Sunday, 2 March 2014

Doors . . .

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There are many kinds of doors.   Some doors look inviting to the eye with a warm welcome . . . others repel even the glances of passers by . . .  On most streets, all doors look the same.   Nondescript, equal . . . with the exception of the occasional one where the householder has gone to a special effort to create a welcoming space.

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My favourite are the friendly cottage doors with a cosy homely air.   Doors where tangled roses cling as if they love lingering there . . .  and as if to say . . . love lives here.  They beckon and cajole.    They invite with warmth and fire's glow.

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Church doors.  Hallowed doors through which on the Sabbath day . . .  countless worshippers pass though  . . . to sing songs of praise, and to pray and to celebrate their faith.  These . . . too, should be welcoming and friendly . . . warm and inviting.   There is always a greeter at our church door each Sunday morning to give a warm and friendly greeting.  You always feel as if you are at the right place.  It's a place you want to be . . . and if it doesn't make you feel welcome, then perhaps it's not the right place for you . . . it should feel as if you've come home. . .

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Prison doors are unwelcoming doors . . . those that pass through are bereft of hope, no longer free.   They are not doors that I would want to go through, filled with despair . . .

Doors of healing . . . hospital doors which stand for mercy and humanity . . .

School doors, doors of learning . . . these, too, should welcome all who enter in . . .

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The most important door of all though, should be the door to your heart.   It is the doorway where one should never fail to find a swift response of sympathy, a warm word of kindness, a heartfelt word of praise . . .  love.  Truth and sincerity. 

I hope that is what you find at the door to my heart. 

I have run out of time this morning.   I don't know why.   Thinking too much about doors I think!  And now it is time for me to dash up the stairs and open the bathroom door and jump into the shower!   Short but sweet this morning . . .

A thought to carry with you through this day . . .

When your heart speaks,
take good notes.
~Judith Cambel



In The English Kitchen today . . . a delicious Plum Bread and Butter Pudding.

Have a wonderfully blessed sabbath day today.   

PS -  I accepted the prompt to join google + and now I have lost my list of blogs that I read???   Does anyone know how I can get it back???


  1. No help about google + . I am so illiterate. Enjoy your day.

  2. Google + ahead itself to me when I uploaded a video:(
    I ..actually hate it.
    And don't know what to do about it?
    Would much rather look at doors than have that +.
    It's a -.

  3. What a wonderful reflection for a Sunday morning. I too hope that the doors to my heart stay open. Hope you have a restful and relaxing Sunday there !

  4. Lovely post and beautiful photos of doors...I can't choose a favorite.

  5. I don't think I have thoughts about door but you opened up my thoughts more to the different doors and I guess you could say personalities in a way.
    I liked the final thoughts on opening the door to your heart.
    A very lovely post; thanks and blessings and hugs for you!
    I always love your recipes and this looks like a yummy one.

  6. Beautiful thoughts, Marie. I hope that the door to my heart always stays open.

    I can't help with Google + which I have so far managed to avoid. Is there a help forum for the product? They might have an answer. Or ask at Blogger's help forum. How annoying for you. As well as the Blogger "Reading List", I keep a list of blogs I read in a bookmark folder and also a copy on a Word document as I don't trust technology.


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