Saturday, 22 October 2016

A lot about nothing . . .

Do you ever have house/blog envy . . .  that little green monster that makes a person look at all the beautifully decorated homes you see on Pinterest, television, etc. and feel like your house/home/life is not quite so nice, and somewhat lacking???

Don't get me wrong . . .  I love my little house and I really am quite happy with it, but the wealth of  inspiration that is available on the internet and the television and other media, and the glimpses we get into other people's lives can  sometime make us wish for a tiny bit more . . .  make me wish for a tiny bit more.

More space.   More money.  More time to make my house look as nice as some of the others I see out there.  I don't really think I am alone in that, do you?


I know its wrong.  Envy is one of the seven deadly sins after all  . . . and that is when I need to sit down and think about all the things I love about my little house, and my life that make it . . .  for me . . .  a home sweet home, and a beautiful life.


First of all . . .  the love within its walls.  That is a major plus.  Todd and Mitzie and our wee fishes.  I am so blessed to have a husband who loves me as much as Todd does and a fur baby who is so loyal and loving as well.

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So many people spend their lives searching for even a small portion of what I have and never find it.  I am so very blessed.  Imagine  . . .  I get to spend each day with this fabulous man.    I spent a lifetime looking for him.  I am so happy I found him . . .  He is just my cup of tea.


I love, love, LOVE our new Electric Fire.  It is a bazillion times more attractive than the one that was there before.  And it was cheap, cheap, cheap . . .  but it makes our lounge seem all cosy, cosy at night, even if we don't have the heat part of it on . . . just the flame light . . .

  photo SAM_4654_zps85947d1f.jpg

I love my workspace up in the craft room.  At least I do when it is organized and tidy.   It never stays that way for very long.

 photo SAM_4655_zps5b7e1eaa.jpg

I usually mess it up in some way, especially if I am working on something . . . but then an untidy work top is a sign that I am feeling inspired and in the depths of creation.  That makes me happy.

 photo craftroom.jpg

It doesn't take very long for me to mess it all up again.  I think most artsy craftsy people are the same.

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I love our kitchen, the way I have it sorted now.  I don't think it will ever be quite large enough.  but I kind of think that even if it was the largest kitchen in the world, I would somehow find a way to overfill it.

 photo DSCN5887_zps7atchap5.jpg

I love my tea cosy . . .  even if I don't drink tea.  Just the sight of it makes me smile.

I love my sideboard . . .

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I love this little face that pops up everywhere.

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I love the butterflies which visit our garden in the summer time  . . .

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I love my Christmas tree at Christmas time  . . .

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I love our little life  . . .

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The camelia bush outside our front door that blossoms every spring  . . .  the buds are already forming for next year.

And so, so, sooooooo much more.

I think it is easy sometimes to look at the small glimpses that people give us into their lives and their homes and to feel a bit envious of what we see.  But then again  . . .  we don't really see the whole picture do we???  We only see what they want us to see, when they want us to see it.  I doubt that the Pioneer Woman's home always looks so put together, and I bet even she doesn't always look so put together.  Heck, I bet even Susan Branch's house can get messy from time to time.   We don't get to see the messy stuff.  Just the good stuff.

Even I have been guilty of that.

Nobody ever sees the laundry rack that is permanently filled with drying laundry and standing just outside our kitchen door in the dining area of the lounge.  There's just nowhere else to put it.  Or about a bazillion other things that are out of place.  You only see what I want you to see and everything at its best.

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I guess it is all just a matter of perspective.

A thought to carry with you through today . . .

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Its a picture one . . .

 photo DSCN9384_zpsuoetbcxn.jpg

In The English Kitchen today there is Halloween Bark!  Simple to make and a lot of fun!

Have a fabulous Saturday whatever you get up to!  Be happy, stay safe and don't forget  . . .

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And I do too!!


  1. Good morning Marie. I could easily have house envy. I know what I would like and perhaps one day I shall. I really don't want that much now.

    I keep wondering how about Todd. Is he okay?

    Lots of love and God bless.

  2. Counting the blessing you have does make one realize how much we already have to be thankful for. I have way too much here for one person and am downsizing to another place at some point, I'm giving away lots and lots and trying to keep only the necessities. I had a craft room loaded with items and much of that will be donated too. The difficulty lies in what to keep and what to give away. I will not have the room wherever I go that I have now.

  3. We are still playing the waiting game Suzan. He has a scan on Monday and then his bi-opsy will be on Wednesday, and then we will wait some more to see what is what. Prayers are still very much appreciated! Love and hugs. xoxo

    Downsizing is so hard Pam! I have so much craft stuff and I really need to just get rid of it. But I hate to throw it away and finding someone who wants it is difficult. Perhaps a school? I don't know. Getting older comes with its own types of challenges, other than health ones! Have a super Saturday! xoxo

  4. Blog envy..I'll be as honest as I can..I have blog envy when I see the look of a blog I love..larger photos..WordPress I think they are..but I almost feel I owe Blogger :) For all the pleasure of blogging without having all the knowledge of HTML blablabla..Word press is harder I think..and I have lost some of the bloggers I followed..can't find their blogs after the switch..
    so that's my blog envy..
    Apart from that I can look at Manger like I just did..and it's beautiful and her children are beautiful..her home..all old world charm..with amazing photos her husband takes..there is no way I will be that age again with so many children in a French farmhouse w/ that I love seeing..but not envious..I do think though:"wow..amazing..out of this wordly world.."

    Then there are blogs that always show..fancy beautiful parts of their home..and I find it is too much because not everyone has all that and it can make people feel bad:(

    Then many luxury would have to be a billionaire to stay in places like that.

    Again..what about Mr and Mrs normal?

    Sometimes I think..blogging is bragging in a way..and I hate when that feeling creeps up on me..because isn't tat a bit of what I am doing? showing our fall trees r new cookie cutters etc?
    I hope you get my thoughts Marie..
    all this to are in our own person..our homes..have flaws..and we are not showing it.
    I know that I keep some things close to my heart so I am certainly not 100% true on my little blog.
    Take Posy gets Cozy...I never get t he feeling she is bragging:) It's all beautiful and sweet and Amelia:) I feel she shares..not brags.

    Keep loving your life..and never stop being honest.:)

  5. Monique, I love LOVE your comment! It is so honest and explains what I was trying to say, even better than I said it! It is so easy to look at these things and feel like you are falling short, but we must dwell on the positive of our own little worlds. I love your page. It never feels like you are bragging, just like you are sharing what is good and blessing others with a portion of your joy. Like Amelia. I never feel like she is bragging either. But there are others who are always taking trips, etc. live the high life and I feel like are always tooting their own horns, and saying look at me, look at what I have, what I've done etc. If I share any accomplishments, it because I am so darned happy it spills over. Never to brag. I think sometimes it is easy to make it look easy when you have the money to spend on having your page specially designed etc. I looked into that once upon a time and it was big, big bucks, like over $1,000. This is my hobby and I love it and I will do it as long as I love it, and for no other reason. Same with the food blog. I do confess I love the little things I am sent, and truth be told, I give most of them away after I have used/written about them because I don't really need them, but they are fun to try and to write about. I love my life with all of its bumps and lumps. Oh sure, I would love a few things to be different, but who wouldn't! Like you, I try keep it as real as I can. haha We are so much alike, its almost scary! xoxo

  6. Thanks, Marie. I really needed this post today. As life's challenges come at us, we sometimes forget how much we truly have been blessed with. You have a lovely home and family. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspiring me to be better! Have a good weekend!

  7. Thanks Deb! I hope you have a great weekend also! It's our Stake Conference! Xoxo

  8. You made me smile and feel that..all I what I have..true love wise:) And material wise..
    Sometimes..I cannot even comment on certain posts..because..well it's all about aquisitions.....
    I am as guilty as the share..and maybe too much..but I want people to know it's out there and can be done:)
    But when I see B and Bs and hotels..that are for royalty..I think..we are so different.

  9. Oh, I do miss reading your posts. We get so busy on our mission that I don't have time to keep up with everyone You are such a favorite friend. I loved this sweet post. You have such a grateful heart that shows through this one. I loved the photos of Todd and Mitzie.
    I really like your fireplace, kitchen and craft room. It all looks so cosy and nice. We had a big beautiful home once upon a time and now we downsized. I don't miss cleaning the big one; but I do miss the kitchen and other fun rooms. We had it when we needed the room with our younger children.
    I agree we usually see the best sides of people that show us their homes and etc. I am sure the have messy days.
    I loved all the photos of the things you love.
    sending big hugs your way!

  10. I LOVE all that you share Monique! I never ever feel like you are bragging about anything. Your sweet spirit always comes through in every post. I know what you mean about the hotels. When I see some of them I think I would have to purchase a whole new wardrobe of clothing just to walk into the lobbies lol! xoxo

    Thanks LeAnn! I wouldn't miss cleaning a big house either. I have a friend who lives in Cardston, just she and her husband now and her house is HUGE and a big albatross around her neck when it comes to cleaning. Wouldn't have it for the world! xoxo


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