Friday, 4 April 2014

Friday Finds

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A few of the wow moments, or things I discover each week that tickle my fancy.  I hope that they may inspire or tickle yours too!A few of the wow moments, or things I discover each week that tickle my fancy.  I hope that they may inspire or tickle yours too!

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 A beautiful, gorgeous Swedish Princess Cake!  I thought this was so pretty and it looks very easy to make.  I found it on Cruelty Free Hedgehogs, which is a vegan page, and also in a foreign language, but you can easily have it translated into English.  This is the perfect Girl Time cake!!

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If you are into different fonts (and I am) I found some really lovely free ones that you can download.  I found them here. (Moritz Fine Blog Designs)  They come in really handy for printing off your own cards, invites, etc.  I love LOVE fonts!

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I found a blog that is dedicated to help us all improve our photography skills.  I know I could use a lot of help in this area.    It's called For Photographers.  

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Spar in a Jar!  A fabulous gift idea from Mason Jar Love.  That blog is a wealth of Mason Jar ideas!  I love ideas for Mason Jars, don't you?

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With Spring springing my mind is going to the garden and things I can do there.   21 ways to edit your garden, found on Beauty Harmony Life.  I saw something the other day that was brill, it was a flower pot lighthouse.

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I saw it on facebook, but I did a search and found out more about it on Amazing Interior Design.  I think one of these would be brilliant next to our pond!

And those are my find for this week.  All six of them, not five or ten.   Whew!

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My heart is burdened about something.  As most of you know my oldest daughter is developmentally challenged.   This is a "selfie" I took of us on the night before her wedding two years ago.  She and I were having a sleepover.  It was fun.   I didn't even know these things were called "selfies" then.   I guess I was ahead of my time there!

Last weekend her best friend died all of a sudden.  Very sad.   My daughter messaged me on Facebook to let me know.  In my attempt to comfort her, I messaged her back and told her that Amanda was now with the Saviour in a much better place, and whole again.  (Amanda was developmentally challenged as well.)  What has burdened my heart came next.   My daughter messaged me back saying that Amanda was not going to be with the Saviour because she was not a Christian and had not accepted Jesus into her heart.  So then I responded with this:

"I am very grateful that you believe in God and Jesus. I do think however that there is a special place in heaven for people who have mental disabilities. I do not think a loving Heavenly Father would turn them away because they are not capable of understanding about Jesus. They are innocent in his eyes. Jesus said to the people when he was alive, "Suffer the little children to come unto me." People who have severe mental disabilities are like little children in their thinking. They will not be punished for something that is not their fault. That is what I believe any ways. We do not know what is in people's hearts. Only God does and maybe Amanda did believe in Jesus in her own way, but never told you? It's possible."  

Her response to me left me quite flabbergasted and feeling more than a little sad.  She was adamant that anyone who doesn't believe in Jesus is not getting into heaven.  That Amanda will be normal when she gets to the other side and that's that, she is destined to an eternity in hell . . .  and for something which is not her own fault, but a tragedy of birth.   Downs Syndrome.  This makes me so sad . . . so very sad.   I don't believe that a loving Heavenly Father would punish His children by judging them and dooming them to hell for something which is out of their control.   That is not fair, or loving, or just.  I have to say that was one of the reasons that I left the mainstream church behind . . . this way of thinking.   I believe we will be judged according to our knowledge and what we did with the knowledge we had.  It breaks my heart to think that my daughter thinks her best friend is doomed to an eternity of eternal fire and damnation . . .

On the plus side, she is apparently okay with it, which I also find sad.

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This made me laugh.  My brother posted it on his FB page.   He obviously believes in Positive Thinking, Build it and they will come and all of that!  His caption was "For some people Spring can't come soon enough!"   I am sure he is more than sick of shovelling the driveway now!  Oh, I do so love my family.

A thought to carry with you through today . . .


Put yourself into life
and never lose your openness,
your childish enthusiasm
throughout the journey that is life.
and things will come your way.
~Frederico Fellini  


Baking in The English Kitchen today . . . Chocolate and Cherry Diagonals.   Delish!

Have a brilliant day!  We are covered in that sand cloud from the Sahara here.  If you are here in the UK and have to go out take care!



  1. Another week of fun finds, Marie! THose colored rubber tires are a fun idea, and so is the pot lighthouse! Very sweet the photo of you & her daughter. (Has she beem married two years already??!!) Oh, but how very sad about her friend passing away so suddenly. My heart goes out to her. I'm sorry your exchange about Amanda beliefs, and your daughter's own beliefs, have caused you such heartache at the moment. Sadly, we can't make others believe what we might see as blessings. But that she is coping OK with the loss, that seems pretty mature, I think. VERY fun pic of your brother--and in Hawaiian-style shirt no less! ;o) ha... Hope that sand cloud doesn't linger long--can't be healthy! It's spring here--at last. Happy Weekend to you all there! ((LOVE & BIG HUGS))

  2. I am sorry that your daughter lost her friend. When my brother died I was so conflicted over many, many things and hated facing other people's harsh judgements. I am sure that God is more awesome than I can ever imagine and he must hold a special place for those who exceptional circumstances.

    Stay safe in the sand cloud. It has been in the news here. I was in Sydney when it was covered in a red desert sand cloud. It was amazing to see the opera house etc in the eerie glow but breathing was so difficult so please be careful.

  3. I would think as you do in this case. The dear Lord must have a special place in heaven for handicapped people. I have a sweet granddaughter that is not capable of such thoughts at all and I'm sure she'll be in heaven. I love the picture of your brother sitting in the snow. That was us not long ago. Thankfully the snow is gone now and it's raining instead. Hope you have a fantastic Friday.

  4. Great finds Marie..Love your daughters' pic with you:)

  5. That is a fun pic of my brother Tracy! He is a fun guy!

    I can only imagine how very difficult it would have been for you when your brother died Suzan. I think God has a special place in his heart for people who take their own lives. I don't believe they will be held accountable because they are not in their right minds. Nobody is who would do that to themselves. (((((hugs))))) Sending you special love.

    Pam, thank you for your loving and kind words. You are a treasure.

    Monique, I love this pic of me with my gal too. You can see our eyes are very much alike and we do look very happy together!

  6. I am sorry she feels that way. I guess since you cant change her mind it is good that she can live with it. Someday she will know the truth. I'm glad that we know we have a loving Heavenly Father who would not let that happen to Amanda.
    Thanks for all the helpful tips. Thanks too for visiting my blog. This blogging every day is hard! I don't know how you keep it up year after year. You are amazing. Hugs, Lura

  7. I do lov ethat photo of the two of you "selfies" !! I am sorry about Amanda but agree with you that each of us will only be judged on what we know and if we are not able to understand the various commandments in the bible...and we must agree that some of then do seem rather odd !! then we will only be judged on what we do know and how we respond.. Now I am away to look at some of your wonderful "I have just come back from Bristol Airport so relaxing before going to night night xx

  8. Thanks Lura. I did not get a chance to visit your page yesterday, but will do two visits today!

    Sybil. thanks so much for your friendship. You are so sweet. I hope you had a good night's sleep last night! xxoo


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