Friday, 28 November 2008

A Half Full Glass . . .

How many people do you know that are *Half Glass Empty* people??? You know the type of people I mean . . . the ones who always look at the gloomy side of life.

Thankfully, most of my friends do not fit that description, but sadly enough, there are many in this world who do. For them, whenever a small cloud passes by overhead in a summer sky . . . it heralds an impending thunder storm. If they sneeze . . . well then, they must be getting a cold. A partly used bottle of anything is always half empty instead of half full. They never look on the bright side of things, but always the dull . . .

Pessimists are folks who say to themselves (and unfortunately to a lot of others also) "What do I have to smile about today??? The cost of living has gone up again, crime is on the rise, nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I'm going to eat some worms . . . "

That kind of negative attitude clouds all the enjoyment there is to be found in life, the simple pleasures that are free for the asking, the small joys that colour each one of our days. There's actually a verse in the bible that sums it up all nicely.

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth the bones."
~Proverbs 17:22

Me . . . I'm a half glass full kind of person! I like to look on the positive side of most things and I'm very lucky in that I'm usually able to see the silver lining in every cloud.

I got my first rejection letter yesterday from the card company I had sent some samples off too. Unfortunately my art does not fit the image that they are presently using for their line of cards. It got me down for a couple of minutes, and I had a little boo hoo, and then I pulled my boot straps up and went searching online for a few other companies. I have sent letters and samples off to each of them. I'll not give up. I know my work is good and that someday, somehow, someway, sombody will want to use it. After all, if I can't believe in myself, then how can I ever expect anyone else to. You've got to have a dream before you can have a dream come true . . .

Here's a delicious muffin that is sure to please your family. Light and fluffy they go great with soups, stews, chili, baked beans, or even just on their own with a nice warm drink.

*Marie's Delicious Corn Muffins*
Makes 12

I have a fondness for corn muffins. I could eat them every day, but instead I reserve them for special occasions. They are so lovely when eaten with stews, soups or homebaked beans. These ones are my absolute favourite recipe. I have tried many others but always come back to this one. It's the best!

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup yellow cornmeal
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup butter, at room temperature
1/4 cup vegetable shortening, such as crisco, Trex, or White Flora
1/2 cup sugar
2 extra large eggs
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 cup whole milk

Preheat oven to 200*C/400*F. Line 6 Texax size or 12 regular muffin tins with paper liners or spay them with Pam.

Whisk the flour, cornmeal, baking powder, and salt together in medium-sized bowl and set aside.
Cream the butter and shortening together in a large bowl with an electric mixer on high for 2 minutes. Gradually beat in the sugar and then eggs, one at a time. Continue beating until the batter is creamed and light yellow colored, and then add the vanilla.

Slowly beat in half of the flour mixture, then half of the milk, beating about 1 minutes after adding each. Repeat, beating in the rest of the flour mixture, then the rest of the milk.
Beat the batter until well blended, about 1 minute more.

Spoon into muffin tins, almost up to the top. Bake at 200*C/400*F for first 10 minutes, then reduce temperature to 190*C/375*F for about 15 minutes or until golden and toothpick comes out clean.

Remove from the pan and cool on a wire rack for a few minutes, before serving warm with lots of butter for spreading.

We had a lovely time last night. Todd really enjoyed his first American Thanksgiving. We ate far too much, and rolled back home quite late, stuffed to the eyeballs with great food and best of all wonderfully warm feelings of having spent a delightful evening in the company of some great old friends, some lovely new friends and the beautiful spirit that was present throughout the whole evening. I hope that your celebrations were as blessed as ours were. The evening ended with the son of our hosts playing the piano for us and singing some beautiful hymns. It was just wonderful. I could have stayed and listened forever . . .


  1. Marie, I'm sory the card company rejected your cards. I think they are adorable and very cute, I'm sure you'll find a company that is more than willing to(and happy to)buy your cards!
    I must say that I am, like you, a glas-half-full-person. I always tend (or try) to look at the positive side of things.
    Good to hear your Thanksgiving was a nice one!!

  2. Good Morning Marie, so sorry the card company did not like you cards I thought they were great, You know the old say if at first you don't succeed try try try again. Hope you get good news soon. Love Joan.

  3. I'm sorry about the card company. They're a bunch of morons anyway. I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Those muffins look tasty!

  4. I try to be a glass half-full person most of the time - sometimes I get down. But you are right, you have to believe in yourself. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, ours was fab, too! Much love, Raquel XO

  5. Hello sweet friend! what a great thought this morning. I love positive people, and choose to be around those that are uplifting, and love life. What a journey to find just the right market to entrust your precious artwork to. Keep it up, it will be worth it! ((Hugs))

  6. My favorite answer to this topic is that I am just happy to have a glass!! Somehow that fits me. Don't give up on your cards-they are very good!

  7. HI, Marie! So glad you all had a lovely Thanksgiving last night! :o) We'll have our little belated celebration this weekend. So sorry about that rejection letter...I hope it will be the last one! But how much I admire your determination and positive thinking...with that attitude you will go far! It's just time before your star shoots off! :o) I'm a glass more than half-full kind of gal, so I appreciate your sentiments! In the meantime, enjoy what you do and have fun. Your muffins today are wonderful. I love a corn muffin. I use buttermilk in my recipe, I prefer it to using milk now, just richer. Not feeling too well today...So hope we can have our chat during the weekend instead...Sunday, yes? Hope you & Todd have a lovely weekend! LOVE YOU BOTH ((HUGS))

  8. Dearest Marie, how like you to write about "A Half Full Glass" when you had a few moments of downtime. Remember that many famous authors had their first works you suppose that was a good thing because it encouraged them more just like you are as determined as ever? You have the God-given talents and abilities and I'm sure you will find the company that God desires to publish your works! It will be exciting to find out which company will take your cards, etc.

    So glad you and Todd enjoyed a wonderful American Thanksgiving dinner! The friends and friendship shared along with the son's talents surely made for a great day!

    I'll be sending you a note later today. I have to get ready to get my Mom. It's the day she gets her hair done. I'm also taking her to her home today and she will be able to spend time with her grandson and his two adorable young children! She always goes with mixed feelings. It's nice to be in her home again, but now it has taken on the personality of a young and modern family. There's little of Mom's furnishings in the house now as my brother and I both have a few pieces and the rest is in storage. The only room that basically stayed the same is the dining room. Life changes, doesn't it?


  9. Dear Marie your cards are beautiful!!! absolutely, so you know how the company are!! maybe others look what beautiful are, yes sometimes I dissapointed too when I see some things at the persons or when I feeling bad vibrations you know, but how a child of God that really I believe and you too we have to rest in His hands and wait for other things.
    Look I was so happy because a friend from internet come here and finally maybe I would know her, but yesterday mail me and told me she has many things and are so busy!!! to see me, well the first time I was down a little, but I think maybe God know how this is so. In this same week come from England a cousin of mine with her hubby and come to my house maybe God think was too much for me!!! Im too much optimistic???? I dont believe, but Im so quiet when I think so.

    Your muffins look absolutely awesome and Im so happy you had a lovely Thanksgiving and now my friend wait for Christmas!!!!! xxxxxGloria

  10. Dear May I take the draw "Count your Blessing" I love it, and Winnie too"!!!!!!Gloria

  11. You certainly are my "glass half full" friend and I love you for that. I am sorry that the card company did not want your cards... I think it is their loss because I am sure that many would have bought your darling cards and made them lots of money. Too bad and shame on them for not appreciating great art when they see it.

    I hope that you will continue trying to get your precious cards published.

    I am glad that you had such a nice "American" Thanksgiving. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I am so glad. We did too. I will treasure the memories that we made yesterday... and on this whole holiday trip to Utah.

    My girls send you their love and so do I my sweet friend. ((Hugs4U)), Lura

  12. Dear Marie,

    What an inspiring post!! Sorry for the long silence.. my mom was taken ill and I've been in and out of town caring for her.. and will also be travelling quite abit till she's better.

    Good that you're not giving up cos of one rejection.. yes, how true for us to have this believe in ourselves. Good luck to you.. you are very gifted!!

    Angela KL

  13. Happy Thanksgiving!

    We have enjoyed two feasts so far & on to our third today. . .more celebrating than when we still lived in America!

    I'm sorry that your cards didn't match the company's current ideas. You'll get there. There's a publisher out there who'll be grateful for the opportunity to print your work!

  14. Sorry about the card company but I am sure there is a better company out there waiting for you!


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