Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sunday thoughts . . .

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Why things happen as they do
we do not always know,
And we cannot always fathom
why our spirits sink so low.
We flounder in our dark distress,
we are wavering and unstable,
But when we're most inadequate,
The Lord God's always able . . .

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For though we are incapable,
God's powerful and great,
And there's no darkness of the mind
God cannot penetrate . . .
And all that is required of us
whenever things go wrong
Is to trust in God implicitly
with a faith that's deep and strong . . .

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And while He may not instantly
unravel all the strands
Of the tangled thoughts that trouble us,
He completely understands . . .
And in His time, if we have faith,
He will gradually restore
The brightness to our spirits
that we've been longing for . . .
So remember there's no cloud too dark
for God's light to penetrate
If we keep on believing
and have faith enough to wait.
~Helen Steiner Rice

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I thank you all so very much for your kind comments, thoughts and prayers.   The worst is yet to come.  Tomorrow my DIL will go into hospital to deliver their child, knowing it has already passed.  They will especially need our prayers and love tomorrow as it will be so very heart breaking for them . . .  and in the days to come.

It's difficult to understand why these things happen, but they do.  We may never understand them on this side of the veil, but I do trust in a Heavenly Father who cares about me by name and who loves me personally, as He does each of us.  I got a letter from President Uchtdorf, who is a counsellor to the President of my church, a couple of years ago.   In his very last few sentences to me, he told me that my Heavenly Father loved me very much and was mindful of the desires of my heart.  Every so often I take that letter out and I read it again, and I remind myself that this was an apostle of the Lord telling me these things . . .  and I take great comfort in his kind words.

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I have experienced many sorrows in my life, and heartache too . . .  as well as many, many blessings and incredible joy.  I have never had to do what my DIL is going to have to do tomorrow and my heart aches for it all and for them . . .  I wish that I could wave a magic wand over them and make it all better, but I can't.   But this I know to be true . . .  above all else . . . it is when we feel the furthest away from God that He is the closest to us . . . we sometimes have a difficult time feeling His presence when we are floundering around in the dark . . .  our vision may be clouded by tears and pain . . . and our lack of understanding . . .

Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?
~Psalm 56:8

He collects our tears and saves them in a bottle . . .  He matches them with His own.  He loves and cares for us in a perfect and unimaginable way.  In this sweet knowledge I trust and place my faith.  And I will try to have faith enough for all of us . . .  because sometimes that's what you have to do when another's cross becomes too heavy for them to carry . . .  and the way that we do that is by prayerfully loving them and helping them in whatever way that we are able to . . .

On the good news front . . .

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This is the cover of the new CD that Ooh La La Creations has made with my artwork for crafters.    It's going to be on Thursday the 29th of May at 3:00 PM on the following channels:

Sky 671
Freeview 36
Virgin  748
Freesat 813

I hope that it does well.  I have all of my fingers and toes crossed.

And that's that for today.  Once again I thank you all so very much for all of your support and love.

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Cooking in The English Kitchen today  . . .  Crumpet BLT's.  

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I hope that you have a truly blessed Sabbath day . . . 


  1. good morning Marie, i am especially thinking of your dear DIL and Son today. How well i remember a very similat situation when my sister Margaret's baby girl died before she was able to come into our is an awful time...So feel especially for you ALL...Hope that you may get to church today where you will be surrounded by all those who love you and where you can find even more peace...God Bless much love wining it's way xxx

  2. I have known people who have been through this but have never walked the path myself. I will hold you close in prayer. Love to you.

  3. I will continue to pray for them as they go through this sorrowful time in their lives. I have been there and have empathy with them. Thankfully, at the time I had 7 wonderful children to return home to and it was mothers day and they all had their special homemade cards and gifts waiting for me. I continue to count my many blessings every day. Congrats on having your art work featured !

  4. I remember that day all too well also.. o be sent home with the bad news..and to have to go back:(

    We went and we were very sad..
    I had never experienced this either..
    I am thinking of them..

  5. Thank you all so very much my dear friends for you comforting words and prayers. God is good. I know this to be true. We will get through this. xxoo

  6. Happened to us, Marie. A little granddaughter at 38 weeks.
    Thinking of you all.
    Bunny xx

  7. So sorry Bunny, very sad it is. Thanks for your thoughts. xxoo


  8. I'm always praying for you and yours and will keep it up.And ('ve been there also....God Bless. (HUGS)

  9. Oh Marie, what a heart breaking time for you all. My first baby died several hours after being born and although it was nearly forty years ago it still hurts. Why these things happen I don't know but I'm sure we'll find out in the fullness of time. Sending you all lots of love and prayers for what is going to be a difficult time ahead, but, as you know God is good and you will all come through this even stronger. Much love xxxx

  10. I just stumbled across your very lovely, lovely blog tonight. What a heartbreaking post this is. My heart just aches for you all. I lost a baby at nearly 6 months pregnant almost 20 years ago...and it still hurts my heart to think of it. I have some dear friends who have been through this recently too. Sending much love and care and sympathy tonight. May God wrap his loving arms around you all. When our hearts are heavy burdened and we cannot understand, what we have no power over, leave it all in Jesus' hands. Hugs and many prayers, a new follower, Valerie

  11. Thank you so much Cathy Jo, Kate and Valerie. You are all so very kind and your thoughts and prayers so very much appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xxoo

    Valerie, welcome to my page. I am glad you came. I hope you are able to find much more joy here than anything sad. Normally there is a lot of joy. xxoo


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