Thursday, 4 December 2014

Five Things About Me . . .

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This is me outside my parent's house on the 24th of August, 1974.  This was eleven days after my nineteenth birthday.  I think I weighed about 100 pounds soaking wringing wet.   I was carrying the bible my father had given me for Easter when I was four years old.   I think my ex burnt that bible when we split up, but I can't be sure.  I only know it disappeared.   I have no idea where it is, but if it wasn't burnt, I hope that whoever has it knows how special it is.

Yep, it's Thursday so another five things about me.

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At nineteen I thought I was pretty smart and knew it all.  (Doesn't everyone?)  I was incredibly naive and  knew nothing in reality.   I was extremely shy and had very little experience with life, the world, men.   This was only the  second ever boy friend I had ever had.  I look at this picture of me now and I think how did that girl not know that she was beautiful?   How did she not know she was worth so much more than what she settled for in life?  How did she not know her potential?  Age is wisdom.

I guess that is the way it is supposed to be.

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I love painted wooden furniture.  I would paint every bit of wooden furniture we have if I was allowed to do it.   I love colour and would love to be surrounded by it.  I once painted the whole top of a coffee table with flowers.  It was really beautiful.  I think I gave it to my sister, but I don't know what happened to it after that.

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I have a tender heart and I wear it on my sleeve.   I know this makes me more vulnerable but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I would rather be warm, tender and caring than be cold and hard hearted.

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There is a special place in my heart for little boys.  I adore little boys.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind little girls, but little boys are so interesting.  I know  . . .  almost all of my artwork is little girls.  Little girls are easier to draw and more colourful and I can get into their hearts and minds because well . . .  I am a girl!   But I love little boys.  I may paint little girls, but most of my writing is for little boys.

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I see each day as a new adventure.  A gift waiting to be unwrapped.   A glass half filled waiting for me to fill the rest.   I find life to be quite exciting and I love learning new things . . . .  meeting new people, seeing new places, experiencing new tastes, smells, textures etc.  I could sit for hours contemplating the cosmos and everything in it.  I love to take things apart and see how they work.  I love to explore . . .  experiment . . .  discover.   I am not afraid to die.  I am also not afraid to live.  

And that's my five things for this week.   Oh boy that went rather quickly.  I do enjoy figuring out and pondering on the things that make me tick though.  It's a great exercise for me.

A thought to carry with you through today . . .

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“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! 
What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. 
What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!” 
Dr. Seuss, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

You just gotta love the Grinch! 


Cooking in The English Kitchen today  . . .  Roasted Butternut Squash Lasagne.  Delicious!

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Have a wonderful Thursday!



  1. What a beautiful young woman you were....still are ! ever did your first husband not realised what a gem he had got... at 18 we all think we know everything...even ex-husbands I suppose !!! As for wee boy's..well I haev to say it's wee girls every time for me. (When Jacqueline was born I was so so happy and blessed to have Sarah and John present her to me )
    Anyway have a nice day dear friend...Looks like it is going to be a grey one down here after such a lovely cold sunny day yesterday...ah well I suppose we must count our blessings at least we don't often get extreems of weather that other countries seem to suffer ....

  2. Marie I understand what you have written. I always thought I was ugly and fat. You were and still are beautiful.

    I loved that chest. It is special and so pretty.

  3. You were a beautiful bride for sure. You can just see the excitement in your eyes. Yes our hopes and dreams when young were filled with so much expectation. Ah that we could keep that alive ! Hope your Thursday is a great day !

  4. Love the pics:)
    I was was June 74..
    I look back and think gee you were young:)
    I guess in 20 yrs I will ook back on now and think the same..everything is relative:)
    Love that perfectly sweet.
    You are WORTH so much!
    Much much much much.
    We drove to FL.. we always do..27 hours,, the hotel I opened the drawer to see if there was a bible..there was..and right next to it..The Book Of Mormons..guess who I thought of in Pennsylvania?:)

  5. I wish I had known it then Sybil! Or maybe it is better that I didn't. It may have made me into a different person and I like who I am! It was pretty dull and overcast here today as well. Like you say, we do have to count our blessings where we find them. We don't have great extremes in weather here and that would be so much worse! xxoooooo

    Thank you Suzan. We are a lot alike! xxoo

    Thanks Pam. I was pretty excited that day. My cheeks were aching from smiling! I remember it well. It was just a huge mistake. but I did gain a rather nice son from it all. xxoo

    Thanks Monique. You and I are very close in age. I love your thoughts and that was so cool that you found a Book of Mormon in your hotel drawer. It's nice to know that is considered an option now as well as the Bible. We have made strides! Also it was nice that it reminded you of me. I like that thought. It makes me smile. xxoo

  6. Beautiful bride! Aww! I feel bad for young Marie but then we live and learn. That's what life is about. I feel the same way when I see your Valerie. Kind of heartbreaking but every experience we have had brings us to where we are now. Don't you think?
    Loved your 5 things! :-)
    PS. Received a beautiful Christmas card from Doreen. Was such a nice surprise. I mailed hers out today too. Other than that, I haven't even started writing mine out yet.

  7. PS..I bought little matchboxes in the US.. so reasonable! $0.98 for 10 I think..Have never looked here..but they were staring at me in a store!

    You know..for ..the ornaments..TY!

  8. You are just so beautiful no matter what age. You certainly were a lovely Bride. I will wish that you might get your Bible back someday.
    My Mother loved to re-do furniture and almost yearly she would repaint my room of furniture.
    I love little boys too. Right now I am teaching 3 little 4 year old Sunbeams. I feel so blessed that I had 3 boys first and then the 3 girls.
    Well my dear; blessings, love and hugs for you!

  9. Thanks Valerie! I did not know this then. I thought I was ugly and plain. But I am grateful for all of my experiences. Like you said, they helped to shape me and I like me. I helped Doreen get her card ready to send to you! She shakes so much with her hands now that she has a hard time writing. I have not done any cards at all yet. I know . . . me very bad" xxoo

    What a lucky find Monique! I cannot remember how much they are here. I was looking at charms yesterday in the craft shop. I love your ornament. I really do! xxoo

    Thanks LeAnn, you are too, too kind! Getting my bible back would be a genuine miracle! Wow, what a nice thought. I had three boys, with two girls stuck in between each of them. I have always thought it would be nicer that the boys were closer together in age rather than have seven years between each of them, but life is what it is! Love you! xxoo


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