Wednesday, 1 January 2014

And so it begins . . .

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So here we are, all sitting on a fresh new page.   Happy New Year everyone!  What will this new year bring?    Who knows, it's like a big beautiful gift just waiting to be opened . . . a fresh new note book with crisp new pages, each one just waiting for us to write our days upon them.   It's an exciting thought indeed.

I never make New Years Resolutions . . . they end up only being something which I have failed to keep, and so each year I just resolve to try to be a better me by year's end and that is something which is well within my grasp to accomplish!!

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Last night Todd asked did I want to take the tree down today and I answered that I could not bear to lose hold of it just yet . . . it was such a pretty tree this year and I want to treasure Christmas in my heart for just a few days longer, and so . . . it will be up for a few more days at least.  It is such a pleasure for me to sit here and penn my words to you each morning by tree light.  Perhaps I can talk him into putting up a string of fairy lights across the mantle here in the lounge and then I could write by them each morning?   We shall see.

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Mitzie loves it too.   Yesterday I looked over at the tree and there she was sitting beneath it with her head poking up through the branches.  I tried to get a picture of her, but alas, she moved as soon as I did.  It was really cute though, as you will just have to imagine.  She is such a little character.  We love her so very much.

We are such party poopers in this house.   We never stay up to usher in the New Year.   We are always in bed by 9 or 9:30, and asleep by at least half past 10. We usually grumble when the fireworks wake us up at midnight, but they didn't last night . . . so maybe austerity has hit our neighbors, or we have become sounder sleepers?  I don't know which!

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I do know I did one final piece for 2013 yesterday afternoon.    It strikes a chord in my heart.  Sometimes I think I am so afraid of failure that I don't push myself forward like I should.  Maybe this will be the year when I will.  Again, we shall see . . .

I had dreams last night about exams.   I hate dreams about exams.  It has been a very long time since I have had to sit down for an exam.   Oh, I know I did the AMSPAR exam for Medical Secretary back in 2003 and I did really well on it too . . . coming away with an honors credit, which meant my mark was over 90.  I was very proud of that accomplishment and I worked very hard for it.   It's really difficult when you get older to have things stick in your brain like that.  Medical Terminology is really hard, but I did it, even though I have never really used it.

Last night in my dream there were all sorts of exam papers put in front of me and I only had a small amount of time to finish each of them and I couldn't even begin to get started on them . . . there were ever so many distractions.  Mostly I was afraid because I did not know the answers to the questions.   The questions were so very cryptic that I doubt many would.  They were questions which could have many answers, but only one would be correct.  The worse exam dream ever . . . and I find myself sitting here this morning wondering what it was all about?

Perhaps it was that last bit of chocolate I ate just before we went to bed??  Probably so!

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☆ º ` `•.¸.•´ ` º So let the sunshine in...
face it with a grin, open up your heart
and let the sunshine in!

That is a song I learned when I was just a child.   I can remember singing it with my mother and that is what 2014 is going to be for me.   A year where I let the sunshine in, and face it with a grin!  And my hope for you is that you will do the same.  Cling to the good and brush off the bad . . . 

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Little drops of water,
little drops of sand,
make the mighty ocean
and the pleasant land.
Thus the little minutes,
humble though they be,
make the mighty ages
of . . . eternity.
~Julia A Fletcher

God Bless us every one.

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I'm revisiting a few old favourites in The English Kitchen today.  Nothing new to see, but lots of scrummy to behold. 

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