Friday, 5 May 2017

My Friday Finds . . .

A few of the things I find each week that pique my interest and inspire me.  I hope they do the same for you.


 Blissed Hub.  These mini pinatas are so cute!  And they look very easy to make.

 One Little Project.  How to make Paper Hyacinths. They look easy enough!

 The House that Lars Built.  Flying Bird Gift Toppers.  Nice! Free Template that you can individualise to your own tastes.


Some inspiration. No instructions.  But delightful.  Mini Accordian Books.  Sketchbook Wandering. Love these.

 Grown Up Booties.  Ravelry by Ysolda Teague.  Love these. There is a small charge for the pattern.

Sindy Doll . . .  oh how I wanted one of these when I was a girl.  One of my classmates in Grade Three had one, and it had a real locket.  How I coveted it.  Now back to our regular programing . . . 

My List of Lists.  8 Genius hacks for the car.  I would  never have thought of some of these! 

 Crochet and Fabric Blanket.  I love the vintage look of this.  From The Green Dragonfly.


 Here is a tutorial for something very similar. 

 Annie's Place.  A new blog I discovered.  Be inspired.  I love this page.

 Quilted Mug Rugs.  From Val Laird.

 More Free Patterns from Country Lane Quilts. 


I could not find a source for these, but they look easy enough to make.  Just using a cheap dollar store solar light and some painted plant pots. 

 This however, I did find a tutorial for.  From Empress of Dirt. 

Recycled Golf Balls.  From Craft Ideas 2 Live 4.

And that's it for this week.  I hope you found something of interest here. 

Yesterday was the first day in months that I went upstairs in the afternoon and tried to create something.  I just couldn't settle.   It was kind of scary.  Nothing came to me.  I think I am losing my artistic MoJo.   I hope not, but you have heard of writer's block?  Well, I had artist's block and it didn't feel good at all  . . . do you think I could be depressed?  Its not like I don't have lots to look forward to and lots to inspire and uplift me.   I am feeling a bit out of sorts but cannot put a finger on it  . . . its okay though, I usually am able to shake off the funk rather quickly.

A thought to carry with you through today  . . .

.° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★

 *.˛.° ˛°. . 
˛If you wouldn't say it to a friend,
Don't say it to yourself.
~Jane Travis   .° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •

Spiritual Enlightenment  


In The English Kitchen today  . . . Pork Chops & Mushroom Gravy. 

Have a great Friday.  Be happy and don't forget!

═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════ ⊰✿░G░O░D⊰✿⊰L░O░V░E░S⊰✿⊰░Y░O░U░⊰✿
═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

And I do too!


  1. Oh Darling Marie you have had some hectic times of late. Give yourself some peace, grace and space. Bring a pencil and a book with you and doodle/ Just enjoy.

    We are home safe and sound. God bless everyone.

  2. Hi, Marie! So much fun with paper today! Those paper hyacinths are especially pretty--what a pretty idea! And what a lovely blanket-with the fabric/quilting & crochet combined! Golf balls turned into garden friend--so clever! Artist's block is a VERY real thing, and I think now matter what creative genre, we all experience is sometimes--even for just short times. It can be scary though, especially when one is very active in making/creating something every day. But you've had a LOT going on lately, and it could be you just need to process things, and just be where you are... The creative mojo will come back. It usually does! Time in prayer with it helps too. ;) Maybe God is preparing you for something new, and this is some breathing pace before you begin... so maybe see it as a rest. :) LOVE YOU!! ((BIG HUGS))

  3. I do have a small nook here at my new home for crafting. Right now everything is a bit of a jumble, but it's on my list to do next. It will feel good to be able to get back to creating something...anything. All this moving and getting has quite unsettled me for sure.

  4. Oh dear Marie, it's not like you not to be able to sit down and find inspiration...however I think it's perhaps just a time to try to settle down for a complete rest from artistic things and even writing ( except blogging !) have had an awful lot on your mind these last few months what with Todds hospital visits, yourself not being that well either, then our visitors coming, I know we loved it but maybe we just try too hard and now that they have gone and Todd is hopefully feeling better it's time just to sit and enjoy the silence...please take care of yourself. When is it that your daughter is coming over ? You want to be fit and on the move when she arrives....God Bless xxx

  5. I might have gotten to know you over the years..we all have this Marie..and I can alomost guarantee it will pass..

    you have had SOOOOOOO much going on..

    for a looong time..Super highs and super lows..

    super busy..

    super everything..

    your Mojo is resting my dear..just resting..

    I loved Rita's little books so much..I finally tried my humble hand at 2..

    I had bookmarked tutorials and never got to them..I love hers w/ her trademark popups:)

    How about that fabric and crochet blanket?♥

  6. Dear Marie, you've had so much happening emotionally and physicality. When you settle, I am sure that your Mojo will return.

    Sending you my love and prayers. Xx

  7. Thanks all, I don't think it helps that I have this knee problem at the moment and I have discovered that a stalker who I thought had forgotten all about me has cropped up again. Scary stuff. Maybe I just need to create different things. We will see! Love you all and apologise for the group comment, but my knee makes it hard for me to sit at the computer for very long. Love you guys! All of you! xoxo


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