Saturday, 27 January 2018

Its about time . . .

My Gran had an old wooden clock that hung on the wall in the living room of her house . . . just above the wine covered velvet sofa, with it's careworn arms and cushions. I remember it clearly . . . it was all carved and used to ring out the hours as they passed, and throughout the day there was that comforting tick tock that melted into the background so much that you didn't really hear it anymore . . . but would have clearly noticed if it stopped. My Grandfather used to wind it up with a key each day to keep it going. 

You can learn a lot from a clock. They have a lot to teach us.Oh, for sure they keep us up today with the time of course . . . but they also do much more . . .

Their steady "tick-tock" . . . "tick-tock" . . . reminds us not to rush things, but to do them at an even pace. Their faces have a serenity and stillness about them, which soothes and . . . the most important lesson of all . . . their hands never, ever . . . go backwards.

A reminder that we, too, must keep moving foward with confidence in what may or may not lie ahead.  

 My mother loved clocks also.  When we were growing up we had several.  One was a gold coloured dome clock with a twirling pendulum just like this one . . .  

And the other was one very similar to this one with a horse on it. I believe we were all quite fascinated with the horse.  I think we pretty much wore it to death touching it.  We were actually not allowed to touch it, but we did . . . .  plenty . . . . when nobody was looking.  Kind of like my mother's plastic Eifle Tower from Paris.  We touched that plenty also.  But nobody ever saw us.   I guess we were kind of sneaky . . . 

For her birthday the summer before I moved over here I bought my mother a clock with carved roses and victorian girls on it, with a teddy bear pendulum.  It was one of those carved resin ones.  I thought it was really pretty and it always took pride of place in her corner cabinet.

We have several clocks down here in our lounge . . . a Grandmother clock in a tall wooden case that Todd winds up every couple of days, a Westminster wall pendulum clock and a wooden mantle clock. they all tick and they all tock and they all chime. 

Our other clock is a cuckoo clock which we brought back from the Black Forest on one of our visits. It cuckoos on the hour and little dancers come out and twirl about to a different tune for each hour. The dancers have stopped working and don't come out and twirl about anymore. We've had it a very long time. It is battery operated and if I could do it over again, I would buy one with clock-works . . . that you need to wind up.  I think you may pay more, but it's worth it.  I also have a little German Girl on a swing clock up in my craft room . . . 

Its a reminder to me of a lovely holiday we were able to take together.  It was supposed to be for Eileen's room.  I used to fantasize about having my children come and live with me in the early days of our marriage, but I never had the money to pursue that course of action and it never happened.  I had their rooms all planned and everything.  Best laid plans and all that . . . nevermind.  Time marches on, and waits for no man, as they say!  

This is my kitchen clock.  Todd bought it for me in our early days of wedded bliss.  The teacup doesn't swing anymore, but I cannot bear to get rid of it.  I love it because I love him, and it would not be my kitchen without it.  It has lived in every kitchen we have had together.

We also have lots of alarm clocks . . .  in our bedroom we have three, two small travel alarm ones, and a larger digital one with glow in the dark lights so that no matter what time I wake up I in the night I can see clearly what time it is. 

I guess I just like clocks!

We've been working to get our passports sorted this past week.  Todd lost his somewhere last autumn.  He remembers taking it into the bank for some reason, but he hasn't been able to find it since.  So we had to send for a new one.  His is all done and sent off.  My Canadian passport expired the beginning of December.  I didn't feel a sense of urgency in having it renewed because I have a British one, but then this week when we went to renew it, we discovered that as a Canadian I am not allowed to re-enter Canada on my British passport.  It has to be my Canadian one.  Apparently a law that changed in 2016.  I could, if I had dual American Citizenship, enter with an American one, but not a British one, even though I have dual British Citizenship.  Odd that, especially where Canada is part of the British commonwealth.  In any case we are just about ready to send my papers off to have it renewed.  Do you know how much it costs over here to get my ten year Canadian Passport?  $260!  plus postage of $12.  Its outrageous as I know it would not cost that much if I lived in Canada.  Plus I have to have my photograph taken at a special photographers, which costs as well.  Todd was just able to go to the passport photo machine in Morrisons and have his done for £10.  Canada does not make anything easy for you if you live outside the country.  Its annoying.


My dishwasher died this week.  An engineer won't be able to come out and have a look at it until next Thursday.  And then I suppose I will have to wait for parts to be ordered, etc.  We do pay for appliance insurance on the dishwasher, stove and washing machine, so everything is covered if it breaks down or if it needs to be replaced, thank goodness.  I am so spoiled now having had the dish washer these past few years, I would not want to be without one now.  It gets the dishes so much cleaner.  I know . . .  I did not have one for many, many years.  I can go a few weeks without one now.  

 I sent off for some yarn this week so I can knit a few more of those little cotton rabbits.  My fingers are itching for something to do in the evenings, and I thought I might make a few to sell. We shall see.

We are off out to get a few groceries this morning, dishwashing soap being one.  I only have a little bit left.  I have TONS of dishwasher machine soap however, lol. In any case I will leave you with a thought for today . . . 

° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★

Trust that when the answer is no,
there is a better yes down the road.
~Unknown •。★★ 。* 。 


BOOK OF MORMON CORNER - Today's Reading-Jacob 7:1-20 
Question - What have you learnt from the reading today? How can you avoid being deceived as Sherem was?  
My thoughts - I can't be casual with the scriptures and words of prophets. They protect me from evil and from being deceived. I really know this is true and I strive to HOLD FAST to them continually. I love that we have the technology that enables me to access all the words of God so easily and wherever I am. This is a massive help to me every single day. 
Also the Holy Ghost will protect us against being deceived, but for this to happen we must always do the things necessary to retain the spirit. Jacob teaches us not to 'quench the spirit'. I really thought about this. How things throughout my day, things like my reactions, my conversations, the thoughts and feelings I entertain and let grow, my level of gratitude, what I watch or listen to, how I spend my time  . . .  all have the potential to quench the spirit or enhance the spirit in my life. Disobedience and neglect both quench the spirit. But when I am living worthy of His companionship, the Holy Ghost will bless me in ALL His roles. One being that He teaches and testifies of TRUTH.

 Tommorrow's Reading (Monday, Day 87) - Jacob 7:21-Enos 1:10 
Question - What changes came as a result of Jacob's prayer? What similarities can you see between Enos and his uncle Nephi? 


Baking in The English Kitchen today . . .  Almond Horns.  Not sure how authentic these are, but they are pretty darned tasty, gluten free also.

Have a lovely Saturday.  Hope its a good one for you.  Don't forget along the length and width of your day . . . 

═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════ ⊰✿░G░O░D⊰✿⊰L░O░V░E░S⊰✿⊰░Y░O░U░⊰✿
═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════ 

And I do too! 


  1. Wow Marie,you have some pretty clocks!
    I have a rooster one in the kitchen plus the clock on the stove. Then the microwave has a clock. In the den I have my pool ball clock. In the living room there is no clock. I have alarm clocks upstairs too. I rely on my phone clock the most though. I did have a cuckoo clock of my Nana's but it disappeared. I think my jerk ex sold it,when he was having yard sales when I was at work! Nice guy not!

    Wow, your passport is crazy expensive! They sure don't come cheap!

    Well good thing you don't have to pay anything for your dishwasher to be fixed! I had a roll out one that I sold bc I hardly ever used it. I don't mind washing my dishes.
    My Mom still washes her dishes twice a day and my Dad wipes them. If I'm over their he disappears timing it to wipe the last pan. Lol. I try to wash the dishes but my Mom pushes me away. She says it's her job! Hahaha!

    There are alot of nice things to knit. That's one thing that doesn't come easy to me!

    I like that saying, but it wouldn't have worked when I was growing up. My Dad didn't want to say no to us kids. So he would say go ask your Mom,and you know the answer would be no. Lol.

    I hope you have a great day and ur Todd too!

    Love and big hugs! ~♥~

    1. I rather enjoy the labor of washing dishes. I don't have a window over my sink, or I would enjoy it more. I also have to kind of reach around my fridge to do it. I have a really tiny kitchen. I will suffer through it though if at the end I have a working dishwasher, lol. Love and hugs. xoxo

  2. Hi Marie, I'm going to put my hands up straightaway here and admit I don't have one single clock in the flat!!! There is one built in with the oven which I have to have on because you can't switch it off. I don't have the microwave clock on. I use my phone for my alarm and rarely wear a watch, although I do wear a fitbit now but at least the time isnt staring at me!! I know, I'm weird, and to prove it even more I wash all my dishes thoroughly before putting them in the dishwasher! Hope you get yours sorted soon.

    Have a lovely weekend and hope your tummy settles down. Lot's of love xxx

    1. I remember you are not fond of clocks Kate! You have reminded me that I need to get a new battery for my watch! I do rinse before putting my dishes in the dish washer. My tummy is much better today thanks! Love to you! xoxo

  3. I knew you loved clocks:)
    You have a lot going on with passports..I don't know all the rules lol..just had ours done before Provence so we are ok for the next 9 yrs..and it was less $ than it was for you..sorry about that..I think every country has it's quirks for things.
    Hope the dishwasher gets fixed soon..How cute are those bunnies!:)
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Its my Canadian Passport Monique, so it is the Canadian Government who is charging me $100 extra! Just because I live outside the country. Its criminal! But I will pay it because if I don't I won't be able to ever return to Canada. You have a nice weekend also! xoxo

    2. I knew it was the CDN idea why it is more for you..not sure at all:(

    3. I can’t either other than a punishment for living outside the country. Xo

  4. Wow Marie we took a 10 year PP $160. So that means you have to travel back to Canada!💛❤️

    1. The sad part Di, is I can't travel back to Canada without one so I need to get it at the exorbitant price they are charging, can you believe it! $100 more than you paid! Without one I am not allowed back in the country. Blah. xoxo

  5. I like your thoughts about a clock reminding us to always move forward. I've just acquired a dishwasher since I moved. It's something though that takes me almost a week to fill up. I rinse the dishes and put them in till it's full and turn it on. Takes some getting used to for me, but I can see why you'd miss yours. Hope they fix it soon. Happy Saturday!

    1. If they can't fix it they are supposed to replace it Pam, so here's hoping one wway or another I will be back using one within a few weeks! Happy Saturday to you also! xoxo

  6. Hi Marie~

    I love clocks too - I would love to have a big grandfather clock, I love to hear them chime. Your kitchen clock is adorable! I wouldn't get rid of it either, it's just too cute, and a good reminder that you are loved.

    I use my dishwasher, but to tell you the truth, I love to do dishes by hand...don't tell! It's very soothing to me, and I just love to put my hands in the hot water...arthritis, it makes them feel better. I do hope that you get yours fixed or replaced very soon!

    Please show us the little knitted rabbits when you are finished, I'm sure they will be cute as can be!!

    I have had many experiences with knowing when I was being directed by the, Holy Ghost. A little too personal to share on a blog, but very comforting.

    Enjoy your Sunday, sweet friend!

    Hugs and Love,

    1. Thanks so much Barb. I like to wash dishes by hand, but its much more enjoyable when I have space and am not cramped like I am here. I will show you the rabbits for sure! Love and hugs. xoxo

  7. I really loved this post on clocks. I love clocks too. In fact the dome clock that your Mother had was just like one my grandmother had and I loved watching it as a little girl and listening to it's chime. This brought back a sweet memory. I might see if I can find one to purchase.
    We have two clocks that chime. One is a grandfather clock. I do tune them out which I find interesting. It's in my favorite room so when I relax in there I enjoy listening to it.
    We don't have a lot of clock; but we do have them in most of the main rooms. I have to have a watch on or I would always be late. I don't have good timing skills. I have a daughter who has not concept of time at all and it is has been hard for her. She's a story in and of herself.
    I love your Cuckoo Clock; so adorable. I grandmother had one of these too.
    I like your kitchen one alot. It is adorable and I can see why it means a lot to you.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your passport being so expensive and you answered my question on why do you have to have two. I think it is dumb that you do have to have a Canadian one.
    Also sad that your dishwasher broke. We are spoiled by them. I don't like to do dishes by hand much anymore.
    The cotton rabbits area adorble, have fun making more.
    Loving thoughts and hugs for you two!

    1. Thanks so much LeAnn! Love these little conversations we have! I hope we can meet one day in person. Love and hugs to you! xoxo


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