Friday, 17 January 2014

Friday Finds

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 A few of the wow moments, or things I discover each week that tickle my fancy.  I hope that they may inspire or tickle yours too!A few of the wow moments, or things I discover each week that tickle my fancy.  I hope that they may inspire or tickle yours too!

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This is such an adorable Pin Keep.   I found it here.  There are no insructions but the source book for the pattern is given.  I think it would be quite easy to figure out anyways.   I just adore the muted pastel colours of this.   The blog is called Winding Vine Wanderings and is filled with lots of beautiful eye candy for the crafting soul.

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I just adore this sweetheart door wreath.  I found it on Inspiration Tumblr.   Again no instructions, but it looks fairly easy to execute.  I wish I felt confident enough to leave a wreath on my front door.  I don't think it would be there for very long however.   Lots of light fingered people in our neighborhood.  They even stole a broken garden spade that Todd had left underneath the camelia bush in the front garden, right next to our front door!

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This is the perfect Valentine for someone who is into the Minions.   "You're One In A Minion Valentine!"   I know lots of people are into Minions.   I found this on Crabtree.  Cute!

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Valentines Day Chalk Art.  I love this look of chalk boards.  I don't think many chalk boards exist anymore.  Most classrooms use white boards and marking pens or overheads.  Progress.  In any case you can read more about this cute Valentine message on My Vintage Window.

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Is this not adorable???  It's a Valentines Day Paper Bag Album!   So easy to make.  I just love it!  There is a tutorial here on Or So She Says.   It's a guest post by Melissa of One Crafty Mumma!

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Adventures in Pink Sugarland has  made these adorable Crispie Treat Valentines!  These would be a fabulous classroom treat for the kiddos to take to school.   All you need is a sharp cookie cutter, some straws and some paper to cut out for the arrow ends, etc.   Simples!

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There are some really cute Valentines Printables on I Heart Nap Time.   Twenty of them in total!  I sure wish we could get the cute Valentines Candy over here in the UK that you can get in North America. 

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No source for this, but it is a really cute idea for a Vaneltnies Tree.   Looks like they have taken a jewelry tree and fixed it up with little puffy hearts and birds.  I think it is really cute.

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Handmade Tea Bags attached to some tasty looking gluten free shortbread Valentine Cookies.   You can find a great tutorial on Merriment Design. Those two gals are so cute!  There's even a cute video!

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This is my ABSOLUTE favourite!  52 Things I love about you!  Made out of a few rings and a deck of playing cards.  The whole tutorial, including supply lists, etc. can be found on 52 
It's such a cute idea!  There are some really wowsa talented people out there.  I am so inspired!

And that's it for my Friday Finds this week.   A very Valentiney one I know, but there's only a couple weeks left until Valentines Day and you have to get cracking if you are going to be ready for it!

A thought to carry with you through today . . .


Live your life from your heart.
Share from your heart.
And your story will touch
and heal people's souls.
~Melody Beattie



A few days ago I asked people on my Facebook Page what they would like to see me cook in The English Kitchen.  There were quite a few responses, many of which I had already cooked at some point and so today I have a round up there of the ones I have already done in the Kitchen.   Coming soon, the other requests, fresh ones . . . but those will be one at a time.  In any case if you'd like to see what they are asking for click HERE

Have a FAB Friday!  How did it get to be Friday already????  This week just whizzed by!  Amazing!

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