Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Simple Woman's Daybook ...

 FOR TODAY, July 12, 2016

Outside my window ...
Its cold and overcast and it is raining.  Feels like October, not July.  But the garden is in full bloom so pretty.  The breeze carries with it the smell of roses and sweet peas.

 I am thinking ...
More days than not I don't recognise this world I am living in.  It is very different than the world I grew up in.  There is so much selfishness and hatred for others about. Was it always there?

I am thankful for ...
My four walls and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which give me shelter and hope.

In the kitchen ...

 photo DSCN7992_zps3hmxcsjq.jpg

Crockpot Sauerkraut Soup.  Not only is this simple to make, but its totally delicious and keeps your kitchen nice and cool.  Not that that is a problem here at the moment!

On my "To Cook" list ...

From Cafe Delights, One Pan  Bruchetta Chicken Pasta Salad.  This looks soooooooo delish!

I am creating ...


Nobody is expecting, but I reckon if I start a baby sweater now, it might be finished by the time someone is.  In a neutral colour.  This one is really pretty.  From Ravelry.


But, I also really like this one.  Also from Ravelry.   I like the garter stitch yoke and the floral lining, and of course the self covered button.

 These Crochet Slippers are nice.  They look like they might actually stay on instead of fall off all the time.  Downloadable pattern from Etsy.


Make a bird feeder from a plastic bottle. Cute DIY Projects.


DIY Dinosaur Tooth Brush Holders.  From DIY Joy.   What a novel idea.

I am reading ...

In The Unlikely Event, by Judy Bloom

This is a richly textured and moving story of three generations of families, friends and strangers, whose lives are profoundly changed by unexpected events.

In 1987, Miri Ammerman returns to her hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey, to attend a commemoration of the worst year of her life

Thirty-five years earlier, when Miri was fifteen, and in love for the first time, a succession of airplanes fell from the sky, leaving a community reeling. Against this backdrop of actual events that Blume experienced in the early 1950s, when airline travel was new and exciting and everyone dreamed of going somewhere, Judy Blume imagines and weaves together a haunting story of three generations of families, friends, and strangers, whose lives are profoundly changed by these disasters. She paints a vivid portrait of a particular time and place — Nat King Cole singing “Unforgettable,” Elizabeth Taylor haircuts, young (and not-so-young) love, explosive friendships, A-bomb hysteria, rumors of Communist threat. And a young journalist who makes his name reporting tragedy. Through it all, one generation reminds another that life goes on.

In the Unlikely Event is a gripping novel with all the hallmarks of Judy Blume's unparalleled storytelling.

I have only just started this. The first few chapters are a bit confusing as she puts all the characters into place, but once you get past that, it all begins to fall into place. I am really enjoying it.

 I am looking forward to ...
Todd would like to take a day and drive to Aberystwyth this summer.  (If we ever get any summer)  It's in Wales, on the coast.  We will see.


A day out and about is something to look forward to, however.  ☺

I am learning to ...
Trust my instincts more.

Dreaming about ... 


Flea Market Bedrooms  . . .

 Having some girls  . . .


Picnics for two  . . .

Toasting marshmallows over campfires  . . .


Secret escapes . . .  singing in the woods . . .  cool grass and bare feet . . .

A favourite quote for the day  . . . 

 (¯`v´¯) `*.¸.*´Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ¸.
   •´¸.•~♥♥♥~•.~ ღϠ₡ღ¸.
              ✻´´¯`✻.¸¸.Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ. ( ¸. ❀⁀ ⋱‿✿“`
                                    * .¸.* ✻ღϠ₡ ღ¸.✻´´¯`✻.¸¸.Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ..

 Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.
~Bob Marley 

Makes Me smile ... 


A gathering of Raggedys . . .

One of  my favourite things ... 


Toast and butter  . . . 

 Corners of my kingdom ...


They reach for the sky  . . .

And that's my daybook for this week!

  ⋱ ⋮ ⋰
⋯ ◯ ⋯ Take time to enjoy the small *´¯`.¸¸.☆
 ⋰ ⋮ ⋱ blessings in life.*´¯`.¸¸.☆

✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸✿ ✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸✿ ✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸✿
░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░░░░░

Wherever you go and whatever you do, I hope there's a great day ahead of you! Don't forget!

═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════ ⊰✿░G░O░D⊰✿⊰L░O░V░E░S⊰✿⊰░Y░O░U░⊰✿
═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

 And I do too!!


  1. Good morning Marie,

    You have no idea how much your posts brighten my evenings. Today has been grey and a bit damp. However, it is winter here. Tomorrow promises to be quite cool. So I have a chance to snuggle and enjoy knitting while it is cool.

    this then leads me to those baby ideas. So scrummy. Recently I knitted a coat and decided to keep it. I love to knit baby items out of super soft sock wool. I love the first pattern so very much.

    I do hope you get to go on that little trip. It looks as pretty as picture

    We went to see dad today and really was very absent. He so polite but it was is concerting. For dinner we are having picky plates. That is wheaten biscuits with whatever toppings are desired.

    God bless you and keep you.

  2. The thought of brightening your days puts a smile on my face Suzan! It really does. I am trying to picture what wheaten biscuits are now. Sounds tasty. Sorry about your dad, a friend of ours has been diagnosed with dimentia recently. Very sad. Hugs and blessings. xoxo

  3. It would be nice if I could share a little of our summertime heat with you. Way to hot for me outside right now. A trip to the beach would be wonderful right now. Not likely to happen though. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday.

  4. Hi Marie. You're right, it definitely feels like October, it has for weeks! I think you should go to Aberystwyth and take that picnic basket with you! Ive got a quiet day today so I'll just potter round, may pack a few items away in preparation for moving. I'm off to Rochdale tomorrow to go to the doctors with my daughter. Still trying to get the referral required to see the specialist in London. Not sure if this comment will show as I'm on my phone and it plays up! Lots of love xxx

  5. Ohh, I think we would gladly take some of your heat Pam! Its just like October here, not July! I wish I could take you to the beach! You have a terrific Tuesday also! xoxo

    I have your daughter in my prayers Kate. (((((hugs))))) If the weather ever warms up we will take that picnic basket and go to Aberystwyth! Love and hugs! xoxo

  6. I am sorry your weather is not better..we wait so long for summer!
    That pasta chicken looks superb:) The link I think is not behaving well for you:)

  7. Well spotted Monique! I have fixed the link now. It goes to an earlier version of the blogger's recipe, and not as nice photos, but is the same recipe. xoxo

  8. It is the same down here today Marie, not warm enough to sit out. Lyn and I havnt been for a walk these last few days but the sun looks like it might be out tomorrow so we will have our walk...I hope............it is a sad old world that we are living in at the moment but I am sure there will be a rainbow shining for us soon....Mary will be home Thursday its funny how the first week seems long and the second just flies by. She has just been on the phone and was asking how you were ....Hoping that tomorrow will be a happy one for you, night night God Bless

  9. I am almost tempted to put on the heater this morning Sybil. It is so cold here. Brrrr . . . . I do hope it is dry today however as I am going into town for my eyes and will have to make my way home with the drops in them. The two weeks sure seem to have whizzed by that Mary has gone! I bet she will have lots to share when she arrives home! God bless you both! xoxo

    I will Angharad! xoxo


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