Thursday, 21 March 2013

It's all about loving . . . and loving is sharing . . .

When I originally started a blog some 10 years or so ago now (first on the AOL Journals) it was because I was missing my family and I wanted to be able to put my thoughts and feeling down someplace that they could read them.   I never thought that anyone else would ever truly be interested in the stories I had to tell or what I had to say, but the truth is it has become so much more than that and I have hundreds of people coming each day to read what I have to say . . . and my children only ever rarely have a look in if they look in at all.

But I am okay with that.  Through the years I have made some very good friends via this medium, kindred spirit has spoken to kindred spirit.  We've shared much together, laughed together, cried together, been afraid together . . . I've been able to meet some of you in person and always been delighted at the meeting, and others e-mail back and forth in a kind of pen pal way.  We care about each other and this has become so much more than a blog to me, or a place to pen my thoughts.  This has become a home of sorts and a place where I feel I belong and where I hope that you feel like you belong as well.

That's why I never changed the name of it when I lost my job three years ago now.   A Year From Oak Cottage was not really about the cottage . . . as it had started out being . . . it had become more of a state of mind than a place to be, an ethos of sorts about life and what it could be, what it should be, what it is . . .

What I love most about it is the sharing back and forth of thoughts and feelings and happenings.   The response I have from you . . . my readers, my friends . . .  And it doesn't always come here on the blog itself.  I get many, many e-mails as well as comments via Facebook and the like, and you know what?   I still get excited when someone comments, even if you are an old, old friend . . . I love to know that these words I have penned and woven together have touched someone in a certain or a special way . . . I love the sharing, because really . . . that's what it's all about.

Her pen stretched
the width of the page,
conveying thoughts
that were otherwise unspoken . . .

When I was a child, other than growing up and becoming a mother and housewife . . . I wanted very much to become a writer and artist.   I have spent my whole life writing little stories and verses . . . drawing little pictures, painting, creating . . . I am a very creative person.   I have to think that other than the joy I get from interacting with my readers in the way that we do . . . I love the fact that in writing this blog each day, I become . . . a writer of sorts.  And no, I may not be paid for it in dollars and cents . . . but I do get paid for it in something which is worth much, much more to me, and that is knowing that there are people out there who care . . . people out there that I touch in a meaningful way . . . people who share many of my own thoughts and feelings.  People who are somehow helped by reading my thoughts . . . 

It's not about becoming famous (as if!!) or having a huge fan base or even about being the most popular kid on the block . . . it's about sharing.   Sharing feelings.  Sharing thoughts.  Sharing love and . . . sharing experiences . . . because anything which is shared is somehow multiplied and divided.  Burdens . . . they become lighter.   Joy, it expands . . . and that is the beauty of all of this writing and sharing.    It's a "together" journey . . .

And so today I wanted to give you something else, and I have adapted this little painting of mine about friends so that you can download it and print it out for yourself.  It's a small token of love and appreciation for each one of you.  I hope that you like it.  I consider you all friends . . . and as much as you think I have touched your heart . . . you have touched my own in return.

 photo AfriendGift_zpsca323818.jpg  

And I wanted you to know that.

Yesterday's Silver Lining . . . a tree down the street which is filled with pink buds just waiting to burst into cherry blossoms!  Oh, I do so love cherry blossom time!  Don't you??

A thought to carry with you through the day . . . 

"Great tranquility of heart is his who cares for neither praise nor blame."
~Thomas a Kempis 

  photo SAM_5578_zpsd13f1793.jpg  

Cooking in The English Kitchen today . . . Mexican Pizza.   Quick, easy and delicious!

I can't believe it's Thursday already and the second day of Spring!  Have a fabulous one!


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