Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The last I love you . . . .

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Barbara's husband Jack . . . was killed in a car accident. Only 52 years old, Jack was driving home from work.    A teenager with a very high blood-alcohol level was the other driver.   Jack died instantly.  The teenager was in the emergency room for less than two hours before he was released to go home.

That day had been Barbara's fiftieth birthday and Jack had two plane tickets to Hawaii in his shirt pocket.   He had been going to surprise her.   Instead . . .  he was killed by a drunk driver.

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When asked how she survived this tragic event in her life this was Barbara's response . . .  one year later.

With tears welling up in her eyes she said . . .

"It's all right.  I want to tell you.   The day I married Jack, I promised I would never let him leave the house in the morning without telling him that I loved him.  He made the same promise.  It got to be a joke between us, and as babies came along it got to be a hard promise to keep.  I remember running down the driveway, saying 'I love you' through teeth clenched when I was mad, or driving to the office to put a note in his car.  It was a funny challenge."

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"We made a lot of memories trying to say 'I love you' before noon every day of our married life.

The morning Jack died, he had left a birthday card in the kitchen for me and slipped out to the car.   I heard the car engine start and I thought to myself . . . oh no you don't buster!  I raced out to the driveway and banged on the car window until he rolled it down.   'Here on my fiftieth birthday Mr Jack Donevan, I, Barbara Donevan, want to go on record as saying I love you!'"

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"That is how I have  survived.
Knowing that the very last words I said to Jack were,

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We may never have been able to have a family together, and our time together here on earth may not have been and may not be as long as that of other couples . . .  but . . .  from the moment we found each other and decided to share our lives together, the first words that Todd and I speak to each other with each day that dawns have always been 'I love you', along with them being our last words when we turn out the lights at night . . . and they are also the last words we say to each other when one or the other has to leave to go some place that the other is not going to as well.  I do so adore this man I have been gifted with and cherish him with all of my heart, and he loves me back in the same way.   He is not perfect, and neither am I. I would probably make two of him,  and a good strong wind could probably blow him over with not too much trouble.   At turns we make the other want to pull their hair out at times.  But always, always . . .  no matter what, no matter where, no matter when, no matter how . . . we love each other.

And that's enough for me.

A thought to carry with you through today . . .

(¯`•.•´¯) (¯`•.•´¯)☆__ ☆
¤ ؛° ¤`•.¸.•´ ¤ ☆__☆***☆__☆...

"Love never asks how much must I do,
but how much can I do."
~Frederick A Agar  

════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ═══════  

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Cooking in The English Kitchen today  . . .  Deep Dish Ravioli Pizza!  Just a little something I threw together that was mega tasty!  (Well to me anyways!)

♥░Y░O░U♥ ░A░R░E░♥░A░♥░B░L░E░S░S░I░N░G░ ♥

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. What a wonderful way to live a marriage.

  2. Having lost my husband to a sudden heart attack, I can relate so well to that story today. Knowing we had a good life together and loved each other made a difference for me. There were no regrets. I only have good memories. You and your hubby are making lots of good memories every day. Life is short, none of us knows just how long we have. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday

  3. That so beautiful, Marie. You are so fortunate to have found each other and it's lovely to see that you don't take each other for granted, knowing how lucky you are to be given that chance. May your love continue to grow ♥ ♥

  4. Suzan, I do hope that one day you are able to find someone like my odd to share your life with! xx

    Pam, I so wish I had gotten it right the first time around, however, yes I am truly blessed to have found my Todd and we don't take any of our time together for granted. You are so lucky to have enjoyed a wonderful marriage with your husband. (((((hugs)))))

    Marie, thanks so much. I hope that your as fortunate as I am. I think you must be. ☺

  5. It must be awful:(
    I don't know if just those words could make it easier for me..
    Lovely lovely thoughts..But if I still miss my mom like crazy after 40 yrs..I don't even want to imagine anything else..
    My sympathies to those that lose a dear husband.. Best friend/right arm/ etc..

  6. I can't imagine either Monique. It is hard enough to lose a loved one suddenly to things like disease and natural causes, but losing a dear one to a drunk driver must make it even more difficult to come to terms with. I am not sure you would ever completely come to terms with it, but knowing that at least your last words were loving ones is a good thing. How much worse it would be were they not. xxoo

  7. What a beautiful picture of you two and what a lovely post. I have to go back in to Kaiser for CT scan and IV today. I dread it. Wish me well. I know that you do. Hugs, Lura

  8. Oh Lura, I hope it is good news. Saying prayers for you always. ((((hugs))))


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