Monday, 24 April 2017

Day one of Lura and John . . .

Just an update on our visit with Lura and John!  They got here safe and sound, lateish on Saturday evening.  We picked them up at the bus stop in Chester and got them home here and settled, and then we all went to bed because there was church in the morning.    We had a lovely day yesterday.  Just a quiet day, nothing too frantic.  Church, naps, a nice dinner and then an evening of companionship.

This is a selfie we took of the group of us after church.  When John gets up I am going to ask him how he managed to take a selfie of us in which we all have double chins (even Todd) except for him! haha!  Its not fair!

Anyways, it is so lovely to be with my dear friend again.  We have a lot of catching up to do!  This morning we are going into Chester to visit the Cathedral and do a bit of sight seeing. The weather is supposed to be turning cold.  Blah!  Figures!  In any case we will enjoy our time together as much as we can!  Hope you are all well! Remember Me and God are still loving you!

PS - I am wondering when I started to look so much like my Grandmother!  Not the most flattering photo of my hair!


  1. Happy photos. Enjoy the rest of the visit!!

  2. Hello Marie,

    What a wonderful and happy update. The cathedral in Chester is so beautiful. I loved our time there.

    Continue to enjoy your visitors.

    Love and God bless.

  3. I am so happy you guys are having such a nice time..don't get me started on photos lol..

    Noah was taking selfies of himself yesterday and I thought..oh to be so not involved w/ how one natural..I like your longer hair!!It is pretty and so is what you are wearing:)
    I bet you knit your sweater:)

  4. Wonderful photos of happiness abounding. So glad you've a chance to visit with your friends. It may be cold, but friendship warms the heart !

  5. I'm so happy that ur having a great time with ur friends!

  6. Thanks everyone and I apologise for the group response! My time is short. I do love all your comments though! We are staying busy but we are also having lots of down time because of John's leukemia and Todd of course is still recovering. But it is so good to see them and spend time with them. We are building happy memories and that's a beautiful thing. xoxo

  7. It is so fun to see the four of you together. I quite loved the selfie and the photo of the two of you. You are two very lovely ladies that I love. This Sabbath day sounded like the a perfect one. I'll be praying for your days together to be the best ever. Sending loving thoughts and lots of hugs your way!

  8. Thanks LeAnn! Perhaps one day I will be posting a photo of the three of US together! Dreams can come true! xoxo

  9. It was a lovely sabbath day. We are so thankful to be here. We are looking forward to our week together. Hugs 🤗


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