Thursday, 10 July 2014

Five things about me . . .

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This is me when I was a very young baby.   My mom looks tired.   So does my dad.  I was a screamer.  I had colic.   I am so glad that I never had a baby with colic.  Are you ready for another five things about me post?   Here it comes!

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I started smoking when I was 17 and quit when I was 34.  Quitting smoking was the most difficult thing I ever had to do.  I had tried many many times before I was finally successful.   My parents both smoked when I was very small, but my father quit when I was about five or six years old.  I don't remember him smoking.   It was not until after I had quit smoking for about six months that I realized how bad it really smelled.   I had never been smokeless in my life, having grown up in a smokers home, and started young myself.  The thought that for the first 34 years of my life I was either breathing in second hand smoke, or smoking myself scares me.  I try not to think about it.  Quitting was one of the best things I ever did for myself and I am so glad that I was finally able to conquer it.  I say I have no will power, but I must have some to have done that!

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I have the spirit of an adventurer.  Were it not so I would never have taken the huge step of joining the church I belong to against all odds.   I would never have taken the bold step of coming over here on my own to meet Todd in the first place.  I would never have been able to leave the country of my birth to take up residence in a new land either had I not been willing to take a chance.   When I think back on my life, although I did not know it at the time, I have always been a bit of an adventurer and a lover of challenge and new things!  This spirit of adventure helped me through my years as an army wife also.  We were always on the move it seemed.  I have always loved seeing new places and meeting new people.

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I have always loved to cook and to eat.   I used to love watching my mother cook.  She was not one to let you help.  You could watch if you stayed out of her way.   Later on when she started to work outside the home full time, and I had had a few lessons in Home Ec, I was allowed to start supper nights.  I loved doing that.   That is the one chore I never minded.  I used to love watching food shows on the telly.  There were not a lot of them like there are today.   Madame Jehane Benoit had one and a spot on a program called Take Thirty.  I remember scribbling down the ingredients once of an apple dish she was making and then making it myself later on. It was delicious.   I think she was the first celebrity cook to inspire me.  She was my Julia Child.  My first mother in law was an excellent cook.  She was a farm wife and could make a feast out of next to nothing.   She was also an inspiration to me.  I don't think I was the most knowledgeable cook when I first got married, but I was a good cook and that is a skill I have developed and honed through the years, mostly because I was passionate about it.

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I love sun flowers.   I think they are amazing.  I love their sunny bright colours.  I love how they follow the sun through the day, turning with it as it travels across the sky.  I would love to have a sunflower garden.  We did plant some this year, but most did not come up.  The ones that did  have yet to bloom.  I am still waiting for their splendor!  I think Sunflowers make the nicest floral arrangements, the dwarf ones at any rate.  My ex boss used to make beautiful floral arrangements with sunflowers for her "casual" get-togethers.

I adore the flavour of lemons.  Lemon anything is my favourite thing.  I love lemon cookies and lemon cakes.  I love lemon yoghurt, lemon pies.  Lemon candies.  Lemonade.  I always have a bowl of lemons in the house.  I love looking at them. Using them.  Smelling them.  Holding them.   In the shops I have been known to go through the whole barrel of lemons looking for the perfect ones to buy.  Thin skinned and heavy, not too hard and not too soft.   Smelling beautifully lemony.  The thick skinned ones that are light weight may look prettier, but they are not the best lemons and are often quite dry.  You want a nice heavy-in-weight, thin skinned one if you want the best one.  That's my tip for the day!  I would love to have my very own lemon tree.

And that's my five new things about me for this week.  It's cuddle time for Mitzie now.

A thought to carry with you through today . . .

* ¸.•*¸.• ✿´¨).• ✿¨)
(¸.•´*(¸.•´*(.¸. •* "Courage, not compromise, brings the smile of God's approval."
~Thomas S Monson  * ¸.•*¸.• ✿´¨).• ✿¨)  

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Cooking in The English Kitchen today . . . a delicious salad with nice Mediterranean flavours.   Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes.  So tasty!

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Happy Thursday!



  1. Good morning Marie. Today's post is full of the colours of sunshine. Like you I like food but these days cooking is such a chore. Oh well. I grew up in a household of smoke too. I used to be so upset when I was stuffed full on antihistamine to stop me sneezing and often it was the smoke that set me off. I know the years of second hand smoke have affected my lungs….I am asthmatic and now have a very low lung capacity. Can't do much about that as it was not my choice or anything I could control. I am pleased that so far I have avoided the smoking, drinking and addiction to pain relievers that fill both sides of my family, I have many of the problems others have but I have avoided those traps thankfully.

  2. Thanks Suzan for your lovely comment! Yes, as children, we had nothing to say about what we were exposed to! My mother finally quit smoking about 10 years ago, sadly too late as she had lung cancer a year and a half ago as you know. Thankfully it was miraculously healed by a blessing. I still marvel about that! I am grateful I never got into drugs or drink! Very difficult to get off those as well. Thankfully none of my children smoke! That is a blessing! xxoo

  3. Such a cute post..I don't find your parents look tired:) LOL..They look great!
    You may be just imagining it?:)
    I too smoked happy that's been a closed chapter for almost 100 yrs now..

    Vive l'aventure..
    I am a stick in the mud now me thinks.

  4. Life is an adventure Monique! I think my adventure days are about over as well with all of my health problems, but I like to dream about adventures. Today though the biggest adventure I go on is a trip to the shops! haha

    I am probably imagining them as being tired because I have been told my whole life what a miserable baby I was and how I did nothing but cry all the time!

    Hooray for us both being non-smokers! We did it! xxoo

  5. Life is an adventure and to me the every day joys that make it so wonderful are the best. Enthusiasm for what you do is what makes the difference I think. Hope you have a great day there !

  6. I think you are right Pam! Positivity and enthusiasm for life is the key! xxoo

  7. Awww! You look like your Dad Marie! I look like mine too. The picture of the lady smoking just cracked me up! I love sunflowers also. One year I tried going them here in Colorado (where thing don't grow well a lot of the time), and they took forever to grow. It was later in the season that it was in bloom. The one that did grow, that is. I wasn't a smoker other than the pack that I smoked at 14 years old. Never touched them again. So proud of you that later on you resist those cigs! :-)

  8. Valerie, I know nothing at all about Colorado! I need to read up on it I think! Would love to visit one day. Occasionally I will dream I am still smoking and it always distresses me because in reality I do not miss it at all. I hate the smell of it. Can't stand being around anyone who is smoking! Why the dreams? Who knows! Love ya! xxoo


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