Saturday, 29 April 2017

A Lazy Day . . .


Well yesterday, we just had a lazy day.  A do nothing day.   A sit around day. That's how we all felt.  I think we have over-done it all week and yesterday we all hit the wall.  Lura has a cold.  John has leukemia.  Todd is recovering, and I am . . .  well . . .  just lazy, full stop!

 I made a Dutch Pancake for dessert, which we had with fresh berries.  It went down a real treat.  Nothing was left!

 Lura worked on her crochet socks.   They are just beautiful.  She crochets an edging on bought socks and adds beads.

Like this.  It is a pattern she made up herself.  She uses crochet cotton and these triangular beads that have a hole in the centre. 


 John keeping his eye on the pulse of everything that is going on . . .

 Todd just keeping his eye on, while he eats a banana . . . and thinks to himself, is there nothing that woman won't take a photo of?

 Mitzie loved having us around.  She loves having us around anyways.  Life is more exciting with US there.

 She is such a glutton for attention, lol.  She will take whatever she can get . . .

 The Elders stopped by, the Zone Leaders and they wanted to practice teach us, which was nice.  I am glad that we were home so that they could do that.  They are such great young men.

and I made a typical British dish for our supper, Bangers and Mash.  And we had leftover Victoria Sponge for dessert.  

And that was our 
lazy day

 I think we will go into Chester today and take a walk along the walls, or maybe we will have another lazy day.   Today is their last day with us.  We will be sorry to see them leave us tomorrow.


Whatever we do, we will do it together.

This week has passed by far too quickly.  I can't believe it is almost over!!



  1. Hi Marie. Wow, I can't believe it's nearly over either, you have been looking forward to it for so long and now it's nearly gone! But what a fabulous week you've had, I'm so happy for you. I also think a lazy day can do us the world of good!

    We had some bad news last night. Pete, George's son who lives in London and is Christians dad, was diagnosed yestetday with testicular cancer. They are operating on him this week coming. He asked us if we would go down there today and stay for the week to help him and Ashley through it. So of course that's where we're headed today. Apparently Ashley has taken the news really badly and she has no family here, they're all in Hong Kong. I'm an optimistic person by nature and do believe everything will be ok, but you still can't help worrying.
    The only problem I have with going there is my kidney medication. I was supposed to pick it up last week but it wasn't done. The chemist blamed the doctor and the doctor blamed the chemist. Anyway I was supposed to pick it up yesterday but cos we were in Morecambe I decided to pick it up Tuesday. As I haven't enough to last me all week I may need to get the train home mid week to collect it!

    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend together, and if you could mention Pete in your prayers I would be so grateful. Lots of love xxx

  2. Oh my Kate. I am certain you never expected that news. I pray that the operation goes well with the best outcome possible.

    Marie this week has certainly flown. I do hope you get to walk the walls today. Chester was beautiful indeed. Please tell Lura that I love her socks. So pretty and girly. I love the photo of the men resting and Mitzie looking for love.

    Have a very blessed day. I love you and miss you. I loved the peek into you all quietly spending a day together.

    1. Thank you Suze. It is certainly a worrying time but we're all optimistic. Hopefully know more this week. Xxx

  3. What a wonderful week we have had. I will cherish t in my heart forever. Thank you sweet friend. You and Todd have been wonderful hosts. Sorry I got sick with a cold the last two days but even just resting at your house is special. 😘💕

  4. The days do pass by quickly. I know you will hate to see your friends go but remember to be thankful that they got to come so far to see you. Whatever you do hope it's a super Saturday for you !

  5. Hes ocks look beautiful..imagine going for a check up wearing those..I had an MRI the day before yesterday she said you can keep your socks and undies on that's it..imagine those socks♥
    Love the chicken sign too..Observant I am;)

    Fishies look happy..
    Sounds like you 4 hit it off perfectly .
    Chester sounds like a plan!
    Enjoy your last flew by!

  6. I've thought about making a dutch pancake, but haven't yet. It looks good too and with fresh berries Yum! U know that saying" Time flys when your having fun". Well it's so true, bc this wk sure flew by for all of you. Hope everything is well with all of you!

  7. Oh Kate, I am so sorry to read about Pete. Our deepest prayers go with him and the family. Hopefully it has been caught soonest and can be easily dealt with, but so scary all the same. ((((hugs)))) I wonder if the Chemist would transfer the prescription down to a pharmacist where you will be? It seems a shame to go all the way back. Todd forgot this was the long weekend also and has been without his tablets all weekend. I am praying that you are able to get your medication sorted without any problems! xoxo

    Thanks Suzan, wish you could have spent more time here when you were here! You know Mitzie, she loves all the attention she can get! xoxo

    Lura, we surely loved having you. I am glad that the blessing helped you to feel better! I hope John doesn't get sick and that the rest of your holiday passes in comfort and safety! I miss you already! xoxo

    You are right Pam. We were so very grateful to have them with us. It has been like a dream come true! xoxo

    It sure flew by Monique! We blinked and it was over! Nobody felt like doing yesterday so we binge watched the first series of Line OF Duty on Netflix. It was FABULOUS!!! You need to watch! xoxo

  8. Actually looks like a lovely day with friends. I loved all of the photos of what you all were doing. I love that the missionaries came by and practiced lesson. Sending loveing thoughts your way to all of you! Hugs~

  9. We had a great time LeAnn! xoxo


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