Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Simple Woman's Daybook . . .

FOR TODAY, September 22, 2015

Outside my window ...
It's dark, very dark.  All is still and quiet.

I am thinking ...
Today's the day I get to meet April from Dimples and Delights!  She and her husband are over here visiting from America on their belated honeymoon!  I hope that I don't disappoint her!  I always worry about that when I am meeting someone for the first time.  What if I don't meet their expectations.   Silly me.

I am thankful for ...
The WWW.  I've gotten to meet so many amazing people and my world has really broadened because of it.   Including Todd!  I met him on the WWW.  ♥

 In the kitchen ...
Getting out one of the last of my pre-diabetic bakes.   I haven't taken a food photo since my diagnosis.  I am still trying to take it all in and sort it out in my brain.

 photo DSCN3231_zpsuckxxmti.jpg

Brioche Chinois, which translated means Chinese Brioche.  Why Chinese?  It's a mystery to me too!  Soft, squidgy and filled with creme patisserie and chocolate chips.

On my "To Cook" list ...

 photo Autumn-Grilled-Chicken-Salad-21_zpskz9fppz6.jpg

Creamy Autumn Grilled Chicken Salad with apples and pecans from  Heartbeet Kitchen.  It looks so good and like something I could eat.  Probably a bit too much protein and not very many carbs, so it would take some adjusting.  But it does look good.

I am creating ...

 photo 8f3929105f39cffbf77931f9d77bd2c4_zpsezjcg4br.jpg

I love LOVE this pillow.  It's so pretty and combines two of my loves, embroidery and sewing.
From  Jenny of Elefantz.  I am also crazy about roses and gingham.

 photo d48b4b131f2b45b6719690dbd0aabd9a_zpsie4qyvnk.jpg

The Andy Button Scarf, from RP Designs.   Free tutorial and pattern.  I Love, LOVE it!

 photo a4be0a32df6f42dd9b759ee715f50f62_zpsston1umk.jpg

From Ravelry.  These Mary Janes are too cute!!!

 photo d3fb168848bb7eb5405053da2fe22c5a_zpshcbedgiu.jpg

No source, but I love this cherry rug mat.  Love the choice of fabrics and the applique.

 photo 040d923804eb50b11e61058592141873_zpsj6yn51ow.jpg

I used to do a lot of counted cross stitch and samplers were my favourite thing to do.   I am awfully tempted by this.   Found on Canal Blog.

I am reading ...
 photo 1240bdf841c8496e182344a389973c8e_zpsane4hvde.jpg

My Sister's Secret, by Tracy Buchanan

This is the story of three sisters: Faith, Hope and Charity. They have a very close relationship and spend their days on the beach, dreaming about finding hidden submerged forests. It's also the story of Charity's daughter, Willow, who has inherited her mother's compulsion to dive and as a memorial to her parents sets out to visit the submerged forests on a map she finds in her Mum's belongings. The mysterious photographer, Niall Lane, seems to be visiting the same forests whilst exhibiting his Charity collection and it's only a matter of time before Willow bumps into him and uncovers some family secrets. I loved the gradual unfurling of the family secrets as Willow peels back layer after layer and uncovers secrets even her Aunt Hope knew nothing about. It's quite a sad story of childhood sweethearts who were really meant to be together but for unfortunate circumstances and underhand manipulation.

This is the first book I have read by this author and it won't be the last.

I am hoping ...
That I can get a good handle on this diabetes thing and be able to control it with diet and exercise.   Steep learning curve, but I know I can do it.  I just have to be strong. It could always be a lot worse.

Makes me smile ...

 photo 613ec4366cb39dbcf4487df7b4cfde02_zps2yrnghqn.jpg

This photo has always made me smile.   It is so me.

I am learning ...
All about carbs and how they metabolise, etc.
Watch this space!!

Dreaming about  ...

 photo 872ef1a081e09abb7892dc8da03df72a_zpstfo7msus.jpg

Subway tiles back splashes.  (not to mention a room large enough to move around in)

 photo 891289635a586007fd35e74b1ac08122_zps4za6rogm.jpg

A dedicated laundry room would not go amiss . . .

 photo 5cac4608e7abc4860da63700eaa3cbfd_zpstyxiqdrt.jpg

It is a tiny bit busy, but I love it!

 photo 9753c691a5f77e09aca07941d4695b3f_zpsenitiyxb.jpg

With the exception of the leopard print foot stool thingies, I quite like this.  Love the colours.

 photo e0374ed7670440251b64dae9eeb9db7e_zpsq3ws1qsw.jpg

This is a great idea.  Built in shelving around the door.   Fabulous!

A favourite quote for the day ...

  `*.¸.*´Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ¸.•´¸.•~♥♥♥~•.~
   ღϠ₡ღ¸. ✻´´¯`✻.¸¸.Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ.
      (¸.❀⁀⋱‿✿“`* .¸.*

There is no more lovely,
friendly and charming
relationship, communion 
or company, than a good
~Martin Luther  

One of my favourite things ...

 photo d9f1c87a8de85d6f6955aed3ec6f557e_zpsosgbmeic.jpg

Little piggies . . .

A peek into my day ...

 photo SAM_5785_zpsd8358169.jpg

Belly snuffles . . .

And that's my daybook for this week.

  ⋱ ⋮ ⋰
⋯ ◯ ⋯ Take time to enjoy the small *´¯`.¸¸.☆
  ⋰ ⋮ ⋱ blessings in life.*´¯`.¸¸.☆

✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸✿ ✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸✿ ✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸✿
░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░░░░░

 Wherever you go and whatever you do, I hope there's a great day ahead of you! Don't forget!

═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════ ⊰✿░G░O░D⊰✿⊰L░O░V░E░S⊰✿⊰░Y░O░U░⊰✿
═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

 And I do too!!


  1. Good morning to you Marie. I have already put up some pages to look at. Some of these made my heart go squee and squeal too. I do not know how you find all these beautiful things. Thank you.

    Today I succumbed to the power of advertising. I have naughtily booked another cruise and it leaves less than a month after I come home from Mew Zealand. At the end of this cruise I will have been to every state in Australia and to Bali too. If I then go through the middle of the country and see Uluru I will have seen everything I wanted to do in OZ and will feel free to start saving to see some more of the world. I am excited for this trip. It was pretty cheap too and it is a nice ship as well. Some extreme belt tightening will be needed but it will be worth it to see West Australia and Darwin too.

    God bless your day and have some fun too.

  2. Hi, Marie! Such a delicious post today... so many pretty projects... I love Jenny of Elefantz's embroidery designs! I used to do a lot of cross stitch too, and have been trying to revive more embroidery into my crafting life. Oh, and LOVING that Brioche!! We buy that at a bakery sometimes, but I've never made it before--must try. Oh, but my heart goes out to you, dear friend... Diabetes can be tough to deal with in so many ways. But it can be managed! And I know you will find good, and tasty, ways with diet to manage it all. I look forward to what sugar-free recipes you might come up with, as we try (not always successfully, mind!) to do less-sugar. May heart is with you, and my prayers going your way...As always, you inspire!! :o) ((LOVE & BIGGEST HUGS)) P.S. Your latest reading sounds good. I'll have to add to my list...

  3. Oh boy Suzan, you are getting as bad as Sybil with the traveling! Yay!! What fun! We are planning on going on some sort of holiday once we finish our mission. Love and hugs and blessings to you too! xoxo

  4. Thanks Tracy! Not surprised we like the same things! Thanks for your love and prayers re the diabetes. It's an uphill slug for sure, but I think I can get there! xoxo

  5. I'm thinking you probably are going to be eating more protein with your new diet in place. The chicken salad does sound good. Hope your visit is a great one. Have a terrific Tuesday !

  6. I cannot wait to hear about your meeting) Have fun!

    I love that pillow Marie..I love it♥
    You will master this diabetes thing..Mary has written on my blog that she licked type 2 diabetes..
    You can too:)

  7. Thanks Pam! I am looking forward to the visit and also feeling a LOT better! xoxo

    Thanks Monique! I hope I remember to take some photos! Look for a big announcement in my kitchen tomorrow! xoxo


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