Wednesday, 25 November 2015

There's no Place Like Gnome

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Just this past summer a friend of mine had cause to cut down a rather large tree which wasn't doing well in her back garden.  Rather then pull it all out of the ground, she turned what was a tragedy into something spectacuarl  A Gnome Home.  She hired a tree carver to come and turn her leftover stump into a delightful garden feature which I find quite fascinating and compelling . . .

But then . . .  I love the thought of tiny worlds tucked away in trees and roots . . .

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This morning I watched a delightful little film about small gnome homes, complete with colorful wooden doors with complex detailing, just appearing overnight on the Tomahawk Creek Trail in Kansas City, USA.  This was some time ago, and the houses have all sadly been removed since then, but you can watch the film here.  It is about seventeen minutes long, but well worth the watch in happy feelings, warm tingly hearts and sweet ssweet smiles.

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I don't know what it is about these tiny spaces that trigger such feelings in me.   I find them totally enthralling . . .  I could spend hours looking at them, and the child in  me longs to have a mousehole in one of my walls, or a fairy house tucked under the hedge in the back garden . . .

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Imagine looking inside and finding a charming miniature world . . .

 oh the mind could fly away on flights of fancy couldn't it?   I wonder who lives there  . . .

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 I think you could use just about anything to make a gnome home, and some people do.  Isn't this fascinating?

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Or how about this???  In a baby food jar . . .  to hold candles.  I could find no source, but it is sweet, sweet, sweet . . .  and those toadstool polka dots are tweaking my heart strings . . .

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 Of course such homes are not limited to gnomes . . .  plenty of mice live in them too and I think this one is totally deligtful!  No source again, but  . . .  wow.

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 And then there are people who don't like to limit their dreams and fascinations and actually live in life sized gnome homes . . .  sigh . . .

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 Can you imagine?  I would love to see indoors . . .

I'm not really here today.  We are in Manchester for a special Thanksgiving meeting for the Missionaries.   I'll be back and writing in real time tomorrow.  In the meantime . . .

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 I left something tasty for you over in the kitchen.  

Have a great day.  Don't forget . . .

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And I do too!


  1. Marie I was in Hobbiton a few weeks ago. I saw the green doored home in real life. The town covers a small hill and the detail is astounding. However there are no rooms behind the doors. I thought I wanted to live in one until I saw the little stone cottage in today's post.

    God bless your day and may you have an amazing day.

  2. Those homes are facilitation and do cause ones imagination to run wild. Hope your day is a wonderful one. We celebrate Thanksgiving here tomorrow.

  3. Loveee...Our fairies and houses and gnomes get quite beaten up as you know w/ our climate..arms are broken etc..even with snowbirding them to the potting shed..I love them all:)

  4. How fascinating Suzan, but how sad that there is nothing behind the green door. Now that would be a real money spiner I think if you could actually go inside and have a cuppa and a natter! xoxo

    We are actually celebrating our real Thanksgiving tomorrow too Pam, but due to the size of the number of Missionaries serving here, they break the group up into two lots and half of us were there today with the other half going tomorrow. It is fun to be with all those fabulous youngsters! xoxo

    I think they get even lovelier for being beat up a bit Monique! There is nothing like a much loved garden fairy house or fairy. Mine are looking pretty decrepit too! But there is still a lot of spark in them to love! xoxo

  5. Well you and I both love love our little fairies and Elfs etc...I too would love to have a garden full of wee houses for gnomes etc. lOL...what a pair we are ....I expect you have read the Borrowers stories and watched the TV series ?..I loved that. When my Gaddaughter Jacqueline was a wee girl I used to buy her the Borrowers series of comics and sent them every week down to her and of course Beth, although Jacqueline was the dreamer..bit like me !!
    Hope you had a good day at Manchester. Look forward to hearing about it tomorrow....

  6. Oh, my gosh this was a cute one. I loved all the photos and thoughts. Sending love and hugs your way~

  7. Sybil, we are two peas in a pod!! Love you to bits! xoxo

    Thanks LeAnn! Love and hugs and Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and Roger! xoxo


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