Friday, 12 September 2014

Friday Finds

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  A few of the wow moments, or things I discover each week that tickle my fancy.  I hope that they may inspire or tickle yours too! 

What a unique and incredible gift to make for some one who loves tea or herbal teas.  It's a tea wreath.  There is a complete tutorial on Kojo Designs.  It's simple and easy to make and a gift you can really personalize! 

 I've heard of cookie mixes in jars, but this is a Quick Bread in a bottle.  What a marvelous idea from Sunset Magazine.  I love it.

From Craftiness is Not Optional, a lovely little key fob tutorial, using up your fabric scraps.  These are so cute and what a great little gift to make for someone that you can totally personalize!

 Quick and easy ways to dress up jars for gifts from Martha Stewart.  Such a simple concept and yet I had never thought of it.  Leave it to Martha!

I love these quick sew Potluck Companions from Hancock Fabrics, Crafts and More.   I am always scrambling at the last minute when I am going to a covered dish affair to find a way to transport my casserole or salad safely.  It's not a free pattern, but it's a nice pattern!  

DIY Re-usuable towels that you can use, wash and then snap back into place.  I love this concept.  Better for the environment, and so colourful.  I couldn't find a source or a tutorial, but they look fairly easy to make.   Cotton toweling on oen side, fabric on the other, snaps to hold them together. 

 I love these cute little birds nest pins made from felted wool.   No source of instructions once again, but they look quite easy to make.   Simply cut a large circle from felted wool and then cut into a spiral and coil and secure.   Drop some felted balls in the middle.  You can pick them up in all sizes and colours at craft stores and then some wool felt leaves on the back and sew on a pin backing.  Cute! 

 I tried really hard to find a source for this lamp shade also today, but to no avail. I love it however.  How very unique and interesting.   Fabric birds appliqued onto the lamp shade  . . .  they are standing on twine.   Once again, how cute!  

 Paper Hot Air Balloons.  What a cute idea for a mobile!  Now this has the instructions.  I found it on  Paper Matrix.   Genius! 

A simple tutorial on how to emboss a metal altoid tin.   Easy peasy.   So cute.   I love tiny tins don't you?   Found on Craft Stylish.  

Well, I am not sure that I found anything all that interesting this week, but hopefully you'll find something there that strikes your fancy or inspires you to want to make something for yourself!  I am always amazed at the craftiness of others!  Seriously! 

 My sister and I have always been interested in nature, birdwatching, etc.   This is a photo she captured of their resident chipmunk coming out of his little house.  Isn't he cute? 


And this is a Blue Jay she's been feeding peanuts.   Jays are quite friendly and very cocky.  We have Blue Jays here in the UK, but they look totally different.  Ours here are mostly grey but with some blue banding on their wings. 

Anyways, that's it for this Friday.   I shall leave you with a thought and then be on my way!  The Missionary Sisters are coming over to do some yard service for us today. 


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In The English Kitchen today . . .  French Onion Panini.  Quite simply delicious!

═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════ ⊰✿░L░O░V░E⊰✿⊰✿⊰✿⊰✿⊰✿⊰░Y░O░U░⊰✿
═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════       

Have a wonderful Friday!!


  1. As always great ideas Marie. I liked the idea of the little "hot air balloons" must look that one up. That's what I enjoy about your "finds" I can pop in and out to see what else I want to check out as the week passes...Enjoy having the sisters today...God Bless xx

  2. Marie, Mel of Day to Day is running a Christmas ideas Thursday. May I post this weeks ideas post, as a link, on her blog?

    These are such sweet ideas and some are so very simple. I love them. I am sending you a copy of my daily update in a Facebook post.

    Have a blessed day.

  3. Thanks Sybil! I am happy that you have found something useful here! I never know if these things are appealing just to me or not! I definitely want to try to make one of those paper hot air balloons myself! xxoo

    Feel free to share Suzan! No worries about that! I will pop onto facebook and read about your day! xxoo

  4. Hi, Marie! So good to catch up with you here this week. I'm slow to be in touch... I had an accident in the kitchen. Avocado pit + knife = OUCH! You get the idea.. LOL! So it's one-handed everything at the moment. LOVE the tea wreath! And the eco-friendly towels--wonderful idea! I've tried a few reusable solutions for paper towels, but still seen to come back to buying paper towels. :o/ Happy weekend to all of you there! ((LOVE & BIG HUGS))

  5. I love the wreath with the tea bags. Always something someone thinks up that I would have never thought of . Clever too the hand towels. I will probably never take the time to put together something like that but I do use clothes for wiping up more than paper. It's easy to wash them along with the towels. How nice you have some help coming with the yard work. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  6. The felted pin:)

    Such cute things again Marie..
    have a lovely day!

  7. Ouch Tracy! so sorry you injured yourself. No fun! I always use cloths to wipe up spills too, the paper towels usually only get used for other things. Have a great weekend!

    I loved the tea bag wreath as well Pam! It's a really cute idea!

    Thanks Monique!

    Happy day to you all! xxoo

  8. I always enjoy your Friday Finds. Most of these would make great Christmas gifts. I especially loved the one with the mix in the Milk type bottles.
    I received your awesome cards today and am thrilled with them. Thank you dear friend for these; I just love your art.
    Blessings and hugs!

  9. That is one of my favourites too LeAnn! I am so relieved that you got the cards and that you like them. I was starting to get worried! xxoo

  10. That is one of my favourites too LeAnn! I am so relieved that you got the cards and that you like them. I was starting to get worried! xxoo


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