Saturday, 22 March 2014

Saturday whimsey . . . .

 photo copyrightspring_zps121606e1.jpg

Spring in England is a beautiful season.   I call it the greening of England . . . because all over the countryside the trees begin to take on that light green flush which can only be tender leaves beginning to unfurl . . . (Click here. Skip the ad and then come right back.)

It begins with the trunks and then slowly but surely this green flush of colour starts to make it's way down every branch which has spent the cold months bare beneath a sun which only rarely shone . . .

 photo image_zpsc13f7850.jpg

Fields fill with prancing lambs and dancing daffodils . . . and the breezes become just a tad bit warmer.  Oh yes . . .  there is the occasional one that bites at your cheeks, but for the most part the lion begins to tame itself.

The sky is a little bit bluer.

Birdsong a little bit more cheerful.

Our footsteps a little bit lighter . . .

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We begin to dream of bluebell walks and picnics at the beach . . .  and village fetes, with coconut shys and  sack races . . . egg and spoon races down grassy fields, with laughter in the air.

Wet sponge throws and pony rides . . . the smell of candy floss and hotdogs tempting us.  Tables filled with musty old books and sparkly bits and bobbles. 

Children running around with stars and flowers painted on their smiling faces, all out of breath . . .

 photo RobertBrowning_zpsec75c92c.jpg

The smell of dirt on the hands as they dig in the garden . . . whilst cock robin watches, hoping for a fat worm or a grub . . . ever nearby,  he sits and waits . . .

While we plant promises of purple morning glories, and pink petunias . . . ruby coloured snap dragons, and . . .  butterflies . . .

 photo image_zps0aab8b19.jpg

Just a bit of whimsy for a early and bright spring day.  Oh, we have so much to look forward to.  It's like a beautiful story unfolding itself right in front of our eyes . . . one beautiful day at a time.

A thought to carry with you through today . . .

 ƸӜƷ ๑♥๑ ƸӜƷ ๑♥๑ ƸӜƷ ๑♥๑ ƸӜƷ
 "The purpose of our lives is to give birth
to the best which is within us
~Marianne Williamson

 ƸӜƷ ๑♥๑ ƸӜƷ ๑♥๑ ƸӜƷ ๑♥๑ ƸӜƷ  

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There's an Apple Upside Down Cake in The English Kitchen today . . . quite delicious!

╭•⊰✿ღ May God bless you with peaceful weekend.╭•⊰✿ღ


  1. I hope today is a wonderful spring day. I am looking forward to cooler nights now Autumn is here. The days still are in the low 30's though. Too hot for me.

  2. I saw the first daffodil flower today and a cheery little robin in the woods which brightened up the morning.

    As usual, because we are so much further north, we are running a few weeks behind you, but there really is a chsnge in the air.

  3. Happy happy Spring. I agree it is wonderful. I'm finally experiencing a little of it as I'm visiting one of my sons. There is still not much of it showing here, but they do have some green grass, blooming Bradford Pear trees and some trees are starting to green up. Hope you do have a super Saturday there!

  4. Suzan, I don't know how you stand the heat and humidity there. Todd is always saying he would love to move to OZ, but I don't think I would be able to put up with that heat.

    Marie, aren't Robins such precious little things. They are such cheeky little chaps!

    Pam, how wonderful that you are spending time with your son! I hope you have a lovely time! xxoo

  5. Guess what? Snowstoorm as I type..

    Still I know it will cute those waterlogues...

  6. Oh gee Monique, as if you haven't had enough snow already! Oh well, you will appreciate spring all the more once it arrives!

    I love waterlogue. I know I use it a lot!

  7. Hi Marie. We went to Shrewsbury yesterday and it was just how you've described it in your blog. The sun was out, a beautiful blue sky and white fluffy clouds. But the best thing was all the flowers. There were the most gorgeous colourful planters and baskets of flowers everywhere, and when we went for a walk along the riverside there were thousands of daffodils swaying in the breeze. I haven't been to Shrewsbury for a couple of years but I'd definitely recommend it for a day out. Much love xxx

  8. Oh Kate, I will have to put that on my list of places to go! It's lovely and sunny today too, but there is a bite in the wind! xxoo

  9. I'm looking forward to SPRING. I see signs of it one minute and then the next, we have a snow storm. Seems like the weather can't make up its mind on how it wants to behave. At least all the little birdies are sticking around - that gives me hope. do you get a lot of your pictures to look like a watercolor painting? Love the look. A faithful follower in Idaho - USA.

  10. Marsha, some years Spring is very stubborn isn't she? She will come to the ball eventually however and be all the more special for the wait! The watercolours come from an apple ap called waterlogue. It can turn any photograph you take into a watercolour! I love it! xxoo

  11. Oh my, you do know how to write; I loved this one. I loved the thoughts and the pictures. I now have more anxious than ever for spring to come. It will so wonderful to watch the colors of spring break forth and most important the warmth of the sun will be so awesome. it has been so cold here for so long. Or at least it feels like a very long time. Maybe it is because my bones ache more when it is cold.
    I would love sometime to see England in the spring. The pictures of your beautiful country are spectacular.
    Blessings, love and hugs!

  12. Thanks so much LeAnn, I am not sure I am a great writer, but I do love to string words together! I think we all feel colder as we get older. If you are ever here in the UK in the springtime we will spend some of it together! Now that's a lovely thought! xxoo


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