Thursday, 15 May 2014

Five more things about me

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I have enjoyed sharing little snippets about me with you these past couple of weeks, so thought today I would do another five things about me post.  I suppose eventually I will run out of things to share, but until then, here's another five things about me . . .

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I love Barbie Dolls.   I have been in love with them since I was a little girl.  I always only had a Barbie.  I didn't have Skipper or Midge or Ken or any of the others, only Barbie.  I saved up to buy my very own Barbie Doll with the money I earned cleaning those telephone booths I told you about in an earlier post.   She was this one here, the brunette bubble hairdo one.   Oh, how I loved her.   I remember buying her on a trip into Winnipeg city with my parents.  We went to Polo Park and I bought her and a couple of outfits for her to wear.   I also had a black patent leather case to hold her and all of her clothes, which I collected through the years.  I never had a Barbie house or a Car for her, or anything else.  Instead I used to pretend to make houses, etc with cardboard boxes and cutout furniture from old catalogues.   My brother got a GI Joe for Christmas one year along with a jeep.  GI Joe was Barbie sized in those days.  My sister and I used to  borrow him and his jeep so that our Barbies could have a boyfriend.  

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I often see photos of these really glamorous looking Barbies.  Are they for real?  Or is this an ap where you can "Barbie" people?  I really want to know.

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I have a thing about red shoes.  I have always wanted a pair of red shoes.  One day I am going to get some, but it would be highly impractical for me to get any at the moment because I don't have anything that I could wear with them.   I have never had any more than a couple of pairs of shoes at a time.  Right now I have a pair of black ones that I wear to church (black goes with everything), a very old pair of brown flats that I am wearing out (last time it rained they leaked)  and a pair of trainers.  The flats are "easy b"  which I bought about 8 years ago when I was working down south.  They were very expensive at the time, but I was having a real problem with plantar fasciatis and because I worked standing on my feet the whole time I needed a good pair of shoes.  These helped to relieve it and I have been wearing them ever since.  I have tried to source a place nearby where I can get another pair, but to no avail.   I know I could get some online, but I can't tell what size the ones I have are any more. It's worn off.   Sigh . . . I doubt I could afford a pair now any ways.

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When I was a girl I wanted to take tap dancing or ballet lessons.  My parents couldn't afford to send me to dance lessons and so it remained just a dream.  My mother had a book in the bookcase,  The Berlitz School of Dance book.  On it's pages were drawings of a variety of dance steps.  I can remember trying to teach myself to tap dance from those drawings.  Heel . . .  toe . . .  tap . . .  heel . . .  toe . . . tap!  I never mastered it of course, but I had many countless hours of pleasure trying.  I used to love watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance.   I would close my eyes sometimes and pretend I was them and just dance.  Sometimes I still do.  There is something about listening to nice music and moving the body to it's rhythm which is very soul enriching.

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One of my favourite books when I was growing up was Pippi Longstocking.   At school each month we would have an opportunity to buy books through the Scholastic Book Services.  This is one that I bought and I must have read it a bazillion times!  I loved Pippi!  She was brave and funny and independent, and she had glorious adventures.  She had a horse and a pet monkey and no grown-ups around to tell her what to do.  Looking back on it now I think she must have been a rather lonely little girl.  I think I would have missed my family, truth be told, and I'm sure pet monkey's are not all they are cracked up to be!

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This was my first "crush."  Yep, that's Wally Cleaver folks.  I thought he was the cutest, most handsome boy ever and I was all moony eyed over him, or as moony eyed as you can be at five years old.  I never saw a television until I was five.   We had come back from Germany, and were staying with my maternal Grandparents  in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia while my father found a place for us to live in Gimli, Manitoba.   We were at my grandparents for about six months.  My brother was born while we were there. They had a television.   One of the first shows I saw on it was "Leave It To Beaver."  I loved it!  My Aunt Freda used to play Leave It To Beaver with me.  She was always Wally and I was always the Beave.  Thinking back on it now, my Aunt Freda was ever so kind to me.  She had a little boy already, my cousin Danny, and was married, but still had lots of time to spend with me.  I can remember she had a beautiful big fashion doll that my Uncle Harold had bought for her.  It was in their bedroom and I can remember looking through the keyhole at it and longing for it.  I spent hours doing that.  I really coveted it.  It was a brunette and was probably about 2 feet tall, and wearing a pretty blue dress with a crinoline and high heels.   When we finally left to go out west with my dad, she gave me that doll to take with me.  She passed away 7 or 8 years ago now at the end of this month.  I miss her still.   She was more than an Aunt to me.  She was always my friend. I could tell her anything.  I loved her with all of my heart.  

And there you have it, another five things about me.  

A thought to carry with you through today . . .  


"There is great joy found in falling in love with the ordinary.  
Old cups, sparrows, shaved ham between tender slices of  soft white bread, 
ants walking across the pavement,
 the morning dew clinging to blades of grass . . . 
if you can love the ordinary, your life will always be bliss."


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Cooking in The English Kitchen today . . . Naan Bread Pizzas!  Seriously simple and tasty too!

Happy Thursday!!  Hope your day is as special as you are!

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  1. A good morning to you Marie. I am an relieved girl as my cracked tooth was repairable for now. I had a bad dentist way back when and I so many crowns it is crazy and expensive. My repair was much cheaper than a crown and I hope it lasts a long while.

    Oh childhood memories. I wanted a Barbie but mum declared I had to have a Sindy doll instead. I was given a Barbie when i was ten and I washed and styled her hair into ruination. My first crush was Donny Osmond!

    I am also very sure where MIss Philippa's name came from as Bethany loved the Pippi movie as a child. Next thing I knew my not even three year old insisted that we were having a Pippi baby. Lo and behold we did. She is a strawberry blonde with a smattering of freckles. At book week i used to dress her as Miss Longstocking. Once I even wired her plaits. The ex has the photos but mu beloved Netta has one…so I must get it copied. One year Pip was Pippi, Will was Harry Potter, although with his very blonde hair he would have been brilliant as Malfoy and Bethany was Snowwhite. That was a difficult costume to make…

    Loved your post today and now you know more about me.

  2. I loved learning more about you Suzan!! I am glad your tooth wasn't as expensive to fix as you thought. Whew!! I hope it lasts a long time too! xxoo

  3. I really enjoyed reading these fact about you. Your aunt sounds like she was a wonderful woman.

  4. It's always nice to learn more about you and you do have some wonderful memories stored away to share too. I hope you do find those shoes and can get some new ones soon. It's important to have comfortable shoes. The older I get the pickier my feet get. You need to splurge on yourself once in awhile. It's been raining here for days now and hopefully today will be the end of it for awhile.

  5. She was a really special woman Tracey. So many people turned up to her funeral that they had set up a remote camera and broadcast it to another building so that everyone could be a part of it. She never travelled very far from where she was born. She was loved by many. Like I said, i still miss her every day.

    Pam, I am glad you are enjoying this series. It's a nice way of me to reconnect with myself as well. I am still looking for a comfortable pair of shoes. Like you, my feet have gotten really picky and it's more difficult to find what I can wear and what look good. xxoo


  6. I loved my Barbies too..I have not seen one that looks like the glammed up one..
    I wonder too..
    Marie I wanted red shoes my whole time growing up also..along with a canopy bed..alas..they never happened..At 5 I got a part time job in a fabric store and bought my first reds..I wore them out:)

  7. I love the fact you made furniture for your Barbie doll. That brought back memories of me when I was a little girl in N.C. My friends and I would sit on the porch with our paper dolls and make clothes for them out of old magazine pages. We would draw them and then cut them out. Our paper dolls had many many clothes. We kept them all in a shoe box. Those were the good old days I tell you. Sometimes Marie - less is more.

  8. MOnique, I can see you now with your red shoes. Magnifique! I always wanted a canopy bed too.

    Brenda I did the same. Had a shoe box filled with paper dolls. They gave me hours and hours of fun. Sigh . . .

    I think not having much when I was a child helped me to be more imaginative. I would trade anything for my childhood. I am most grateful for every minute of it!

  9. Dear Marie,
    I loved your post. I just bought a pair of red shoes a few months ago. They are flats with little red bows on them. I haven't worn them...because I am in a quandry about what to wear them "with". Your post made me smile. I have always loved Barbies too, I have a few I saved from my childhood. They look fairly rough. =) Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  10. Marie, you have a way of taking me away into another time and era. I loved dolls. However, I am much older than you; so I mainly just had Baby dolls and some story book dolls. The story book dolls were fun to play with because you could change their clothes and I had quite a few of them.
    Yes, Leave It To Beaver Was A Good One. I wish we had some of those old TV shows back.
    I love Red shoes and especially the ones like your picture. I think they are so cute.
    Anyway, thanks for scattering up some memories today; I loved your post.
    Blessings, love and hugs to you!

  11. Hi Valerie! Just my point about the red shoes. They come with a whole new set of "rules!" My Barbie looked quite rough when I was finished with her too. She had been well "loved!" I think all much beloved dolls look worn, or should I say "careed for!"

    LeAnn, I am glad I was able to stir up some nice memories for you. I love thinking back to my childhood. It's a nice thing. I was blessed to have had a happy one. xxoo


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