Monday, 4 September 2017

Small and wonderful things . . .

"The world is fairly studded and strewn with pennies cast broadside from a generous hand. But who gets excited by a mere penny?...It is dire poverty indeed when a man is so malnourished and fatigued that he won't stoop to pick up a penny. But if you cultivate a healthy poverty and simplicity, so that finding a penny will literally make your day, then, since the world is in fact planted with pennies, you have with your poverty bought a lifetime of days. It is that simple. what you see is what you get." ~Anne Dillard

A few of the small and wonderful things which bring untold joy into my life. It's the small things in life which truly mean the most. Simple abundance . . . it's the best. 

We had to take our car for its yearly MOT test last Thursday.  I was really dreading it. Our car is 19 years old, so she's really getting on in years.  We both knew that if it needed any work doing we were going to have to take it off the road as we just don't have the funds for repair work. We were really hoping we didn't have to do that. We are responsible for transporting a family to church each Sunday and they would be scrambling to find another ride, plus with my knee being the way it is I would become pretty much housebound.  The old girl passed her MOT with flying colours!   We felt so blessed!  Barring unforseen circumstances we have Bessie at our beck and call for at least one more year!  God is good!

With any luck my book should be published soon.  I saw the final draft two weeks ago and it was looking great! Fingers crossed it won't be long now. 


I got to meet one of my teen idols yesterday and I didn't fall to pieces, or go gaga.  I think I was quite normal actually. He said to me, you sound American, where are you from.  I said, Nova Scotia, Canada, the best part. And then his wife and I started talking abour Yorkshire puddings and I told her I knew how to make really good ones.  I also told them that we needed to have them over for tea sometime and I would show her how.  DUH.  I am such a dummy. As if  . . . 

Well, maybe now that the meeting is over, I can stop 
worrying about it happening.
Do ya think?

Very nice, very normal.


We were called, sustained by the Ward and set apart yesterday as Sunday School Teachers at church.  Todd and I will be teaching the Temple Preparation Class.  I have also been called as the FB Page Administrator and will be doing the monthly Newsletter again.  I hope that I will do a good job at it. Will try my best anyways!  We are looking forward to teaching together.  We have never done that before and I think both of our strengths working in tandem will be make for some great lessons. We will see.  I can't wait to get started!  I love teaching.

This sweet young couple invited us over for a meal and we went.  We had so much fun.  We miss having Ariana in our home and Jose is such a great guy.  She made lasagna and I brought my peanut butter picnic cake over for dessert as it was always her favourite.  They are so cute together and have built such a lovely home together. They both work so hard.  I am so happy for them.  It was great! 

I had a pretty good week with my knee last week.  The pain was not as bad as it had been and I was actually able to get into town one day.  I was feeling rather hopeful about it, but the last two days have seen it go back to worse than it was before, and I am in a lot of pain, despite taking ibuprophen.  I was taking two 400mg tabs in the morning and they kept me going through most of the day.  These past couple of days that hasn't even touched the pain.  I was so uncomfortable in bed last night I didn't think I was going to be able to fall asleep, but eventually I did. I hate taking pain killers, but I may have to start taking more.  The pain as it is, is pretty debilitating.  I read a book once that was called "Parenting isn't for Sissies."  Well, I think getting old(er) isn't for sissies either!  It could be worse however.  I could have it in my hands and so far, they are not too bad in comparison to my knees, hips and back.   I work a lot with my hands and I hope to do so for a very long time.

Many other blessings as well.  Talking to my mom, talking with Eileen, Amanda's team winning the Nationals in Ultimate, puppy cuddles, a husband who loves and cares for me, etc.  This week sees all my grands returning to school and I am hoping it will be a great year for each of them!

Postscript from above, I just had an e-mail from my Editor and he said they will have the next layout draft to show me hopefully on Thursday.  This book publishing is a very long process!  Much longer than I anticipated!  Whew! Every night I pray that I will live long enough to see it!

And with that I will leave you with a thought for the day.  A picture one for today.

Sounds like  a plan.

God grant me the serenity to
accept the things I cannot change.
The courage to 
change the things I can,
and the wisdom
to know the difference.


In The English Kitchen today  . . .  Pear & Saffron Jam.  Makes just one large jar.  Enough for a small family and uses 4 to 5 pears.  Perfect for us!

Have a great week.  Hope it is filled to overflowing with many small and wonderful things.  Don't forget along the way!

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═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

And I do too!  



  1. Good morning Marie,

    I am pleased you passed meeting the special people. Ot sounds like kindness and graciousness was extended on both sides. I would not worry about asking them over. Sometimes we all need the blessings of home. I remember a famous popstar was working for a friend of mine. The friend asked the popstar what he would like to do on Saturday night. This was before dvds etc and the star replied, "I'd like to stay in and watch TV."

    Have a brilliant Monday and may God bless you and bring some pain relief.

    The last few days have been unseasonably hot. Last night the low was 17 degrees. Today went to 27 instead of the predicted 32. I have slept most of the day as my left hip and lower back have hurt so. What right have I to complain when others hurt so much more.

  2. Hi Marie, playing catch up again this morning. Firstly I'm feeling a bit spooked. Just as I was picking up my phone to come to your blog David Cassidy popped into my head and I started humming one of his songs. The next thing I'm scrolling down and there he is, staring at me from my phone in all his gorgeousness!!!! He was so delicious!!!

    Anyways, so pleased your first meeting with your teen idol went well and is now over. The thing is these people we put on pedastals still have dirty socks and undies like the rest of us! Although for me I can't believe thats true of David Beckham!

    So pleased Bessie got the all clear. You really realise how dependant you are on cars when you have mobilty issues. Here's to another year of good health!

    I'm sure you and Todd will make an excellent teaching team, and I'm sure you're definitely the right person to write the newsletters.

    I'm sorry your knee is giving you so much trouble. I know you don't like to be a nuisance but I think you should really keep at your GP. The more you go the more they'll realise you cant cope with it. Do you have a disabled badge for the car? You may well be entitled to one with your mobility problems. It would make life a bit easier being able to park closer to places. Just a thought.

    Were off to London this week. I was a bit disappointed as I'm having a family get together this month to celebrate my 60th and Pete and Ashley can't make it as their too busy with work. They've only been home once since Christian was born 21 months ago and the rest of the family wanted to see him. So we're heading back down, again!

    I'm off to Manchester today as my daughter has a hospital appointment to check for allergies.

    Have a great Monday, can't wait for the cookbook! Lots of love xxx

  3. Thanks Suzan. I was just happy to get it over with to be honest as I had been dreading it. I did not want to be gaga as you know, and I think you are right, all they want is to be treated like normal people, because they really are just normal people with high profile jobs. It is fairly mind here today, but has been unseasonably cooler nights, which I don't mind. We are battling fleas here today. I discovered them last night and hardly slept for thinking about them. Went out this morning and got flea shampoo, and spray for the house and threw away all her bedding etc. and bought new everything, plus flea collar and spot on and worming tablets. £80 later she has been bathed and I have sprayed the house from top to bottom and she is sulking on the sofa now on her new blanket. She had been treated to BabyBel's this morning however so it's not all bad! Todd has gone into town to pay the rent and when he gets home we are changing our bed as she was sleeping on top of it when we got home. The thought is making me itchy, lol Love you! xoxo

    Oh, I am so disappointed for you Kate about Pete and Ashley not being able to get to your 60th. Praying that something will change, but if not, it wasn't meant to be. I used to have a blue badge, but when it came time for renewal they had made the hoops smaller to jump through and I did not get another one. I am going to try again and I am going to try again for disability as well. I know people that are getting it that are way more mobile than I am! I clearly don't know how to sell my disability well enough! I hope your daughter doesn't have too many allergies, they can be a real pain in the patootie to deal with! Love and hugs! xoxo

  4. Oh Marie we put flea drops on our darlings yesterday. I really dislike fleas.

    I forgot to say I am so happy your car passed its tests.

    Are you celebrating the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge news? Pip is feeling sick again tonight and was walking around clutching turtle saying, "How could she do this three times?" I am praying that Pip is not going to be vomiting again tonight and that she rest wells. She is 36 weeks and 3 days today.

  5. Glad your car passed the test. My car is 15 years old and still running well. Like you I wouldn't be able to replace it and am thankful for now, that I don't have to rely on others for a ride to where I need to go. Hope you do feel better soon.

  6. I haven't heard the news Suzan! I will have to check now! I am guessing she is pregnant again! Hope Pip feels better soon! Xoxo

    Thanks Pam! It is a necessity to have a car these days if you want to be independent! It would be a real pain having to rely on others always! Xoxo

  7. Glad Bessie is well! I keep my cars forver fact one of my girls still has one of mine a 1986 VW Cabriolet..has not been the best season!
    Mine is coming on 7yrs and my payments will be over..Bella.

    1 more yr.

    David? I thought which one did she meet?

    We had a star or two here for a while..I never saw him..they were shooting a movie..

    no..a series..

    That Serenity prayer plays in my head often..
    and I agree unless you are one of the very lucky ones..where genetics have been kind..and that you have not sustained injuries..

    ageing is not great reading a book and I only have it for 2 more days..but' the beginning is much about that!
    The Dark Flood Rises.

    I hope one day you wake up,and feel no pain.
    Miracles happen:)

    Oy the book..poor thing after another! It will be great!
    Ariana and her hubby♥

  8. It was one of the O Bros. Monique and his wife. Very nice people. Knee problems and arthritis are rampant in my family. I could just sit and cry today. Have spent most of the day with my leg up and heat on it which helps a bit but I could just cry sometimes. Yes, miracles happen. I had two wonderful weeks with not a lit of pain. The Ibuprofen was doing so well. I think I let my self hope too much perhaps. Aren't Ari and Jose just the sweetest pair! Xoxo

  9. Oh Marie, I wish they could do something for your knee, I can't remember ( my memory really has me worried ..or that should be lack of memory) if the Dr has suggested a new knee yet ? Surely when you are in so much pain they should be suggesting it, or even just perhaps having an injection into the knee would help. Please suggest these things to Dr next time you see them. I am quite sure that unless you suggest things they never will, I have got to the point now that I won't go to the Dr unless I have a good idea as to what is wrong.....I went to bed a couple of nights ago and even after taking the 60mg morphine plus the small pill that stops? The nerve pain ( it does) I had to get up about an hour after going to bed I was in agony and each time I took a step I let out a yell, got to the cupboard where I found a Tramadol they usually work in half hour then came in here and sat on the chair that was about 11.30 went back as pain eased by 12.30 just around 1.30 I gave up and almost crawled through here and sat on the chair for the rest of the least the pain eased when I was sitting seems to be worse in bed, I presume I either lean on my back or hip without knowing....Anyway no idea why I'm telling you this !!! Maybe why I don't go to Drs about it cos I know I cannot have an MMR scan so they can't do anything !.,!.....but I'm sure they must be able to help your knee your still much to young to be suffering the way you are...night night love. God bless....PS..for first time ever my wee Masy has also had fleas ! She has been washed the flea stuff put on etc etc.. She can't have a living flea anywhere now, but is still scratching furiously..I think she might have a flea Alergy now poor wee you say it has us itching just thinking about it ...lets pray both our wee pals are back to their usual cheerful selves very soon xxxxx

  10. I hope ur knee gets better soon Marie.
    Glad ur car passed inspection too.

    I guess ur publisher wants to make sure that all the i's are dotted. There's nothing more maddening, when you get a new book and there's mistakes in it.
    I read a cookbook from cover to cover and not regular books.It would be worse if they messed up 1 of ur recipes or more!

    My daughter brought a cat home when she was younger and it had fleas! I was so mad at her! It also threw up on my carpet!
    I cleaned and sprayed like you did, but I also vacuum every day. That made those nasty fleas disappear faster!

    Big Hugs!

  11. I'm so happy your car passed the test. We have been where you are now with woring about having to get a new car. I look forward to your book being published. What a fun and exciting thing to celebrate soon! How fun to get to actually visit with Donny and his wife. You must share how you managed to do that.
    We have taught the Temple Prep class before and it was such a wonderful experience. Congratulations on that call.
    I think it is so fun that your young friends had you for dinner. I am sure they enjoy your fun personalities and giving hearts.
    I feel so sad that you are having so much knee pain. I'm sure you are icing it and perhaps even using heat. I will pray that you get to feeling better. Old ate is not for sissies for sure.
    I lovw your grateful heart and all the things you are thankful for. I like the to do list; perfect!
    Sending prayers, loveing thoughts and hugs your way!

  12. Sybil I am so orry that you have so much pain. Sending you lots of hugs and love. I can't get any more injections in my knee, I have already had the two alloted per joint per life. Also they say I am too young for a knee replacement. Knee replacements only last about 15 years and I would need another one at some point. I don't know whether to be happy they think I will still be alive in 15 years time or not? lol It must be flea season. She has never had them before. Or maybe we just never noticed? Oh, I think we would notice. Not fun! Love and hugs. xoxox

    Yes, Jan, they are making sure all the i's are dotted and the t's crossed and it is a big book so that takes extra long I suppose! We are hoovering every day also! Every little helps! Love and hugs. xoxo

    Thanks LeAnn! We are looking forward to teaching for sure. It was Jay and his wife, not Donny. Donny was too young for me. I was much more into the older ones! Thank you so much for your prayers and love. Love, hugs and prayers back! xoxo


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