Saturday, 13 December 2014

There's a Christmas in the . . . Baking!

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It's our Church Ward's Christmas Social tonight.  I am really looking forward to it.   I know a lot of work and effort goes into them.   I think today I am going to get down to brass tacks and do some Christmas baking.

I used to spend weeks and weeks baking prior to Christmas when my kiddos were growing up.  We did not have a lot of money and so friends and family got trays of baking from me for the holidays.  In the weeks preceding the big day a host of different treats would be baked and carefully packed and frozen.   Then in the last few days before the holidays I would take it all out and divide it carefully amongst tins and trays and they would be packed up and sent off.   I loved doing that.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the cutest and tastier looking Christmas treats I have found and been inspired by this year.  am hoping to get at least a few of these made!

 These Santa Shortbread Bites look really colorful and tasty.  From Baked Perfection.

I've got the Rolo's, so these are definitely on the menu.

Rolo Stuffed Snickerdoodles, from Rachel Shultz.  They might be instantly inhaled!

I love the concept of these Gingerbread Cheesecake Bites.   I will make my own gingerbread cookie dough however, not use refrigerated.   From  Created by Diane.

These Melt in Your Mouth Eggnog Cookies look really yummy!  I used to make Eggnog Logs every year.  These would be a lot easier I think.   From Cooking Classy.

Rugelach are definitely worth the effort.   My ex sister in law and brother in law used to pick up the most delicious ones at a Jewish bakery near their home in Toronto.  Loved them.  I may make these, but add some chocolate to them as the ones I remember always had chocolate in them too.  From Vikalinka.

This Christmas Cranberry Bread from OMG Chocolate Desserts looks fabulous.  I have the cranberries, I may go for it, or I may just do my good old favourite Cranberry Orange Bread.  We will see.


You can find my Cranberry Loaf Recipe here.   There's also a recipe for my favourite . . .

Sour Cream Chocolate Loaf.  Both are winners and so is the Banana Bread and


Cinnamon Swirl loaf on the same page.

Melting moments.  Little buttery pillows of melt in your mouth deliciousness.  No matter how you cut them.  They're great.   From Yummy Corner.

Gingerbread Cookie Bars, from Chef in Training.  These look fabulously delicious!

What would Christmas be without Cutout Sugar Cookies?   Not the same that's what, and this recipe is my favourite one.  Found on Crazy for Crust.  You can't mess with perfection.

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Of course I will be making my Specuulas Cookies.  They're just moreishly fabulous.  We love them and I think you would too.  Crisp, buttery and perfectly spiced!

I make these Christmas Hermits every year as well.   Chewy, fruity and spiced just right.

I won't be making my mom's Feather Squares until Christmas Eve.  But I do make them every year.  Not Christmas with them!    Those and my Aunt Orabel's Date Squares.  A Christmas tradition.  I've never posted that recipe.  I think it's time I rectify that.  Watch this space!

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That's what I love most about Christmas along with the Christmas Story.   Tradition.  It's a holiday richly steeped in tradition and golden memories.   Life might not ever end up the way we planned it to . . . but one can't complain when it's been richly embroidered along the way with all of these lovely memories and traditions that have helped to make us who we are.

I really miss my family at this time of the year.  These memories I have held in my heart of Christmas Past really help to buoy me up.  You don't realize when you are making them that one day they may be all that you have left of those years.  That only makes them all the more precious.

A thought to carry with you through today . . .

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“And when we give each other Christmas gifts in His name,
let us remember that He has given us the sun and the moon and the stars,
and the earth with its forests and mountains and oceans . . .
and all that lives and move upon them.
He has given us all green things
and everything that blossoms and bears fruit and
all that we quarrel about and all that we have misused . . .
and to save us from our foolishness,
from all our sins,
He came down to earth and gave us Himself.”
~ Sigrid Undset


Cooking in The English Kitchen today  . . .  Pineapple Upside Down Gingerbread Cakes.

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Have a fabulous Saturday!


  1. Oh Marie, I thinkit is time I moved house to the Chester area !! what treats I could be eating...mind you I Am so fat already I would be ending up like the Mitchilin man !!! but really you do make the most delicious looking food .. you know me I am more of a savoury person but EVERYTHING on your list this morning just makes my mouth water...Oh how I wish post was cheaper and I would be putting in an order !!! Hope that tonight goes well, wrap up warm think it might be a frosty night again. It is freezing down here this morning Peter will have to defrost the car before we go out the usual Saturday shopping. TAke Care xx

  2. That is it Marie. Ia m coming and you are going to be my never had big sister. That list is so tempting. Enjoy your social tonight. I wish I was there as I have endured a family bash that was pretty much red neck style....I am sure. I was so uncomfortable.

  3. Oh Sybil. I wish I could make these for you! I am the Michelin man, lol! Todd is out clearing the ice off the car right now, on his way to the Post Office to post a few cards. Not many going out this year. xxoo

    Suzan, that would be so much fun. Maybe one year, we can do this together. Lets make it a dream that comes true. xxoo

  4. It is such a wonderful time of year ! I can just smell all that good baking going on in your kitchen. Hopefully I'll be doing some soon. Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a cookie or two. Hope you have a good time at your social. Have a super Saturday !

  5. I wish you could all be together one year for Christmas..I will send a letter to Santa..
    I have pinned some of these treats too..and some of yours..I remember that cute little log dessert you made I searched high and low for the bar that looked like a log:)
    Post is ridiculous.
    I mailed a cookie cutter to someone here.. $12.00..more than the cutter..well deserved..I don't resent the offering..just the cost of shipping.
    I wonder how business are offering free shipping this month?
    I have placed 3 humble orders..and free shipping..
    I make a goodie basket for one particular grande dame in her 80's..I called her last night,she is sick:(
    Another of my frineds..turned 90 last week..the oldest living person I have ever known..I will make a point of seeing him aslo.


  6. They all look good, But I go for yours any day, they are the best. I'm not just saying it. It's So.xoxoxo

  7. Thanks Pam! I do love to bake. Unfortunately I also love to eat! Xoxo

    Monique, if you,could tell me a bit more, I could probably find it for you! xoxo

    Cathyjo, you are such a kind dear friend. Xxoo

  8. I eventually found it..thank you though!


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