Saturday, 3 March 2018

Rules for Happiness . . .


Stop blaming other people
Be humble
Listen more; talk less.
Every day, do something nice.
Strive for excellence, not perfection.
Be on time.
Admit it when you make a mistake.
Let someone cut ahead of you in line.
Know when to keep your mouth shut. 

I found these in a little book I have and I thought they were pretty good and so I wanted to share them with you. A lot of them are things I already try to do, but then again . . . there are others I really need to work on. I think that would be the same with most people. 

 There are others as well that I could add to the list . . . things like . . .

Make your yesses, yesses . . . and your no's, no's.
Obey the Golden Rule (Do unto others.)
Smile more, frown less.
Treat your family the same way you would treat one of your friends.
Get down on the carpet with your dog . . . and play.
Read more, watch less TV.
Ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?", and then do it.
Be kind. It cost's nothing, yet reaps great rewards.
Never gossip. 

Remember when you point a finger at someone else . . . you have three fingers
pointing back at you.
Eat healthy and get more exercise.
Sing more, dance more . . . complain less.
Love more, hate less.
Surround yourself with things that make you smile.
No matter what, no matter where, no matter when, no matter who . . . find the silver lining.
Do your best in all things . . . nobody can ask for any more than that. 

Eat more vegetables and less chocolate. (I really need to work on this one!)
Pray, pray, and pray some more.
Read the scriptures and ponder them.
Listen to wholesome music and watch wholesome things on the telly.
Stay out of debt.
Take joy in the here and the now, let tomorrow take care of itself.
Share your toys. 

I really could write a list as long as this page and then some. What are some of the things you think people can do to make their lives happier? I'd really love to hear them!

No doubt about it, March has come in like a Lion!  Causing no end of disruption to people's lives all over the country! Its hard to believe that the Spring Equinox is in just a couple of weeks!  Passengers for the trains are being urged not to travel in the UK, and from what I have read this morning there has been bad blustery, snowy weather in quite a few locations! That's March for you.  Just think, we have a lovely Lamb to look forward to at the end of the month! 

Today is a very special day for another reason. My baby brother David turns 58 today.  Happy Birthday brother!  I love this amazing man!  He has brushed with death on several occasions.  When he was about 2 he almost drowned in a ditch.  It was my quick thinking that saved his life and then a year or so later he stuck a piece of wire in a light socket and electrocuted himself.  He was hot stuff then and he is hot stuff now!  Seriously I love my brother very much.  I can still remember the excitement on the day he was born.  Grabbing my sister's hand in the kitchen of my grandparent's house and dancing around singing "We've got a baby brother!"  I was so happy and I am still happy that he is my brother.  He is a great son, brother, husband, father and friend.  He is the voice of reason in our family.  With a witty dry humour that makes you think.  He has taken up gliding this past year or so and really loves it. He has soloed and every thing.  David, if I won the lottery I would buy you your very own glider. In the meantime you will just have to be happy with my love and gratitude for who you are and what you mean to me.!

Happy Birthday David!
I love you!

With that, I'll end this and leave you with something to make you smile . . .

I polished up my halo
As brightly as I could,
I wanted folks to see it
And know that I was good.
Yet quickly did I notice,
And very odd it seemed . . .
The harder that I polished,
The duller that it gleamed.
So giving up my effort,
For pointless seemed my zest,
I put away my halo
And simply did my best.
But stranger still to tell you,
Since putting it away,
I've noticed that my halo
Shines brighter every day!
~Margaret Ingall 



Today's Reading - Mosiah 13:5-35 
Question - What was the purpose of the law? How can we apply Abinadi's message in our lives? 
Thoughts - The Lord really wants us to remember Him. The law of Moses was given for this purpose. And to help us remember Him today He has given us the powerful ordinance of the Sacrament. Verse 28 made me think of a truth Elder Uchtdorf taught at General Conference a few years ago that changed my understanding. 'Salvation cannot be bought with the currency of obedience; it is purchased by the blood of the Son of God.' 'Grace is a gift of God, and our desire to be obedient to each of God’s commandments is the reaching out of our mortal hand to receive this sacred gift from our Heavenly Father.' 
 Is it possible to partake of ordinances, and make covenants and have it not change you? In my head it is, because change comes only when you learn to accept Jesus Christ as your own personal Saviour. That doesn't necessarily come from the ordinances, although they are definitely required by Heavenly Father. Once again we see it is a matter of heart and mind. The law is not something for us to tick off, and earn our way into heaven. It is to keep our heart focused on gratitude for being saved by the Saviour, and striving to become like Him. 
Tomorrow's reading (Monday) (Day 113) -  Mosiah 14:1-15:9 
Question - What stands out to you in these verses about Jesus Christ? 
In the kitchen today  . . . .  Chocolate Marbeled Banana Bread.  An old recipe from Cooking Light.  Low in fat, but not sugar, this was a treat for Todd.

Have a wonderful Saturday.  Stay safe and warm and enjoy!  Don't forget!

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And I do too! 


  1. Ok Marie, there's 1 rule of yours I'm not listening to. Can you guess which one it is? Hint.. Desserts means stressed backwards. That's what I would be if I can't have my chocolate.. stressed! Lol. I like some veggies..not all.

    Happy Birthday to your brother David!

    I thought of one, get a good nights I've been failing on.
    Have a great Day! It's still windy here..pushed hard to open door.
    Hugs and lovexo

  2. Have a great weekend Marie..always a good reminder to read nice things:)

    1. Thanks Monique! I hope you are having a nice weekend! Xoxo


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