Sunday, 20 July 2014

A quick ramble . . .

It rained off and on almost all of yesterday and today looks like we are going to get more of the same.   I don't mind the rain really.  Before I moved over here to the UK, rain meant I couldn't go anywhere or do anything, coz, well . . .  it was raining.   Now it doesn't bother me anymore.  If you let the rain keep you from doing things over here . . .  you'd never get much of anything done!  I have learned that we don't melt in the rain.  ☺

I hate spiders.   There is only one thing I hate more than spiders and that is daddy long legs, or crane flies.  They are like flying spiders to me.    Todd was putting together the wardrobe for the students room yesterday and I went upstairs to check on how it was going and noticed that he had his drill case sitting on MY bed.   I lifted it off and went to put it on the top of the low bookcase in the hall and noticed it had left all sorts of dirt on MY bedspread . . .  ugh . . .  but worse than that . . .  I immediately saw a spider scrambling away from where it had been hiding underneath it, and a bunch of dead spiders that had fallen off it and were laying on MY bed!

 Only a man would do something like this.  Put a dirty drill box that lives in a dirty shed smack dab in the middle of a clean bed!!  Argh!!  

I had to change my bed completely, and not just mine, but his too, because . . . they have to match you know!  Sigh . . . men ARE from Mars.  

I don't know why I was surprised however . . .  this is a man who in fourteen years has still not learned that any chocolate he finds tucked away in a cupboard isn't free for the taking.  It's my stash and you don't mess with a woman's chocolate do you?

But . . .  I forgive him.  ☺  He does ever so many more lovely things, it is easy to overlook the things that irritate me.   I know I do a lot of things that irritate him too.  Numero uno being front seat back seat driving.   He is always saying that he doesn't drive the car . . .  he just steers it.

 So I guess that kinda makes us even.

Pray for the love which allows you to see the good in your companion. Pray for the love that makes weaknesses and mistakes seem small. Pray for the love to make your companion’s joy your own. Pray for the love to want to lessen the load and soften the sorrows of your companion.
~Henry B Eyring    

I don't have a lot of time this morning.   I have overslept and was later than usual getting up.   Sunday mornings are usually a bit of a jumble for me because of church, so I do hope you will forgive me this short rambling post!    Besides I brought cookies . . .

 photo SAM_5993_zps0b84639e.jpg 

Baking in The English Kitchen today  . . .  Lunettes.   Delicious shortbread cookies with two eyes cut out and jam sandwiched in the middle.   Impossible to resist!

Have a wonderful Sabbath day!

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  1. Oh poor you and the spiders !! ON YOUR BED !! Yuck..I would have been screeming and running out of the room !! as for danny long legs..well like you that is my one really terrifying thing I cower like an idiot when they dare to comein..and I have even on occasions had to phone to Peter to come along and dispatch it !! Yesterday we ha dthe most torrential rain I have ever ever witnessed. even the gravel in the yard was floating ! that was the secnd sleepless night due to thunder and lighning storms..Have a lovely day xx

  2. Most of the time I cope with spiders. They are most unsatisfactory creatures. The huge monster shrivels to the size of driest sultana in death and no believes the size of the monster you have just faced.

    I severely dislike redback spiders. Horrible tiny red things with a red stripe on their back. They can make you very very ill and they love brick work and my laundry!

    Enjoy your day. Church was fun this morning. They decorated the place to resemble an old fashioned sailing ship. Youth church began today. Our building is beyond capacity so until the new building is around the youth are being transported to the local school. Our church building was the Queensland pavilion at Expo 88. Sometimes at 10 am there are more than 2000 in the place and there is no room to spare.

  3. I know Sybil! I had to change it because I would never have been able to sleep in it otherwise, for fear one had gotten into it! UGH! I HATE SPIDERS! The sun has decided to shine now. I hope it isn't humid because of all the rain!

    Suzan, you have such dangerous bugs and animals in OZ. I have been watching a program where this comic from the UK is riding his bicycle up from Sydney to Brisbane? At least I think it is Brisbane, whatever it is, he is in Queensland. Scary stuff! xxoo

  4. Now don't scare me. You are talking about my home town…….I think they over do it a little Marie. Although I do know a woman who has dead straight lines of snakes that sun themselves in her yard. Many not just one. YIKES. I will never go there.

  5. Sorry about that Suzan! Although I have heard it said that in Oz you are never more than 200 feet away from something that can kill you! xxoo

  6. It seems to be the time of year for spiders. I've noticed more and more webs popping up around here and some in strange places too. They always give me a creepy feeling and I hate running into them. Looks like a rainy day here too. Hope you do have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. Okay I am crawling into my bed with Nimbus for protection.

  8. Sorry about that Suzan! I was only saying what I had heard. You've lived in Oz your whole life so it can't be as bad as they say!

    I get my fear and dislike of spiders from my mom Pam! I don't like their webs either, but I know they are necessary and have read that if we destroyed all the spiders on the earth we would also die! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday as well! xxoo

  9. Love all your Frozen ..s:)
    last night Max and Oli put on a show..and 2 songs from Frozen were featured:)
    Have a great Sunday.

  10. Frozen is my favourite movie Monique! I know all the words to the song! I would LOVE to have one of their dolls. It's on my wish list. I don't think Todd is paying attention though! lol

  11. Oh my! Yuck! I don't like spiders either, but most especially don't like them in my BED! =( Poor you! Your pictures made me chuckle my little girl likes Frozen. Those expressions are too funny. Hope you have a spider free week. =) Those cookies look very yummy!
    Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  12. Thanks so much Valerie! Last night when I was getting ready for bed, right behind the bedroom door there was a HUGE daddy Long legs on the wall. My knight in shining armor had to come and scoop it off and get rid of it. *shudder* I am so glad that I saw it when I did, who knows where it would have travelled once the lights went out! Yikes!

  13. Oh I would be upset if my hubby left spiders on my bed. I hate them too. I loved your thoughts; you are such a fun writer. You amaze me with all of your talents. Lots of smiles on this one and I needed the smiles today.
    Blessings to you dear friend and hugs too!

  14. Why thank you LeAnn! I will take that as a real compliment! YOu, too, are a beautiful writer. I love reading your page. Hugs to you! Glad I was able to give you a smile or two! xxoo


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