Saturday, 27 June 2015

Saturday thoughts . . .

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 "Let your love so shine about
in the world in which you live,
that others may be warmed and
gladdened by the light you give.
Trim the lamps of faith
and keep them burning constantly,
serving man and praising God
wherever you may be."
~Patience Strong

I think that most people would agree that yesterday was a pretty dark day in the world with what has happened in various locations.   I haven't even bothered to check the news this morning . . .  to see if there has been anything else either yesterday or today  . . .

So many needless deaths and for what . . . some sick and twisted version of an ideology that is far, far from the God that so many of us know and love with all of our hearts.

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I do not have to go very far  to be able to see the existence of God and proof of His being.   I see it in the warmth of the rays of sun that beat down upon my head, and in the raindrops which fall to the earth . . .  and in every petal of every flower in our garden.   In the fluttering wings of butterflies, and the eyelashes of chubby babies which fall upon their sweet little cheeks . . . and so much, so very much more.

I do not see God in what these evil people do, and yet there are many who will blame Him for it happening.  Is God not the creator of all people, of all things???   Certainly.   Without a doubt He is  . . .  but He also gave us, His finest of all His creations the greatest gift of all, and that is Agency.   The will and power and freedom to choose for ourselves the things which we will do whilst we are on this earth.

Most of us choose to live very good lives.  We are decent . . .  law abiding . . .  loving and kind to others . . . respectful and caring.  Giving.

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Others are not.   They take this beautiful gift which they have been given and they use it to conquer and destroy . . . they try to turn everything which is good into something which is bad . . . they use it to subjugate those around them, and to try to bend others wills to their own sick twisted version of what they think is right.  They use their agency to create havoc and sadness . . .  and evil and mayhem.  They create fear, which is the greatest tool that they use to their own ends.

This is the opposite of religion and does not come from a loving Heavenly Father whose only purpose in sending us here was so that we could learn and grow and become more like Him.  So that we could become BETTER.

I believe that there is truth to be found in almost all religions and faiths . . .  but I see no truth in the faith these individuals practise.  Where is the joy?  Where is the love?  Where is the peace?

Joy is not found in subjugating the will of others.   If God is love  . . .  and I firmly believe and indeed KNOW that He is . . .  then where is He to be found in any of this evil which is being done in His name.

HE IS NOT IN THIS.  This is not what He wants.  For any of us.  Oh how He must weep for His children and what they do to each other.  Oh how His heart must break.

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Our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us, even those who do bad things.  We are all His children, whether we choose to follow Him or not . . .  this is not something which changes.  We quite simply are His, created in His image and for a special purpose.  When things are going very well in life, most people never even give Him a second thought . . .  they forget to be grateful for the gifts they have been given . . .  give themselves all the credit . . .

But when things go wrong, or bad things happen  . . .  when evil raises it's ugly head . . .  they point towards God and cry out why?  Why did you let this happen?   Why?

I do not know all the answers.    But I do know some things to be true with certainty.   I have a Heavenly Father who loves me beyond all comprehension and I feel of that love every day of my life.  In large and small ways. I know this with assuredness.  Because I am open minded and soft hearted, that love manifests itself in my life in a multitude of  miraculous ways, that some might call co-incidence but which I call God-incidence.  He is real.  He does care.  Enough to let us choose for ourselves which pathways we will take.  When we laugh, He shares in our joy.  When we cry, He shares in our sorrow.  I know that one day I will have the opportunity to return into His presence and what a happy reunion that will be.  And all the lessons which have tried and tested me here on earth . . . will have been worth it.

Please do not blame God for any of the evil which exists in this world.  Know that for all the evil which exists and which happens, there is an even larger amount of things which are good and honest and true.  Dwell and rest upon those.  Do good.  Be kind.  Be grateful . . .  because there is always something to be grateful for.

I am sorry if I sound preachy this morning.   I know that some of you are not religious and that's okay.   I just want you to know that this isn't God, or the God that I know and love, and who knows and loves me back.

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I did another little chubster yesterday afternoon.  She seems a bit taller than the others.   Not sure how that happened.  But it's okay.

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We ate the first of the ripening strawberries from our garden last evening.  Just as God intended for them to be enjoyed.  Ripe and out of hand.   They were so good.   There was just a handful that were ready to pick.  Todd would have picked every one that even had a flush of red on it.  I have a hard time making him wait until they are truly ready, but yesterday I managed . . .  and we both enjoyed them very much.


In The English Kitchen today . . . Summer Fresh Cherry Trifles

Today we are out and about visiting a couple of people from our church congregation, so a busy day is planned and we also have a full day planned tomorrow.  We are traveling up North to a different Ward as Missionaries, so don't worry if I don't get on here first thing.   We have to be up very early and on our way if we are going to get there for ten o'clock.  I'll tell you all about it afterwards!

Love you all.  I really do.  Have a great Saturday.   Dwell on the good!


  1. Ymorning marie, we all have a heavy heart as we see all these terrible things that are going on in our lovely world..As you say not the work of our loving God...hope you have a good day today try not to do to much.It is a love sunny morning down here already warm...

  2. Marie Ihave to agree with your thoughts, Acts of terror are far from God's love. I amd also sure that various other religious codes teach peaceable ways and are in disbelief about this actions. Let me leave that now.

    I hope that your weekend exceeds your expectations and that you have a fruitful weekend. Even if you plant the smallest seed on His behalf and see nought in your life time, remember that is flourish under his plans. Enjoy the day, the weather, the people and if possible the drive. God bless you both.

  3. There is so much good in the world and those are the things I think we need to dwell on in times like these. Sometimes I really just have to turn the news off and focus on the good. Hope you have safe travels.

  4. Goodness I have dyslexic fingers...I am sorry that my spelling and grammar seem abysmal.

  5. You are two busy cookies these days!
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  6. Yes, we do Sybil. With heavy hearts. I know that most Muslims are very caring and loving individuals and that what these terrorists practice is not true Islam. My heart goes out to them. This only makes things much harder for them. Sunny here as well, but with a lovely cool breeze! xoxo

    Oh, I am with you Suzan. I know that true Muslims are not happy with the actions of these people. Islam is at it's base a very peaceable religion. I know many very good Muslims. This is not what they practice or believe. xoxo

    You are right Pam, there is a lot of good in the world, and sometimes the evil tries to quash it. We need to focus on the good. xoxo

    We are busy cookies indeed Monique! You have a great weekend also! xoxo


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