Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas 2014

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So here we are the day after the day  . . .  I truly hope you each had a day filled with plenty of joy and blessings and most important of all . . .  lots of love.   We had the Missionary Sisters here for the day.   It's always nice to have young people around at Christmas.   We feasted on our Christmas lunch and then they wanted to watch The Santa Claus.

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Christmas Day is really special to the Missionairies for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it's the celebration of the Saviour's birth,  but second of all they get to let their hair down and relax a bit . . .  they are allowed to spend the day doing a few things they are not allowed to do the rest of the year such as watch films or play video games and they also have one of their twice a year only skype dates with their families back home.  Modern technology is a wonderful thing and these skype calls are really important to them.  They are each allowed an hour for them and I can tell you they really look forward to them.   The only other time they are allowed to communicate physically with their familys in such a way is on Mother's Day.

WE spoiled them of course with a huge dinner, and cookies, candies, clementines etc.   It was nice.

I found out by accident yesterday that a friend of ours was alone this Christmas.   It was too late to have her over for Christmas Dinner and she had already accepted an invite elsewhere for lunch yesterday, but we will be going to pick her up today and bring her and her pooch back here to spend the day with us.   It will be leftovers and Monopoly, but at least she will not be on her own.

Reaching out to others.  It's a good thing.

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This is our Bruce and his partner Sara.   They look pretty happy.  Love this photo of them.  It was taken yesterday.   I heard from all of my children with the exception of one this year.  I was not really surprised not to hear from the one.  It would have been more of a surprise if I had heard from her, but oh well . . .  I did not let it spoil my day.

I got to read a story on Christmas Eve to our Doug's three little men.

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Josh, Jon and Jacob.  What a wonderful visit we had via the iPad.   They were pinging off the walls with excitement of course, but it was fun.  I am not sure Doug was quite as enthused with all of their energy of course, but this grandma sure was!  They are delightful little boys.

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I also got to watch our Anthony and Anne's Luke and Gabriel wake up on Christmas Morning and begin to open their gifts via the iPad.  It was just lovely  Somehow we got to talking about the sock monkeys I had made the boys and how well loved up they were getting and Anthony was telling Luke that I had created them.  Luke was amazed, but he was even more amazed when I told him I had made his dad and that his dad had once been in my tummy.  The look on his face was priceless and then he wanted to know if I had made his mummy too.   Of course that got a big laugh!

Children . . .  that is what Christmas is all about.

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My brother facetimed us on the iPad as well, last evening.  I got to speak to him and all his girls.  It was really nice.   He had a really big turkey cooked and was waiting for family to arrive for their big feast.   My niece Allison was showing me a cookery book she had received and she already had all of these pink flags marking all the recipes she was planning on cooking.   She has plans to come over here to the UK and us cooking together.  Can't wait.  I hope it really happens.

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This is a picture of the Christmas Dinner my sister cooked for herself, Dan and my parents.  It does my heart good to know that my parents are no longer alone and that my sister is taking good care of them.  Of course I got to speak to them on the telephone as well.  It was really nice.  It made me feel a bit homesick, but I'll be okay.  ☺

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Spoke to these two on Christmas eve.  That's our Eileen and her Tim.   They already have over two hundred dollars saved towards their trip over here to see Todd and I.   I commend them on their efforts and I know if anyone can do it, they can.   They think they will be doing it next July and who am I to say they might not make it by then.   They are both like the little engine that could!

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Todd enjoyed kitting himself out in all of his Christmas presents and then posing for the camera on the ipad.  He got a new pair of slippers which he desperately needed.  He has a problem with his feet always being cold no matter what.  I got him a pair of isotoners hoping that they will help.  He also got a nice cardi and toque/scarf/mitten set.  As you can see he was well pleased!

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Our little nurse, Ariana had to work yesterday, so we gave her her presents on Christmas Eve.  She is working today also.  I know it must be difficult for her to be so far away from her family at Christmas, but she is going home to Spain in about a week and a half and spending three weeks with them then, so that will be nice.   She said she had a nice day at work yesterday.   There were lots of goodies about and she said she will have to starve herself today to make up for it!  She is working again today.  There will probably be lots of goodies around for them to eat today too.  It's Christmas.

I take my hat off to all the people in emergency services who work despite it being a holiday.

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WE also had time to fit in the Queens Annual Christmas Message.  This year it was on reconciliation.  Wouldn't be Christmas without her in our living room.  ☺

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Of course we also had the crew from Call the Midwife in our home . . .

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And the bunch from Downton dropped by as well . . .

And that was our Christmas.   Today we will be having our friend over and enjoy some time together with her . . .  and that will be that for this year.   It always amazes me at how quickly the holiday happens upon us and then at how quickly it passes.  All that preparation and it is gone in a *poof*

I know that Christmas is a sad day for a lot of people, and my heart and prayers have been with each of my friends who has experienced great loss this year over these past couple of days.  I do so hope that they were able to feel of the Saviour's love and that it brought a modicum of comfort to them in some way.  I just always wish I could reach out and gather each of them into my arms and give them a big hug . . .  but I can't.  It's the thought that counts, but still . . .

Happy Boxing Day people

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  1. Good Morning Marie. It sounds like your Christmas was pretty decent and a lot of fun. Modern technology is breaking down the tyranny of distance.

    Enjoy today. We went shopping and spend a fortune on stuff I did not want to buy.

  2. Thanks Suzan. There will be a lot of decent sales on today I am sure. One wonders why they don't offer these "Great Deals" before Christmas. Just a bit money grab I think. All of it. It is nice to be able to share a few gifts with loved ones, but it's nicer to share the true reason for the season. Love you! xoxo

  3. I did buy some gifts today. I did not have the money until yesterday so it was a double bonus for my purse. I also had to buy medicine for the new kitten. He was so good about having his flea medicine this afternoon. He puts Nimbus to shame.

    Last night we discussed that it is time for us to refocus the gifts we give until children arrive again.

  4. I agree, Children make Christmas Suzan. xxoo

  5. Sounds like you had a busy and wonderful Christmas at your house. Our family won't celebrate together until tomorrow so I'm still in anticipation of that. Either by text message, phone calls or FB, I heard from all my children yesterday. One of my sons even took the time and came by for a short visit with his family. Hope you have a nice visit with your friend today. Have a fantastic Friday !

  6. Todd looks swell Marie..Great family pics:) I do hope they visit you and your niece..wouldn't that be just the best ever?
    We watched the CTM Xmas special last night too.
    Ariana is beautiful.
    My girls combined my gift and I will see The Jesrey Boys with them on Jan 11th:)
    And my dear son-in -law bought me a miniature Dwnton Abbey castle w/ a light in it that plays music..small small..So cute.
    Jacques and I don't exchange..we watch the family:)
    You are so right..not only are the greatest joys greater at Christmas..the greates sorrows are also.

  7. So pleased you and Todd had a lovely Christmas. I had a nice relaxing day, my future son in law even did all the cooking!! Enjoy your day today with your friend, I'm sure she'll be delighted to be spending it with you. Lots of love xxxxx

  8. That sounds like a lovely day, Marie. I was hoping you'd had a sweet and family-filled day, and you did. ♥ I hope you all do get that visit next summer.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. You Christmas sounded lovely. I loved the pictures of your children and those sweet grandchildren of yours. I love that you were able to talk with them all; technology is wonderful. W
    We also were able to talk with all of our families except for one. I have to say i was not surprised that he didn't call. We saw them all on Sunday; but I had thought he would call. I felt a little sad.
    Well, I am wishing you a wonderful weekend. Blessings, love and hugs for you!

  10. Oh, I do hope you have a lovely day today with your family Pam! I can just imagine all of the noise, love and happiness flying around. It will be just wonderful!! xxoo

    If they can manage it Monique, they will be the first people from my family to make it over here without me having to pay for it! How wonderful you are going to see the Jersey Boys! Lucky you and the Downton Abbey Castle with the light sounds just darling! Now I want one! haha xxoo

    Thank you Kate! Sounds a lovely Christmas and I love that your son in law cooks! xxoo

    Thanks Val. Me too! xoxo

    LeAnn, I know the feeling. But what is is. Love you! Hooray for modern technology! xxoo

  11. Marie,
    I just love your blog and your writing, your heart is so full of joy and love. I come away with a feeling of happiness and of home. Living in MI., U.S.A. I am away from my family in CA., U.S.A. I wish one Christmas in the future to visit at Christmas, but until I can I will be with the memories of beautiful Christmass of the past. Your writing and it's sentiments fill me with smiles and with a heart full of what this season is really about----our savior. I look forward to 2015 and reading, thank-you for sharing and for the wonderful recipes that work and are delish! God Bless you and Happy 2015!

  12. Cindy, your comment made me smile! I am so glad that my blog makes you feel happy and at home. That is exactly what I am trying to convey and I am glad that I do. I have not had a Christmas with my family in about 17 years now. A very long time. I know how hard it is to be away from them at this special time of year. Thank goodness for modern technology! I wish for you a very Happy 2015! God bless you too! xoxo


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