Wednesday, 19 March 2014

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 I dream about my children very often and I have noticed that  in my dreams, more often than not they are still very young.  In fact, I cannot recall ever dreaming about them as adults.  I am not sure what that means, or even if I want to know what that means . . . but I do know that when I have spent a night dreaming about my wee ones, it makes me very happy.  I often think back to those early years when they were all small and in my care, and . . . there are times I would give anything to be able to be back in those moments, if only for a  short.   Dreams about my babies are gifts and I cherish them as such.

Last night I dreamt I was having another baby!  haha   I know!  How totally ridiculous it was!   I was at the checkout at Aldi, no less . . . and I was taking clothing out of my cart and putting it onto the counter at the cash.  I looked at the cashier and patted my stomach and said . . .  " I am having a baby in September."  Then I picked up two wee sleepers out of the pile of clothing, which were obviously very masculine in appearance with tiny  trucks and things printed on them.  One was red and one was blue.  I then said to the cashier, "Obviously my husband thinks we are having a boy.  I have three boys now and two girls.  I would love another girl."  And the next thing you know . . .  another cashier had come out from the back in a bikini . . . and we were off on another tangent!

Dreams . . . they are funny things!

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I found this photograph this morning and just had to share it. I have no source for it to give credit to, nor the other one up above.  This one reminded me of my two girls when they were small.   They loved to wear makeup as all little girls do.   They especially had a thing about lipstick, and not only did they love to put it on themselves, but they also loved to draw on walls and clothing with it.  I remember a visitor coming once and staying,  and they drew all over his white socks with red lipstick.  It is safe to say that with 4 wee ones, aged 7 and under at that time, I was pretty busy and could not be all places at all times . . .

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I love this picture of my two girls.   They would be about 4 and 2 at this time.  People would often ask if they were twins.  That would make me laugh inside.   They were definitely not twins, for sure, although they were often up to no good together, and kept me hopping!

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I am glad that they have each other.   The relationship between sister's is a very special thing.   I know I love my own sister to pieces, even though I am sure when we were teens my mother wanted to rip her hair out at all of our arguments and goings on.   The sister bond is a special one, and we are the best of friends, even if we don't always agree.

Families are so very important.   You and your family share a special history that you share with nobody else.  Nobody else on the earth has been where you have been together.   That is an awesome thought.

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I am not sure where she dug this photo up from, but my sister posted this on facebook the other day.   That is from left to right . . .  my sister Cindy, my brother David and moi at the end.  My eyes are closed.  I always blink when a camera flashes.  I don't seem to be able to help myself.  This was circa London about 1982 I would guess.  I am wearing an old fur coat my ex sister in law had given me.  It was made from Possum.  We used to joke about my coat playing dead.  I can remember always being tired at that time.  I suppose most young mum's are.

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This is a picture of us all sitting in my father's chair many years before.  I would have been five or six, my brother about a year old and my sister three.  I love looking at pictures of us when we were younger and seeing how close we were.  I was always very protective of them.  It's very uusual to see a picture of us in that chair.  My father's chair was forbidden.  It was a lazy boy and my mother was always afraid we would get our legs caught in the mechanism.  My father still, to this day . . . always has himself a lazy boy chair.

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My daughter posted this picture the other day of Maryn showing Cameron how to brush his teeth.  She just turned three of course and he will be one in June.  I can see that they have a very close relationship and that makes me happy.  I am glad that they have each other and that they love each other, for one day that will be all that remains of this history they are building . . .  unless my daughter has another child of course and then that one will be added to the chain of history.

Special people.  Special bonds.  Family is a sacred gift from God.

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Something I put together yesterday.  I quite like it.   I love the quote by Thomas Merton, don't you?

Maybe that can be your thought for today . . .

 ~Hugs ~♥♥~ Hugs ~♥♥~ Hugs ~♥♥~ Hugs ~
To say I am made in the image of God,
is to say that Love is the reason for my existance,
for God is love.
Love is my true identity . . . 
Love . . .  is my true character.
~Thomas Merton

I am sharing the Greek Meal I made for the Missionairies last night,  over in The English Kitchen today.


'Til Tomorrow . . .  


  1. Sending you love today and God bless.

  2. You have some wonderful memories and I can see that you family are making some more too. Family is important . Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Thank you Suzan! God bless you too!

    Pam, I do love my family as I know you do as well. You have a wonderful Wednesday too!

  4. Great memories:)

    I have dreamt I was having another baby too:)
    Quote impossible:)

    Love all the kiddie pics..all!!

  5. It would be pretty close to impossible for me too Monique! haha


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