Sunday, 20 May 2018

Sunday morning ponderings . . .

Yesterday afternoon, as I puttered, I was thinking back to when I was a child and I thought . . . it's been a very long time since I have gone barefoot.  I never used to wear anything on my feet at all in the house.  The whole time my children were growing up, most of the time I walked around in my bare feet.  So last night . . . and even now . . . I am slipper free!  I know, I'm a bit of a crazy one aren't I . . . but I decided in bed last night that this summer . . .

I'm going to run around the garden in my bare feet.  Just like when I was a child.  I want to feel that special  coolness of the grass beneath my toes again. 

I want to stand underneath the eaves in a Sun shower and watch the rain pouring down a few inches in front of my face and wonder at the miracle of the sun that still shines despite it.  I want to stick my tongue out and taste it . . . that cool clean taste, unlike any other.

I want to lay a towel out on the grass and lay on top of it and watch that miniscule world as it marches past my nose . . . I want to believe that I can see a fairy if I really try . . . again. 

I want to pick wild berries . . . and climb a tree . . . pack up a peanut butter sandwich and an apple in a brown paper sac and go off on an adventure for the day, with no destination in mind . . .  no plans . . . just seeing where I end up.

I want to buy a whole water melon and cut it in half, and then cut a big huge wedge from it and eat it with abaondon . . . even if the melon does get all over my face.  I want to make mud pies. 

I want to have a tea party with my teddy bears and dolls, and talk about visiting the Queen . . . I'll fill the tea pot with kool aid, and I'll have oreo cookies . . . I'll wear a funny hat, and a pretend mink stole . . . and we'll stick our little pinkies out.

I want to play school . . . and I want to be the teacher.

I want to hunt for treasure . . . believing that I'll find it.

I want to catch crickets and fire flies in a jar. 

What is it about growing up that causes us to lose all the joy and wonderment of childhood?  How do we become so jaded, that we lose the ability to take pleasure in all these simple things??  When is it that we forget simple joys like bare feet in the grass, mud pies, and days filled with adventures and peanut butter sandwiches???

Children look at the world with honest and believing hearts.  I think that is the secret to their wonderment.  They believe that anything is possible, and that they are capable of doing and being anything they want to be. They have a simple faith and trust in all things around them.   I'm quite sure that is why the Saviour said . . .

Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.
~Mark 10: 14-15  

I know . . . I probably won't be climbing any trees or making any mud pies this summer . . .  but I think I will walk on the grass in the back garden in my bare feet, just once more.  I am past running, but I think I can manage a walk . . .  I have decided to try to look at the world, and at others . . .  with the eyes  and heart of a child.  I will recapture the wonder that is this life, and this time, I vow not to let it go . . . 


It wasn't from the balcony at Buckingham Palace, but it was every bit as special. The looks for each other in their eyes were just amazing yesterday. This is a young couple clearly in love with each other.  I wish them all the luck, love, happiness and joy in the world!  It was quite a different wedding than the usual Royal Wedding I thought.  With fabulous music, and a few surprises . . . 

I bet there hasn't been a sermon like that preached in that particular church before.
Could you hear the jaws dropping? Very refreshing and a bit funny. Some of the expressions on
 some people's faces. I think this was most unexpected.

Happy Happily Ever After! 


In the kitchen today  . . . Lemon & Raspberry French Toast for two.  Yum!

Have a beautiful Sunday. The sun is shining here again today. What a special weekend this has been. Loved our little visit yesterday with Laura the ex-missionary. Such a sweet girl, and I think wedding bells will be ringing in her direction soon as well.  I love it when these special young people make an effort to come back and see us. It means the world to us.  Happy Sunday! Don't forget! 

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 And I do too! 



  1. Hi Marie, playing catch up again!

    Wasn't the wedding amazing! She looked absolutely stunning! To be honest, everybody did! Such a perfect day.

    We were blessed with the weather in Scotland too, it makes such a difference.

    It's George's birthday today, but I think we're just going to have a quiet day. We both need time to recover from travelling these days! Probably just stay local and go for a walk in the sunshine.

    Have a wonderful Sunday, lot's of love xxx

    1. It was all stunning Kate! I loved the Queens outfit! So colourful! It was all just nice! Happy Birthday to George! Hope he has a lovely day! Funny how it goes the older you get you almost need a holiday to recover from the holiday! Lol glad you had lovely weather! Love and hugs! Xoxo

  2. To look at the world with the eyes of a child is to see wonder everywhere!
    The wedding was wonderful! I was able to see all of it from start to finish. It was definitely amazing. Hope you too have a Happy Sunday !

    1. So glad you were able to watch it also Pam Happy Sunday! Xoxo

  3. Hmm..I wave thick socks on and fluff lined Nuk Nuk slippers..I do the beach barfeot ..when it is all clean..but apart from that always something on my shoes or flip flops in summer..but we haven't had that heat in the house yet..that summer's still cool..and my dark wood floors show every barefoot not the best.But I hear you.I feel time is running out in the hourglass and I have sharpened my curiosity cells.

    The wedding was a fairy tale.
    I loved it as you know w/ all my dms to you..
    I loved Googling pics of the guests too..Gina Torres from Suits..Omgee gorgeous.
    Loved the choir..some moments I could feel discomfort..but that's just me..and never from M and H..apart from the waves at the end from their horee and carriage..

    1. Like you I feel that sand pouring through the hourglass Monique! I, like you, felt some waves of discomfort from the establishment and saw a bit of squirming, but all told it was lovely. A shakeup every now and then is a good thing methinks! Xoxo

  4. Hi Marie!

    You know how I love your writing...when is that book coming out!?

    I hardly ever wear shoes, I just feel so claustrophobic in them! Of course I have to wear them to the grocery or church, but they are kicked off the minute my feet hit the door. I have a pair of sandals I wear that are easy on my feet, so they are my go-to shoes.

    I didn't see most of the wedding, but I did hear the music and her dress was gorgeous!! The best part was when they drove away in that cute little is grand!

    Speaking of dresses...your picture with you in your wedding dress was gorgeous!! I'm so sorry that you never thought you were pretty...I know how that is...but, just so you know, you are beautiful!

    Check out this song. You may already know it, but, it reminds me of your post!

    Have a wonderful Monday dear friend!! XOXOXO

    Hugs and Love,

    1. Oh, it was such a beautiful wedding Barb. I gobbled up every minute of it. I love the pair of them, and that cute little convertable moment was amazing! The next cookbook is coming out later this year, but I am also working on a novel also. That is a work in progress to be sure. Not sure who if anyone will publish that! Love you sweet friend, xoxo

  5. I would love to come and experience all those fun moments with you sweet girl! We could do it apart and write about it. I think I will go without those shoes. I know that I could talk a great grandchild or two to make mud pies and tea parties. You brought back a slew of memories; bless you for that.
    I did enjoy the parts of that Royal Wedding it was spectacular.
    Big blessings and extra hugs for this very fun one!

    1. God bless LeAnn! I thought the Wedding was wonderful and quite different than the usual Royal Wedding! xoxo


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