Saturday, 19 July 2014

Saturday this and that . . .

The thunderstorms rolled in about 3 o'clock this morning.    The flash of lightening and loud crack woke me up and I lay there in the bed, in my half asleep/half awake stupor as the lightening flashed around the room and the thunder growled in the distance . . .  counting the seconds between the flashes and the booms in my head until I fell back asleep again.

A part of my mind wandered down the stairs and wondered if Mitzie was okay with it all.   She is very laid back so I wasn't unduly concerned, or at least not enough to want to get out of bed to see if she was okay.  Fireworks don't bother her or other loud noises so I am sure she was quite fine.  I blame Todd's lack of hearing and the volume at which he watches television for that . . . she is so used to loud, it doesn't faze her.

 If I am in the craft room I can feel the loudness of it beneath my feet like the roar of a jet engine making the floor tremble.   He does not hear the phone or the door. When I am in the same room I make him turn it down and put his hearing aid on, but in all honesty when I am getting into my art . . .  nothing much can tear me away from the creative process.

 photo beingcreative.jpg

I spent several hours in my craft room yesterday afternoon . . . I have been working on something special all week, trying different things and seeing how they turned out.  I think I am finally ready to begin working on it now as concrete ideas about what I want to do have solidified in my thinking mind.  It is a commission piece for someone . . . a wedding gift for their friend.

I am always really cautious when doing something like that.  The creative process is an interesting one . . .  it is always somewhat of a challenge to weave different visions together and to come up with something which is mutually satisfying and pleasing to both myself and the person I am doing it for . . . if I feel stifled by their vision it is difficult to work . . . I prefer to mull it over for a few days and then see what comes out.  Nine times out of ten, it's quite satisfying to each of us.   That is the best scenario . . . at worst, I rework and rework, but am never quite happy with the end result.  That is the perfectionist in me . . .

 photo copyrightkindredspiritfriends_zpsb5104d22.jpg

I worked and worked on this painting for about a week, doing a little bit each day until I was happy with the results.   I knew I wanted to do a picture with Anne Shirley in it . . . wanted to capture her spirit of adventure . . .  not quite sure I did that, but I do think I caught the essence of the Island with it's rolling hills and fields of lupines.  This is the land of my birth, although I have never really lived there.   I was there for several months as a baby, and I visited often during my last marriage as it was where my in laws lived.    It is a place that I love . . . beautiful, quiet, unspoiled . . . there are still areas which time has left untouched . . .

It is a very rural province . . .  with about a hundred ways to get anywhere . . . and all roads lead to Kensington . . . or at least that is the way it feels to me . . . and every so often you see something so totally stupid and out of place like a space shuttle model you can go through . . . but you are willing to overlook such things in the face of it's endless miles of natural beauty.

Last night we watched the season finale of the show "I Wanna Marry Harry."  We got to see who the impostor Prince picked as his final girl.  I was pleased with whom he chose . . . I really thought she was the nicest girl and she wasn't all that disappointed to find out he wasn't really a Prince after all.  Rumor has it that they are still in contact and see each other now and then, although has a true romance blossomed?   Only time will tell.  I did think that the premise of the show was rather cruel however.  I felt sorry for all of the girls in a way, as they were made to look rather stupid and vapid . . .  and I even felt a bit sorry for the "Prince" and his having to fool them into believing he was something he was not.  He seemed like a really genuine bloke who was looking for love, and I think in a way these girls were looking for love as well, although it did seem a rather strange way to go about it.

As if a Prince would ever have to resort to a reality show to find a Bride . . .  or as if he would ever be allowed to do something like this.  It just would not happen, and a part of me felt quite sorry for girls who were naive enough to fall for the ruse.  It was compelling viewing however . . . in a weird sort of way . . . and a part of me was disappointed in myself for feeling that way.

 photo 3609985357_07b243dc73.jpg 

Finally my heart aches for the families and friends of all of the passengers of the Malaysian Aircraft which was shot down over the Ukraine.  I cannot believe the heartlessness of such an act . . . and the unwillingness of who is to blame in coming forward and owning up to it.  Every time something like this happens we lose a little bit more of our freedoms.

Oh, I know that evil exists in this world every bit as much as I know that good also exists . . .  but most of the time I am able to tuck the evil away into a hidden corner of my mind where I don't have to really think about it, but then something like this happens and it comes out of the corner to slap me in the face and my heart breaks again . . .  that we . . .  the most intelligent of our Heavenly Father's creations, and surely one of his most beautifully complex creations . . . could do such things (and worse) to each other for what?   Surely He cries tears of anguish and despair each time something like this happens.

If my heart aches . . .  now much more must His . . .   thank goodness we know the end of the story.

A thought to carry with you through today  . . .


"One of the simplest ways to stay happy is  . . . 
to let go of all the things which make you sad."


Let go let God . . .  

 photo SAM_6116_zpsbef08d01.jpg   

Baking in The English Kitchen today  . . . Thick and Chewy Triple Chocolate Chunker Bars!  Serious scrum!

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Happy Saturday.  It's raining here, but you gotta take a little rain with the sun . . .  it helps you to appreciate the pockets of sunshine all the more!



  1. Good Morning Marie,

    I don't mind storms but for some reasons storms that roll in during the wee small hours are something I would rather not face. I am very deaf in left ear…I begin to hear at the level a jet takes off or around 120dB which is pain level. My right ear is losing hearing now but those storms wake me. The lights flashing wake me every time.

    Enjoy your day. PEI holds a fascination for me but I was in my 30s before I realised yes you could travel to such places. Maybe one day I shall. I love your Anne girl. I would buy her if I could.

  2. I think the lights are what wakes up most people Suzan! I do hope you get to visit PEI one day. I know you would love it there. Thank you for your words re my Anne girl. I do like her too. xxoo

  3. Marie.....My husband can't hear the phone or the irritating at times! But on the other hand I sleep thru storms and he tells me all about it in the morning!

  4. I know what you mean Linda! Todd will be right in the room and can't hear the doorbell or the phone! Perhaps selective hearing??? I don't know! xx

  5. Watched the reports of the wreckage:(
    Sad sad sad:(
    All those innocent people.

    Your little girl is darling.
    I think i would love PEI:)

  6. To let go of the things that make us sad is a blessing indeed. Hope you have a super Saturday there.

  7. Oh Monique, you must put PEI on your bucket list for you and Jacques to visit one day! You will love it. I promise you! I would love to see it through your eyes. I really would xxoo

    You have a super Saturday too Pam! It's a rainy one here, but that's good and might relieve some of the heat. Here's hoping! xxoo

  8. Awww, I love your "Anne girl!" She is very sweet and done so well! Marie, PEI belongs to you! You were born there! Not a lot of others can say that. You may not have memories of living there but you are a PEI baby. :-> And you certainly have the "Anne" (with an "e")spirit! Have you ever thought of THAT???

    I didn't watch "I Want to Marry Harry" but I do watch "The Bachelor and Bachelorette" ( I hang my head low in shame as I admit that. ;-)Just kidding!).

    When doing artwork, I am the SAME way. It's easier to do art from my heart than take on a commissioned piece. Then it takes me longer as I second guess myself wondering if it's what they would want. I learned that when I make an art piece from a place of love in my heart, others love it too.

    We've been having rain and thunderstorms here too. Which is not the norm. We just had one today while I was running the church bulletin copies off at church. Alone in the building...:-O Last week, the same things happened and when I left the church bldg. it was raining buckets, I drove through huge puddles of water and it was hard to see the road at times. I made it home safely though. :-) George Michael was singing a sweet song to me as I drove which helped.

    The heart breaking news of the Malaysian Aircraft that was shot down is just so sad. I didn't sleep well after it happened. Heavenly Father surely must shake his head in big disappointment when he sees the horrendous things that some his children on earth do. He will deal with those that do evil deeds. Feeling so sorry for the families.

    What's for dinner tomorrow (Sunday)? Being Italian, that's a very important question. Haaa!

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday as you renew your spirit and feel His in Sacrament Meeting!

    Sending love and hugs!

  9. I know Valerie! I was born on a little piece of heaven on earth I think! My middle son lives there now with his family.

    My mom adores The Bachelor and The Bachelorette! She never misses. We dont' get them over here. This was the first show like that we have ever had. I hope it catches on!

    I don't drive over here. (Now I am hanging my head in shame.) The roads are too busy and too narrow and they drive on the wrong side of the road!

    I am ashamed to say that dinner on Sundays is usually a grilled cheese or egg and chips. I call my mother every Sunday and between that and church I don't have a lot of time for anything else! an organized person would do a lot better than that. Being disorganized is one of my weaknesses . . .

    I look forward to Sacrament meeting every week and renewing my spiritual battery for the week ahead! We are so blessed to be able to do that Valerie. So very blessed! Love and hugs right back atcha! I hope to e-mail after I call my mom today! Love you! xxoo

  10. I really have a huge phobia of lightening and thunder. I really just want to hide under the covers of my bed. I think it came about because of some teasing by my brother. Oh well, I have a few childhood traumas caused by my brothers.
    Marie, I can't even begin to tell you how lovely your drawing is today. I loved the thought and I do think we have some kindred spirits and I feel you are one of mine along with dear Lura. We had lunch recently and I was so happy to see here looks so well.
    The news is depressing but I just keep reminding myself it is the winding up scenes before the coming of the Savior.
    Blessings to you for sharing you; you bring joy to my heart.

  11. I tell myself the same thing LeAnn! The work is hastening and the time is now. Love you! xxoo


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