Thursday, 3 April 2014

The value of a being a toe-tapper . . .

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Once upon a time in a once upon town . . . a wise man appeared.  He was looking for a place to lay his head and so he went to the first church he found, thinking they may be able to help him.  Inside he found a group of people arguing about how they could best please God.

"I think I might be able to help you," he said to them, " but you must promise to use what I do to glorify God."

The people were very quick to assure him that indeed they would do just this.

The wise man then proceeded to give them gifts  . . . to one he gave the ability to play the piano beautifully, another the ability to play the flute, still another the violin, and still again other instruments and abilities to the rest.  To one, he gave the ability and role of being the toe-tapper.

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The people began to work long and hard to prepare a song of praise for the church.   With each hour of practice the music became more and more beautiful.

One day during practice the violinist spoke to the pianist in a voice loud enough to be heard by all . . .

"I'm so glad that I have the important job of playing the violin.  I would hate to be only a toe-tapper."

The toe-tapper hung his head in shame and was so hurt that he put his coat on and went home.  The next day when the group met to practice, nothing came together right.  People kept missing notes . . . all was off kilter.  Finally the pianist said to the others . . .

"Without the toe-tapper here, I don't know when to come in for my part."

Again and again they all tried, but the music still sounded terrible . . .

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Finally the violinist spoke up in a very sad voice . . . "This is my fault I think.  I thought I was so important and so talented that I didn't need the help of the toe-tapper.  Oh how very wrong I was."

And so he led the way as they all travelled over to the toe-tapper's house to ask him if the would be able to come back and help them once more.   Although his feelings had been very hurt, the toe-tapper agreed to return and once again the music was beautiful.

Then, on the very next Sunday . . . they played their music in church.   God looked down upon them and smiled.  I think He may even have tipped the toe-tapper an extra nod and a wink.

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  We all have strengths and talents . . .  a purpose in being here in this beautiful symphony we call life.  It costs nothing to be kind.  Kindness is the gift that gives truly gives back.

A thought to carry with you through today . . .

I am only one, but still I am one. 
I cannot do everything, 
but still I can do SOMETHING 
and just because I cannot do everything...
I will not refuse to do the something
that I can do!.*•♥*¨`*•ღღ

~Helen Keller  

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Cooking in The English Kitchen today . . . a delicious Chicken and Tarragon Pot Pie.

Hope you have a lovely day!



  1. Lovely story. Sadly you cannot use me to be a toe tapper as my sense of rhythm is shocking….

  2. Ahh, but someone has to be the "pretty one" Suzan. I nominate you! xx

  3. I loved the story and agree we are all valuable and have a purpose in life. It's so nice to start my morning with a smile. Thank you ! Hope you have a great day!

  4. LOVE this story.
    It's always nice to hear what you believe told to you in a story.
    Feel good moments.

  5. Thanks Monique! You made my day!

  6. Oh Pam, I am so happy I made a good beginning to your day! xxoo


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