique. It's so cute! Thanks about the butterfly girl! You made my day! xoxo

  9. Hi, Marie: I came across this link that might interest you with regard to your own 'little people:'

  10. Marie believe it or not I am only now commenting on yesterday !! YES it is 12am..or a few mins after..I didnt see you this morning before I clicked of and only now remembered. I am up so late as Peter was stuck in Iclenad with heavy wind and the plane coudl not take off. He of course missed the coach back from Heathrow and the first he could get means that he is not in till 1,40am ! at Bath, So I said I would go into Bath and collect arguments...he woudl do that and more for me...he might have got ataxi but at that time of teh morninng I expect it would have cost at least £40 if not more and then he might have ha dto pay extra for a new bus ticket...anyway I am sitting here putting in time. I thought I might have nodded of but NO still wide awake...Thanks as always for sharing all these great ideas. If I were not so lazy I would be trying them out !! As for teh Butterfly...well you really and truly MUST not make me envious...she is so so so cute and you know my love of butterflies...oh to have limitless money....I do hope that someone who loves her buys her...
    Well goodnight or goodmorning..hope you have a lovely Saturday and have had a nice Friday LOL

  11. Sharon, what a fascinating link. I am finding myself wondering which came first, this lady, or the lady I purchased my pattern from? I must explore further! xoxo

    Sybil, I missed you this morning! I hope that you had an uneventful trip back and forth picking Peter up! Thanks always for your lovely words. I treasure them. xoxo


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