Thursday, 1 May 2014

Time out in "It's a Wonderful Place"

 photo 67239bcf869eae8f5faa7ae84201b820_zps2302de4c.jpg

Sometimes I like to play make-believe.  And in my make-believe . . .  I always live in my own little cottage at the end of a winding road, smack dab  in the middle of "It's a Wonderful Place."

 photo adf23ab1c70a7a9fb4291f8610d8b8ac_zps203d7691.jpg

All the windows and doors would be festooned with climbing roses and vines . . .  so inviting.   Passer's by would fall in love at first glance and wish that they could live there too.

 photo b14b3791972572e482c65b6195447b34_zps4ed12788.jpg

"Come on in I would say," as I took my wellies off and stood them by the back door.   "I've just been to the garden and picked us a feast.  Come . . .  sit . . .  stay a while."

 photo b9fde3fa79750fad7bc6ef9cc06e5483_zps4a26519d.jpg

And into the kitchen we would go.   The kettle would be boiling and I'd brew us up a nice hot cup of something refreshing and invigorating . . . perhaps some Lemon Balm Tea, using the leaves of lemon balm, picked fresh from the garden today.  

 photo 416677c592fe2105335af3b433f141a4_zps5aebbf22.jpg

And we would chat as we sat at my well worn table and nibbled on fresh and crumbly rock cakes and sweet berries, washed down with hot cups of tea . . .  while golden sunlight filtered through my lace curtained windows, bathing all in it's warm sweet light . . . 

 photo 27051742aab2b685dedc3b7358d2db48_zps2def0221.jpg

I'm sorry my petite Minette . . .  no rock cakes for you, but perhaps a bowl of cream later on if you are a very, very good girl . . .   your charms will not get you very far . . .

oh go on then, but just a smidgen . . .  a tiny crumb . . .

 photo 666127945bf64e486e8346ca148e3c34_zps7e4987ad.jpg

Perhaps you would love to come out into my garden for a little wander about . . .  just to see what we've been working on?   Come . . . let us burn off some of the calories from those lovely rockcakes . . .

 photo 0c7191e54639e9e5aaa48d6ffa8897dd_zps8a27f2a9.jpg

Yes . . . you can come too, but do behave like the lady that I know you are and can be . . . 

How can I resist those little baby blues . . . tis impossible to do.   Could you?

 photo a5b2d72ae95a21f3d451fc7083de5dc0_zpsb744b9ec.jpg

The garden is doing very well this year . . .  it is filled to overflowing with lots of greenery and beautiful blooms.  Perfect for cutting and placing into the many vases I keep around the cottage, bringing a just bit of the outdoors in . . .  for all to enjoy . . .

 photo 84979cfa1e6f3e7c28fd38d6946e3ee0_zps52e09d99.jpg

Don't you just love the smell of laundry that has been hung out on the line?   Me too . . .  me too . . .

 photo 4df64429570c4b5a307b01cc8a5e91a7_zpsda2aa086.jpg

Every corner delights and invites . . .

 photo e5d673f1a7bb154836d731a30e329866_zpsb083725c.jpg

There is a space for everyone and everything in my garden . . . little welcoming spots, small havens, for all creatures great and small . . .

 photo tumblr_mlxevnMQNz1reuu7no1_250_zpsccdf508d.png

They all have their individual charms and give back far more than they take.   Joy.

 photo 8aab3b6cb5532e219b2dfd443434963d_zps8794a9c0.jpg

We wander and we chatter away for so long . . .  embracing the peace and the beauty of this day . . . that before we know it, the sun begins to sink in the sky.  Won't you stay for some supper I ask . . . and perhaps for the night?   How can you resist such an invitation.  You cannot of course . . . 

How could YOU ever put me out.  Tis impossible, truly impossible.  Me Casa Sous Casa . . .

 photo 634305627130717a3e95ac35bc40087e_zpse66cdf31.jpg

And we wander back through the trees . . . Todd has so kindly lit our way ahead of us.  No worries, they will burn themselves out before the morning comes.  No harm is done . . .  just magic.

 photo f7543562ab1b8a6a3f62531949071df1_zpse03631f7.jpg

At "It's a Wonderful Place," the evenings can get quite chilly oftimes.   That's because we like to sup by firelight . . .  the smell of burning applewood encircling the room, cosying it up . . . supping on a fine repast to the snap and crackle of the logs in the grate . . . soup and bread . . .  and cheese for afters . . .

 photo 7a20fe15691d4d023380519c28f954e7_zpsfae5cb32.jpg

And then a relax and a chat in a big comfy chair . . . an evening spent in quiet and genteel conversation . . .

It's amazing how tired spending an afternoon out of doors wandering makes you . . . which room would you like to retire in for the night?  

 photo 33efeaa88bf731640e4c1a59bb0ddc0d_zps32ae7164.jpg 

The rose room is quite cosy with a big fluffy bed . . .

 photo 51920524473f4f2f58fab31cb3599564_zps358eea81.jpg

Then again, all the rooms are cosy and inviting.   This is my dream cottage after all . . .

 photo tumblr_n17e3263DB1t1jktxo1_250_zps740947dd.jpg

Shooo  . . . shooo . . .  Minou . . .  it's not for you!

I hope you sleep well . . .  guess what's for breakfast?

Lemon Curd Stuffed French Toast . . .  with fresh berries.  

Nighty night.   Sleep tight.

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  1. It sounds idyllic, and I love the pictures that accompany this post.

  2. Thanks Tracey. It was a bit idyllic but fun to imagine. xx

  3. I want to live in the cottage next door Marie, it's all so beautiful! Much love xxx

  4. Marie....I could live in these homes and rooms...I have these dreams also.

  5. I would gladly join you there in a cottage like that. I love my home and the little garden space I have, but to be in the country would be my dream. Here we are very close to neighbors and I'd love a little more space but then at my age I wouldn't be able to take care of it all, but it's always nice to dream.

  6. What a special picture you paint. Thank you.

  7. Thanks everyone. It never hurts to dream a little dream. Sorry I have been away today and haven't had time to respond to each comment individually. I am home now, and tired, but grateful for the day I have had and for all of you. xxoo

  8. As always just a lovely dream I will be going to bed soon, and I can lie dreaming about my dream house !!
    Thank you as always xxxx
    God Bless x


  9. Marie thanks for the invite. What a wonderful visit I had. Such a good night sleep and what a breakfast. I just hope that I can come again.((HUGS))

  10. Thank you Sybil and Cathy Jo. You know you would be welcome any time! xxoo

  11. The breakfast sounds so yummy. I would really like to make a visit to your dream cottage. I wonder if we were born too late. I want to go back to the simpler times. I loved the 50's and 60's. Life now is just too complicated for me. Oh, well I will make the best of it. I loved being at your cottage today.
    Blessings for some very sweet feelings.
    Love, hugs and blessings for you!

  12. Thanks LeAnn, same to you and yours. xxoo


Your comments mean the world to me, and while I may not be able to address each one individually, each one is important to me and each one counts. Thanks so much!