Wednesday, 29 April 2009

To build a better you . . .

"Your task . . . to build a better world." God said. I answered, "How? . . . The world is such a large vast place, and there's nothing I can do." But God in all His wisdom answered. "Just build a better you."
~Author Unknown

Oh, what a different world this would be if everyone spent their days just trying to build themselves a better "you" and becoming better people! Just think about it.

How much more understanding would those around us be? How much more understanding would "we" be?

The speed of Global warming would slow down because people would stop cutting down trees to fuel their greed and they'd walk a little bit more and run a little bit faster . . . fly a little bit less. Car pooling would be the rule of the day, the roads would be a lot less congested and the air a lot cleaner.

All the clerks in the shops would become friendlier and less harried. They'd actually seem to enjoy their jobs and their smiles would be genuine. They'd even pack your groceries without being asked. Likewise waiters and waitresses in restaurants. They'd actually enjoy waiting on you and providing you with a pleasant and wonderful dining experience.

People would greet you with a smile and ask how you were, and they'd really want to know! It wouldn't just be a pleasantry that people say without any meaning behind it.

No one would go to bed hungry tonight, or cold, or wet. The people of the world would all gather together to alleviate these things and pool all their resources so that there would be enough food to go around and shelter and clothing.

War would cease immediately. Everyone would lay down their arms and differences of opinion, and loving acceptance would be the rule of the day. We'd simply agree to disagree.

Churches would be full of people wanting to get closer to God. Voices raised in thanksgiving and blessing. What a beautiful song of praise we could all sing.

When you hired someone to come and do a job for you . . . the job would be done well, with no complaint and at a fair price. Nobody would be trying to gouge your wallet and you would receive good, honest and fair service.

We'd all stop complaining about the things we have to do and just do them, to the best of our abilities, with smiles on our faces and songs in our hearts, just glad to be alive and capable.

We'd extend our hands in friendship and love and be more willing to lend a hand without being asked. We'd all be our brother's keepers, recognizing our brother as being our neighbours, our neighbourhood, our world.

Love would be the rule of the day, hate would disappear into non-existence.

Our streets would be safer, cleaner and happier places.

Cruelty of every kind would just cease to exist.

People would work harder, love stronger and live longer.

Kind deeds would be more common than dirty ones.

There would be no bad news, only good.

Nobody would be lonely, or afraid or feel unloved.

Selfishness would cease to exist and be replaced with selflessness.

I think I just described Heaven on earth. It's not entirely impossible you know. I can happen and the wonderful thing about it is . . . it starts with me, and with you. You may think you are only a drop in the bucket and cannot make a difference, but . . . a bucket full of water is filled with lots of individual drops, each one a tiny part of the whole.

I did another wee picture yesterday afternoon. I really love this one. I think I say that about all of them, but it's true. You can see it as a whole HERE. Let me know what you think!

The following recipe is proof that simple need not be tasteless and can indeed be quite delicious! This is a wonderful dessert that can be on the table in just a few minutes and I guarantee everyone will be loving it.

*Fresh Berries With White Chocolate Sauce*
Serves 4
Printable Recipe

I know there are umpteen versions of this floating around. This one is mine. I think that it's important to use the best white eating chocolate you can buy. Simple yes, but the flavour is amazing. I would certainly serve this to company.

6 ounces good quality white chocolate, broken into small pieces
(I used Green and Black's organic. You can see the flecks of Vanilla in it. Just wonderful)
2/3 cup double cream
4 cups fresh mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries, raspberries and halved strawberries)

Put the cream and chocolate bits into a microwaveable measuring cup. Place into the microwave for about 35 to 40 seconds on high. Remove from the microwave and let sit for a minute
before whisking it together into a smooth sauce with a small whisk. (Your chocolate should be completely melted) Alternately you can heat the two together in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water. Stir until the chocolate has just melted, then remove from the heat. Pour the sauce into a jug.

Place all the berries into a bowl and give them a mix. Divide them into 4 shallow serving bowls. Pour the white chocolate sauce over them at the table. Delicious!


  1. A fantastic, thoughtful post, Marie...building a better me, helps to build a better world...and if we are all in it togther, what a world it could be! :o) I like this healthier dessert--berries with just a hint of quilt pleasure poured over--LOL! ;o) And the new illustration is darling--it is sooo cute! So glad to have a chance to chat with you last night--ever a treat, dear friend. LOVE YOU HEAPS! ((BIG HUGS))

  2. What a beautiful entry you made today. Good reading from top to bottom and the pictures were delightful. My lilac bush is blooming now and is so fragrant too. The berries with chocolate sauce sounds scrumptious.
    Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Hello Marie. What a wonderful post. It is true. Everyone makes a difference.

    That berry dessert looks so wonderful. I wish I could have a bowl of it right now. And your new picture is adorable. So cute!

    I hope you had/are having a nice day today!


  4. What a great entry!! if only.... I wish I liked Fresh Berries... I only like Blueberries... but it does look yummy!!!
    Lisa (lisita15)

  5. I Adored this post and want yo copy and use it...if I may for VT.
    I would love Heaven on earth and it would be the best place ever and it does start with me and you and all those around us. Your YW are so lucky to have you!

    The berry dessert is almost melting in my mouth, if thoughts were taste buds...

    Your picture is so full of talent. I love your art work.


  6. volumes of truth marie! every word of it!

  7. Wonderful thoughts.....even though we can't change others we can change ourselves. I tried to teach my children and my students that you should always try told leave a room/place better than it was when you entered it. Wouldn't it be nice if we always did that!

    It was nice to chad a bit with you today. I am glad that you were able to get so much done at work today. Tell Todd and Jess hello. Love, Lura

  8. Oooh white chocolate sauce! YUM Marie this looks lovely!

  9. OMG! I could actually bring back to mind the scent of lilacs just from looking at your beautiful photos of them! I'm from Vt, living now in the south, and miss lilacs more than any other flower.Thank you for a wonderful memory.

  10. What a shame the lilacs don't flower for long. I like the dark purple ones best.

    This post had such a calming feel to it. I expect that's how it would be if all those things did come to pass. calm.

    love, Angie, xx


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