Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How to Shake the Blues . . .

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Yesterday I found myself feeling out of sorts.  It's happened far too often this winter . . . this blue feeling.   Feeling low down, but not knowing why.  It's inexplicable and happens suddenly.   I don't decided that I am going to feel blue . . . it just comes upon me from out of nowhere.   I am usually a very up person and I hardly ever feel sorry for myself, or down, and when I do I normally shake it off quite easily, but this winter . . . it's been dogging me more often than not.

So yesterday I decided to try to do something about it . . .
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I began by counting my blessings and naming them.    It's so easy to lose sight of the things in life that really matter, when faced with what the world tries to tell us that matters.   I think it's important from time to time to sit down and really think about the different ways we are blessed in our lives, and to be grateful for them.   Simple things like even just having clean water to drink, or being able to see.   Being loved.  Having a dry place to live and to sleep.  Food to eat.  The power of gratitude can never be underestimated.

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Then I got stuck in and busy.  I cleaned the bathroom. I dusted.  I baked a cake.  Idle hands are the devil's work.   It's hard to feel sorry for yourself, when you are busy and bustling about.   Being creative helps, making or baking something new.  Tidying up.   Looking outside of yourself and just being busy.  That helps.

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Puppy cuddles.   They help a lot too.   I am sure even a cat cuddle would help, if that's all you have to cuddle with.   Animals give love freely with abandon and ask for nothing in return.   I have never had a problem that the touch of a wet nose or furry paw hasn't at least helped in some way however small.

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Talking to a good friend.   I was so pleased yesterday to find Lura on line at the same time as my self and we were able to share a nice conversation with each other.  It had been a while.  Of course she hasn't been well.  Did you know her blood clot extends all the way from her upper arm to the middle of her chest?   Wowsa.  I thought it was just a clot.  I had not realised it was a looooooooooooong clot like that.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers that it will dissolve and things will get back to normal for her.   She is such an inspiration to me.   She has had a lot of health problems since her car accident and yet she has remaining cheerful and up about it all.   Sharing with a person like that is always uplifting.   Yesterday we lifted each other up.   It was so nice.

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And then I got busy getting supper ready for the missionaries.   Feeding the missionaries is a service and a gift, both to them and to ourselves.   It is the privilege of the Ward to feed these special young people, which helps to keep their expenses down, and gives us an opportunity to get to know them better.  They, in turn, bring such a special spirit into your home.  We laugh.  We talk.  We learn.   We teach.   It's all very special.   I wish we could feed them every week, but alas we are only allowed to feed each set once a month.  In our Ward we are doubly blessed as we have two sets, so we get enjoy their company not once, but twice.  Having these special young people in your home.   Sharing spiritual thoughts and stories with them, bouncing ideas off each other . . . breaking bread.  It's all pretty special.  It's kinda hard to feel blue when these youngsters are around.  

Then it was time to say goodbye to them, and Todd drove them to Buckley whilst I cleaned up.  When he got back I was in my jim jams and we settled in and watched a nice cuddly family type of show on the telly and just enjoyed being together.

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And by the time I crawled into bed last night, I wasn't feeling blue any more.  I was feeling blessed.
And that's how you shake the blues . . .

A thought to carry with you through today . . .

 ♥════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ═════♥
Trust in the Light.
Darkness is not a force -
it is merely the absence of light.
Observe that when a light is 

brought to a dark place,
the darkness disappears.
Sadness is similar -
when joy is brought to suffering,
the sadness disappears.
Open yourself to the Light!
Hold back nothing,
Trust in the Light.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie


 photo SAM_3537_zps02d69ec7.jpg 

Baking in The English Kitchen today . . . Stamped Snickerdoodles.   How can you not love a cookie which is called a snickerdoodle . . .  I declare it is impossible!

╔══════════....๑ ƸӜƷ ๑♥๑ ƸӜƷ ๑....═══════════╗
ღ♥ღƸӜƷღ♥ღ Have A Lovely & Blessed Wednesday. ღ♥ღƸӜƷღ
╚══════════....๑ ƸӜƷ ๑♥๑ ƸӜƷ ๑....═══════════╝



  1. I am glad that your "blues" went when you counted your blessings it sure helps to keep busy, Ijust LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of you and Mitzie,,hope you don't mind if I "grab" it and keep it...
    How wonderful to be able to actually speak to Lura. I would love that as well would send any blues on there way...She is such a blessing in our lives...(It was through Lura that I met up with you) I was just telling another friend yesterday about that...]
    Hope you have a good day today. It has started misty and real chilly but hopefully the sun will get out soon and burn away the mist...I have a leadership meeting at church this afternoon but Peter taking Mary and I out for lunch to a newly re opened under new management place along the road into Bath..should be interesting !

  2. Marie poor Lura has had it tough. I pray she is better soon.

    I am also very happy that you managed to chase those dreaded blues down. It is excellent to turn a day from sad to glad. Counting your blessings is such a cheering exercise.

    God bless.

  3. Sybil, go ahead and grab the photo of me. You are welcome. I like that photo of me too. It's a nice one. The secret to looking thinner is having a photo taken from above! The double chins don't show! haha

    Suze I think anytime you can put your problems in perspective with others, and count your blessings it can't help but put you in a more positive frame of mind! xxoo

  4. It is so true that when we count our blessings we chase the blues away. When we have an attitude of gratitude, you can't help but be happy. I do it all the time and am reminded every day just how very blessed I am.

  5. Based on your post a few days ago, I watched the first George Gently episode. You are right about DS Bacchus. Very easy on the eyes. Different looking than many of the "pretty boys." :) (he's only 2 years older than my oldest son, too)

  6. Hi Marie, so pleased you managed to count your blessings and feel better. Have you ever thought of taking some vitamin d? It's been a long sunless winter, you may just need a sunshine boost. I get a little spray of it from Holland and Barrett to help me through the winter and I'm sure it helps. Lots of love xxx

  7. I agree about getting outside our physical selves by doing chores..painting,helping..:)

    I agree that dear friend of yours..I just wish her well well well..
    That is a very cute shot.

  8. Laura, it's good to see we have similar tastes in men! If I was only 30 years younger! hehe

    I like that Pam, an attitude of gratitude! Thanks!

    I may give that a go Kate! I don't think it helps that all the cold damp weather has been playing havoc with my athritis and a lot of the winter I have been housebound. That gets very wearying!

    Monique, thanks! I rather like it too. I ld love to see a photo of you. I have a picture in my mind. You are elegant, and very motherly looking. xxoo

  9. I'm sure that Mitzie cuddle worked its magic. ♥ ♥

    I know how the blues can just take over some days. I think that often one pushes niggly little annoyances aside in daily life, but they don't disappear. Instead they collect like dust bunnies until you get to the point where something has to be done. Do I drown in dust bunnies or do I make an effort to confront the "mess" and clear it all away properly.

    It seems like you tackled the negativity and turned it around with the good things in your life - and you have many blessings to be thankful for.

    I'm so glad to hear that your dear friend is home. I think we can heal better surrounded by the familiar.

  10. You're an inspiration. I'm sorry you were feeling blue though. I'm afraid too many times when I feel out of sorts I retreat into myself instead of serving others. Shame on me! Baking certainly helps. It's hard to be sad while baking. And as much as I don't like cleaning, being busy does help too!! I'm glad you ended up feeling better :)

  11. You are so right Marie. Puppy dog cuddles and kisses help a lot!

    April, when I am in a mood like that I can't cook anything properly. But I try. That's when I like to get into my craft room and paint!

  12. I am so happy that Lura made it home finally. I have been so worried about her.
    I too have had more down days this winter. We have had two days of sunshine and I actually heard the birds singing outside my window to day. I certainly hope that Spring is right around the corner.
    I love the picture of you and that sweet one of yours. Pet's do help us be more cheerful. Our Sammy is always bringing my husband a toy to play with him when he senses my hubby is stressed.
    I love to feed the missionaries but we don't get to very often here in Utah.
    I do have grateful heart and I know that when I think of others and count my blessings; I do feel better when I am feeling down.
    Prayers, blessings, love and hugs!


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