Thursday, 7 March 2013

Thursday This and That . . .

Mother's day comes early here in the UK.   It is the second Sunday in March, whilst in North America it is the second Sunday in May.   I always buy my card in March though . . . because I know that in May there won't be one to be found either for love nor money.  Why buy one you might ask . . . Todd asks me the same question.   I buy a card because I don't want my mom to think I am too cheap to spend the money.  It's the same with all of the cards for my family members.  I always buy them because I don't want any one of them to think I am too cheap to spend some money on them.

Some might argue that anyone would love to get one of my homemade artistic cards, and that may be true, if you aren't related to me, but . . . I can't take the chance that if you ARE related to me that would be the case.   And so . . . I always buy my family cards.

I have always loved browsing cards.   There are so many lovely ones that I always have a difficult time picking one out.   So many echo the yearnings and feelings of my heart.   I did managed to find one yesterday though . . . it's not exactly as I would have it, but it is close.

I called my mother yesterday to find out what was going on with her cancer and was pleased that she had finally been able to make her appointment with the Thoracic Surgeon.  Basically she was given two choices and then told to discuss them with her family before making up her mind.  The first choice was radiation.  She would have to find a place to stay in Halifax for a week, and go each day to the hospital for radiation therapy.   The radiation would shrink the tumor but it would not annihilate it completely.  There would always be the chance that it could come back.  The second choice is to have an operation to remove one of the lobes of her lung.  This would remove the cancer completely, and there would be no need to have chemo or anything else.   It involves a 5 to 6 day stay in hospital, and she may end up having to carry an oxygen bottle for the remainder of her life. She has decided to have the operation, and knowing my mother that is the wisest option for her as, the other option would mean that the worry of it growing again would always be in her mind.

She will most likely be having her operation mid to late April and so once the date is settled I will make my arrangements to go over, most likely going over a few days prior and then I will stay for approximately a month.  She doesn't want to take me away from Todd much longer than that, so I guess that means I will be there for Mother's day, so that is kind of nice.  I can really spoil her this year!  (And maybe stock up on Mother's Day cards from over there.  They're a lot mushier than the ones you find over here!)

She said to me over yesterday that she could not understand why, with all of the people who are praying for her, she was not granted a miracle.  She had been hoping that the cancer would somehow have healed itself and disappeared.   I told her she had experienced more than one miracle.   The first was finding out she had cancer at all.  As she has never exhibited any symptoms, even now . . . it might have taken months and months before it was noticed and it could have been so much worse.   The second one was that, even though she has had to wait 3 1/2 months for something to be done about it, more like four to 4 1/2 when she does have the operation . . . the cancer has not grown, or gotten any larger . . . or spread.   The third one was that having already had and beaten Breast cancer some 30 odd years ago . . . the lung cancer was not a secondary cancer.   The fourth one was that had she not been ill, she would never have gotten to find out how wonderfully loving her neighbors are.   They are not related to her, and yet they have been with her every step of the way.  I call that a blessing of the highest degree, that whilst her own children have not been able to be with her during this time, her Heavenly Father loves her so much that He has provided someone who can be there for her.

I don't know about you, but . . . I would call all of those things miracles . . . but then again, I'm a half glass full person and open to seeing miracles and possibility in every day.  She is most appreciative of your prayers and would love for you to continue to uphold her in prayer.   I appreciate them too and ask the same.   At the age of 80 any type of surgery is at great risk, and she does have a heart condition.  It is a 3 hour operation.   She will need many many prayers.   My brother will be coming down as well for that week.  He will take her to the hospital for the operation and stay with her in Halifax for the duration.   I will stay at home and watch the house and cat for her.   Oddly enough that is more of a concern for her than anything else.   She cleans the litter in the cat box twice a day . . .

  photo SDC17674.jpg

Today is a special day because . . . today is the day our Gabriel turns seven!  It is hard to believe he is already that old!   Grammy and Gran-Todd love him very much, and hope that he has a very special day today!  I wish that I could be there to help him celebrate in person, but alas . . . I cannot.  I can only hug him from afar.

Yesterday's Silver Lining . . . I have a toothache.   I jarred one of my fillings last week and it has begun to give me a lot of pain this week.   I called the Dentist yesterday and was able to get an appointment for today to see him.   I am so grateful for that!

A thought to carry with you through the day . . .

"Every life has it's dark and cheerful hours.  Happiness comes from choosing which to remember."
~author unknown

There are a few goodies on offer over in The English Kitchen today . . . first . . .

 photo SAM_5235_zps659d4149.jpg

a delicious  Potato Salad with Roasted Spring Onions and Parsley Pesto, and secondly . . .

 photo SAM_5248_zpsefeebb16.jpg

Pint Sized Pesto Tartlettes.    Check them out here.  

Have a great Thursday!


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