Friday, 11 September 2015

My Friday Finds . . .

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A few of the wow moments and things that I find each week that tickle my fancy. They might even tickle yours

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Homemade Mascarpone Cheese.  I haven't tried it, but I am going to.  Found on Baking Obsession.   Mascarpone is so expensive.   If this works it will be a lot cheaper!

 photo snowman_zpssgy4nxxj.jpg

Simple snowman ornaments.  This is something to do with the grandkids.  They will love it.   Easy and so cute.   From Plaid.

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Fun Holiday Crafts.  Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments.  I have made these before and they smell really nice.  I did gingerbread men and decorated them with puff paints.  They were really cute!

 photo 2b1a4759504fa280d53b24acd8a0b4bd_zpsivbfsf2j.jpg

From Lulu the Baker.  Peppermint Oreo Pops.  These would be great neighbor gifts, or for a school or church activity!

 photo 00bc1e546dc4ca036b13ef8c6f4b5d43_zpsia6fttkr.jpg

This little wine cork reindeer is so cute!  I love it.  I wonder if I can buy wine corks.  WE don't drink wine so we don't have any.   From  Mom's Menu Planner.

 photo IMG_0363_zpsur7wjbze.jpg

Paper Pine Cone Ornament.   Easy tutorial.  From A Scrap Mom's Musings.

 photo 66f3463db9aa782cf12159039f73d414_zpsesqhx3jh.jpg

Sheet Music Snowmen.  From  Real Life In Pictures.

 photo PICT00033_zpskrym4uky.jpg

Simple Felted Soap Tutorial.   These make lovely gifts.  From  The Nest.

 photo 8a9b37d22ad3d320050182d95026ad89_zpst6wki9rv.jpg

Healthy Homemade Pancake and Waffle Mix.   This could come in handy.   From The Adventure Bite.   

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Fourteen Cook Pumpkin Carving Ideas from BHG.

And that's it for this week!  I hope you found something useful here!  I know I did!

A thought to carry with you through today  . . .

Things which sound like platitudes
become vital, living and powerful
when you have to learn them
in dark tunnels.
~Elizabeth Elliot

Cooking in The English Kitchen today.   Sweet and Spicy Steak Sauce.  So good!

Have a fab Friday!  Hope it's a nice one for you.  Don't forget!

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And I do too!


  1. Enjoy your day Marie. I hope you find a source of wine corks. That animal is sweet as sweet.

    God bless.

  2. Thanks Suzan! I am going to work hard to source them! xoxo

  3. I wonder if you could ask a hotel, pub or restaurant and ask if they could keep them for you?

  4. a wine/beer making supply shop would carry bags of them (corks) and they wouldn't have corkscrew holes in them :) xoxo

  5. Hi, Marie! Love the holiday spirit here today... LOL! Those Peppermint Oreo Pop look sooo festive--YUM! Those sheet music snowmen are very cute. My hubby is the king of pancakes & waffle-making. He's the one minding the waffle iron on weekends... LOL! I should make him a mix as a Christmas gift! LOVE, love, love that carved pumpkin car & camper!! I'm late visiting this week... It's been busy days here lately too. Especially as we begin end-of-season garden clean up between every other week deluges of rain--bracing for more next week! Happy Weekend to all of you there!! :o) ((LOVE & BIG HUGS))

  6. I see you have Christmas on the brain:)

    Me too ..a bit..

    Fun ideas my daughters are on FB..and there are Varage Sales..a FB online buying from people from your girls are great and through them I have been able to get some neat things at very easonable was last week i think that someone gave away corks..I think you are on FB see if they have varage Sale and join in the fun:)
    I looked on my Etsy purchases..they go back to 2008 I maybe it was Ebay?

  7. All great ideas for finding corks! Thank you ALL so much! Will try. That little reindeer is just so cute!

    My motto . . . it's never too early to start prepping for Christmas! xoxo


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