Saturday, 15 March 2014

A trip down Memory Lane . . .

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I am a bit late starting this morning.  I was checking my e-mails and got onto Face Book and next thing you know I  was sucked into a vortex of 60's  early 70's music and reminiscing.   I can remember sewing myself dresses just like these and looking good in them too!  It was such an innocent time.  We thought we could change the world didn't we?

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Of course this is who we all really wanted to look like, with her long skinny legs, big doe eyes, pixie hair style and little pout.  The British accent would have been nice too . . . 

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I remember thinking she was so beautiful, and she was . . . she still is!    A girl with kinky brown hair and short stubby legs, didn't have a hope, did she?   haha, but we did dream.

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If I had ever dared to go out of the house with that kind of makeup on my eyes, my dad would have had a hissy fit.  In short, I would not have gotten out of the house!  It was hard enough convincing him that our dresses needed to be above the knee.

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Who else had one of these in their house?   We did.  it was not as snazzy as this one and it belonged to our mom, but sometimes she would let us use it.  It smelled like hot plastic when it was on, mixed with the smell of Lady Patricia Cream Hair Rinse.

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Did you have these fat yarn ties for your hair?  I remember saving up my allowance to get some and I managed to get two pairs of fish net tights too.  One pair was bright green and the other psychedelic orange!  They went really well with my neon coloured orange and green striped shirt dress.

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Who else wanted to be Marcia Brady???   I know!  She was a little bit more achievable than Twiggy.  She had the nicest clothes and she was so pretty, and had the nicest furniture in her bedroom, and such a cute older brother too.  Of course, in reality, if he really was your brother that would have just been ick.

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I was so jealous when she got to meet Davy Jones, because . . . well . . .  I was supposed to marry him you know, and it felt a little bit like he was cheating . . . and with Marcia Brady, no less!

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Mind you  I always had "Plan B" to fall back on, doncha know!  And . . . he came with a cool bus.

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And if he let me down . . . there was always Bobby.   I remembering wishing I had a pretty name like "Julie."  Then it would have been just if he was singing to me and me alone . . . Julie, Julie, Julie do ya love me?

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This would have been the ideal Christmas present.  I had to make do with magazine tear outs, taped to  the inside of my closet door, away from prying eyes . . .  sigh . . .

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WE did finally get one of these though, and it was orange, and . . . I had to share it with my sister and brother, which wasn't so cool, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.   I am sure my parents got very tired of listening to the same song over and over again, until I could afford to buy a new record, which wasn't very often.   I used to do a LOT of babysitting so that I had money to spend, but at only 25 cents an hour it took a lot of time before it amounted to much of anything.

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Of course we had Dick to thank for all of our latest dance moves.  I remember watching American Bandstand religiously so I could learn what was "hip!"  There was a Canadian version as well, but it was not quite as cool.  And then if you were uber cool . . . there was Soul Train, and MoTown.

It's fun to look back and think on these things . . .

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The closest I ever got to Davey Jones was through my friend Anna, who got to meet him at a Monkee's Concert in Manchester just a few months prior to his passing away.    She got to meet Barry Manilow a few months later as well.  (Her husband gives her the nicest gifts.)

Nevermind . . . I got my almost Beatle in the end . . .

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And he loves me to pieces.  You can't ask for much better than that!

A thought to carry with you through today . . .

• ✿ღℓ σ √ ε ღ✿ܓ
 At times our own light goes out
and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude
of those who have lighted the flame within us.
~Albert Schweitzer 


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Cooking in the English Kitchen today . . . Lemon Curd Bread and Butter Pudding.




  1. How funny Marie. today my youngest visited her father and came home with my autograph book from 1974. Lots of teasing for me today as I recorded all the Osmonds' birthdays in there. Would you believe he had it in with his take to court papers? Crazy!

    How I longed to be lowed to go to a concert. All my wages went to buying albums to play. I also had some of those big soft cords for my hair. I wasn't allowed to wear make up until about 1977 and most of the time it was scrubbed off my face before I left the house. Youch. Mum was none to gentle about it either.

    Enjoy your Saturday

  2. I would have given anything to be able to go to a concert too Suzan!! I did get to see the Rolling Stones in Toronto, but I was well on my way to becoming an old lady by then! xx

  3. Snap on the hairdryer! We had one almost the same as the one in your picture. Ours smelled more of a translucent pink solution called "Dippity-Do styling gel" Mum would use it when she put her hair in rollers, then sat under the dryer. She tried in vain to get my hair to curl, but it remained stubbornly straight and Twiggy like.

    And double snap on the make-up ban. My father considered that make-up was only for hussies. I longed to wear eyeshadow in particular, but wasn't even allowed nail polish until I was 18. The funny thing was that we accepted those rules (albeit with a lot of grumbling under our breath). These days the kids would report you to Social Services.

    My big idols back then were more "bad boys" like Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin and some Australian singers like Darryl Cotton from the group Zoot, Ross Wilson from Daddy Cool, Daryl Braithwaite from Sherbet and Jim Keyes from Master's Apprentices. They had a fabulous hit song called Turn Up Your Radio, which we did - and dad screamed out "Turn down that racket!" They were a local Adelaide rock group and I sneaked out one night with my best friend when they were playing at a local pub. Of course, now I realise how dangerous that could have been, but back then we were only thinking of seeing our idol. I never forgot that night.

  4. Lots of good memories there in your post today. I do remember the first record player I had and playing the same ones over and over. I too used my babysitting money to buy records and it did take a long time to save for them. Hope you have a super Saturday!

  5. Hahaha Marie, this post really made me smile! I remember it all so well, especially David Cassidy! DELICIOUS!!!! Xxxx

  6. Oh, I have so enjoyed your comments ladies! What fun! I see we all have some very similar memories!

    Marie, my sister was into bad boys like Robert Plant! My used to yell at us to turn down the music also!

    David was indeed delicious Kate! Yum!

    Pam, I was lucky I had a friend who was an only girl and her parents bought her everything she wanted and so I could always listen to her records when mine were worn out! I hope you have a great Saturday too!

  7. All the same memories:)
    Met a few rock stars..when I was 18-19.
    Not a life I would have liked to keep going..
    I like this simple life.
    Wish I still had my bobble head Monkees though.
    The girls wore..:)

  8. Monique, you are a dark horse. I am deeply intrigued! I would have loved to have bobble head Monkees, lol. You were lucky! I like the simple life too.

  9. I had those same yarns for my hair and the fishnet stockings. I never got the white Go-Go boots that I wanted, but had a pair of knee-high shiny black vinyl rain boots that I was very fond of.I could finally (at age 10 or so)not have to wear those stretchy red rubbers over my shoes when it rained, that never did keep our shoes dry because we removed them as soon as we went around the first corner on our walk to school.

    The Monkeys was the first real musical group that I loved. I was only in elementary school then. Of course Davy Jones was my favorite. They had a song that they sang that had the girls names "Mary" and "Sandy" in it. Those were the names of two sisters that were my sister and my best friends. Of course they were singing to them! Bobby Sherman was loved by my sister, but I never cared much for him. I think by this time I started going for older "men" like Robert Brown who played the oldest brother on Here Comes the Brides. My next crush was Robert Vaughn in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Those were good days!!

  10. Oh, I would have done anything for a pair of gogo boots Laura! I had a crush on Illya Kuryakin, David McCallum from Man from U.N.C.L.E. It is so fun thinking back to those days!

  11. Thanks dear friend for the walk through part of my era. You are younger than I am; but I remember well each of the things you brought up. I especially remember the hair dryer. I loved them; I wouldn't mind having one now.
    We did have our idols to dance to.
    I loved your sweet picture of your hubby and Mitzie; it was the best.
    Love, blessings and hugs!

  12. My sister WAS Marcia Brady but prettier.

    Loved the freedom it gave me to be pure tomboy. My parents doted on her pretty clothes, hair....

    I was filthy playing outside.

    Still so much gratitude for that.

    But, this tomboy sure did adore Bobby Sherman !!

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

    ps: still dirty but getting paid for it

  13. Yes LeAnn, it would be kind of nice to have a hands free hair dryer like that now wouldn't it!

    Tara, my sister was the tomboy! Must be something about younger sisters??? I don't know!


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