Saturday, 25 October 2008

We've Got A Little Christmas

I know, it's not Halloween yet, but I just finished another Christmas painting and I thought it was really cute. I just couldn't wait to share it with you all.

I call it, "All Hearts Come Home For Christmas." She's stretching up on her tippie toes to try to get her post into the box in time for Christmas! Of course Emmeline's little friend Robin Redbreast is there to help cheer her along!

I have made the two latest ones into cards and I think they're swell. (Believe, and All Hearts Come Home For Christmas)

I've even put a cutsie label on the back of each.

What do you think?


  1. She is the sweetest thing! I love them both! They really touch the heart!

  2. Wow, wow, wow.. they are so pretty and cute and I'm getting the Christmas feel already!

    I've been busy.. my hubby's on 2 weeks leave and all the trips in and out leaves me not much time for cyberspace. Things will return to 'normal' in a few days time.

    Marie, I always get your blogs rather late.. I was 6 blogs behind!

    Will catch up soon.

    Angela KL

  3. Lovely work Marie ther has to be a robin on a Christmas Card. Love Joan.

  4. Beauty,beauty, you know I love your cards and honestly dear I prefer Christmas sprit than hallowen (between us) Esperanza like hallowen. Is the only in this house.
    We have to talk about these cards I will mail you .
    I love Christmas Card, when aI was litte with my sister draws someones and sell them!!! (ooh the childs) Huggs to yu and take care!!! Gloria(Finally im finish my presents to the giveaway, I thik the people dont remember this but not matter because I make it beetwen the people comments to my 100 post!!) xxxGloria

  5. They are absolutely adorable! You have given us all a little glimpse into the Christmas spirit! I love it!

  6. I think it's... ADORABLE!!!

  7. i think they are very cute and you are one of the most talented ladies i know
    lots of love and hugssssss

  8. They are both EXCELLENT!!! You are more than talented. I can hardly wait to get the other cards I ordered....I will be mailing you the money on Monday. Thanks again for making these cards availabe to us!

  9. I love them! They're so wonderful! I'm in the mood for Christmas too! I've been working on Ben's Christmas stocking and buying Christmas gifts already!

    There's a surprise for you on my blog!

  10. I think I'd have to say that Christmas is my favorite season of celebration. The cards are absolutely adorable. I love their cute whimsical ways about them you are most talented. Good that you have your signature on back that gives the receiver the opportunity to know who you are and check out your other pieces of art. Take care.

  11. I love your new painting! Your cards are so cute! I hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Love the sweetness of the painting and the cards.

    Thank you for sharing your talents.

  13. totally totally adorable! love them!


  15. Oh Marie, these are just so precious! You have captured the innonence of a child so excited to mail her card! I will be emailing you...look for me!


  16. Hi Marie,
    Just love the card,I am already in the Christmas Spirit,and have been for weeks. I am glad that someone besides me is too.

    I envy people who have such artistic talents.


  17. They are sooo cute, Marie!!! I LOVE them!!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  18. I think they are adorable and beautiful wrapped into one.

    You have the Christmas flowing through my veins now.

    I need to cruise through your shop again.

  19. I think I MUST get about 25 of the post box card. It's perfect for showing all of our friends & family back in the States what Cami looks like when she stretches up to the slot to send their card for Christmas.

    So, how much would 25 cards cost?

  20. Those are beautiful Marie! If I hadn't taken advantage of a great deal on photo cards, I totally would have gotten some from you!

    (not to mention I now have "need a little christmas" stuck in my head!)

  21. So so darling and I love the label. I can't wait to get my little cards in the mail!

  22. oh marie
    so darling both pics. I love the art u make


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