Saturday 7 January 2023

All Things Nice . . .



I'd Like To Know

The things that pine trees whisper
In the still and dead of night,
The ageless tune that wild geese chant,
Through the long hours of flight.

I'd like to know what the waters say,
Flowing toward the sea,
I'm sure they speak of quiet springs,
Back where they used to be.

Of sloping banks where cowslips bloom
And trees whose feet are pressed
Against the heart of Mother Earth,
Where all things come to rest.

I'd like to hear the ageless song
That lonely mountains know,
When winter crowns their ancient peaks
With diadems of snow.

The language of the quiet beasts,
Must be a friendly thing,
When something deep within their breasts,
Is telling them of spring.

For Earth and all that dwells therein
Are part and parcel to
The spark of that eternal life,
That beats inside of you.
~Edna Jaques, Fireside Poems 

Fireside Poems is the first book of poetry by Edna Jaques that I had collected.  It had sat in our childhood bookcase all the days of my growing up years, alongside the volumes of "The Book of Knowledge" encyclopedia that my parents had purchased when I was young, and all its attending volumes of condensed literature, geography, etc. When I think back on those books, I think of the many hours I spent perusing their pages.  It was not money wasted on this mind of mine. I used to spend hours reading through them, and through the book of poetry.  They were all very good friends of mine.

I could tell you where to find anything in those books. I knew them like the back of my hand. They were like members of my family.  I know that my parents paid a lot of money for the encyclopedia. My mother was always in charge of the family finances, and she did not ever part with money unless she thought that something was worth the investment.  I am quite sure that she felt the money spent on the encyclopedia was an investment in her children's educations.


Thinking back on it, my brother, sister and I had a pretty wonderful childhood. We were not spoiled by any stretch of the imagination, but we always had what we needed, and we were loved and cared for. We had stability that many other families never had. My mother made sure that we never did without. My father always would be the first to admit that what we had growing up was largely due to my mother's thrift and planning. Very early on in their marriage my father handed the purse strings over to her and she was an exemplary steward of it all. 

Growing up on a Military base we got to see all sorts.  The Military back in those days was not paid exceptionally well.  Not like they are today.  I had friends whose homes had very little in them because the fathers drank and gambled all of their pay checks away on Friday and Saturday nights or when they were away on scheme. Not so in our home. My father had an allowance and that was all he had to spend on outside things. My ex-husband could recall going for weeks with nothing to eat but oatmeal because their dad was away and had left no money home for their mother to buy food with. He remembered growing up hungry.  By contrast, we were never hungry, nor were we ever truly in need or want of the basics that life had to offer. We were blessed with good parents.

I started watching Grease, the movie, last night.  I had not watched it in a very long time. The first time I saw it was at the Drive-In theatre in Calgary, Alberta. We used to like going to the Drive in because it was cheaper than going to an indoor theatre, and we could bring the children.  Eileen was just a baby when we saw this film and sleeping in a car cot in the back seat of our car.  Anthony was a toddler and sitting in the front with us.  I remember him telling us to turn the TV off because he was tired, and he wanted to go to sleep.  I have probably seen that film at least ten times in my lifetime, if not more.  I never watch it but what I don't think of that very first time I saw it.

That little baby in the cot turns 45 years old today.  Happy Birthday to my daughter Eileen.  I love her very much. We may not see eye to eye on things, such as Covid, but she is my girl, and I am proud of her and who she is. She's accomplished a lot despite the cards that life has dealt her. She is determined and very capable.


This made me think of the cartoon short film by Disney that I remember watching as a child. Once Upon a Wintertime. It was a segment of the full version called Melody Time, which contained 7 separate sections, each accompanied with music. 

The seven original segments were Once Upon a Wintertime, Bumble Boogie, The Legend of Johnny Appleseed, Little Toot, Trees, Blame It on the Samba, and Pecos Bill. Once Upon a Wintertime was my favorite.  I suppose it spoke to the romantic in me!


I had a surprise Happy New Year phone call from my Uncle Harold yesterday.  He was always our favorite Uncle when we were growing up. It didn't matter that he was pretty much the only Uncle we knew, he would have been our favorite Uncle anyways. I have always loved him very much. He is/was the husband of our mother's youngest sister, Freda.  He is 84 years old now and still going strong. He used to work on the base here in Greenwood and used to stop by my house frequently when I was living there for a cold drink and a natter. It was so nice to talk to him yesterday. I think that Cindy and I should take a trip up the mountain and surprise him with a visit one of these days. I think he would really like that. I think WE would really like that!


My sister invited me over for supper last night. I was happy to go.  I love being together with family for supper. She had made homemade beans in the slow cooker and cooked oven roasted spareribs. I picked up some buns on the way.  Homemade beans call for homemade buns.  These were store baked, but very good.   The best part was being together.  I love these together times.

My scan went okay yesterday morning. I was there early (of course). I am always early for everything. I hate the thought of being late to anything. It was just an abdominal ultrasound. I will have to call to make a phone appointment for a week's time to get the results. I pray that they are alright, but if not, I will deal with whatever.  What other choice do I have. Not having a family Doctor is not ideal, but it is what it is, and there are over 110,000 people in this province in the same boat.  There are rumors that they are going to close the local hospital here in town.  That would mean that we have to travel to Kentville to an already over-scheduled hospital for emergencies, tests, etc.   It's almost an hour away for us and an even longer journey for those further down the valley.  As it is our hospital emergency room is only open between 7:30 am and 1:30 pm daily, and not always every day. It is often closed altogether. Apparently, the problem is lack of staff. 

We are still lucky to live in a country where our medical care is free. I will never take that for granted.

It looks to be a sunny day out there today, if cool. Its -1 at the moment. We had a bit of freezing rain yesterday morning, but overall, it was not bad. Just dull and gloomy. Today looks to be much better. I have no plans to go anywhere or do anything, just putter around the house.  A putter day is a good day. I love to putter and see what happens.  Earlier this week I started on two pairs of red Wellington boots for Luna Lapin. Maybe I will get them finished!  We will have to see what happens!

I don't have a lot else to say. I was up rather later this morning (probably because I had not really slept well on Thursday night, making up for lost time). I best be on about my day!  

In the meantime, here is a thought for the day  . . . 


Its a picture one for a change! 

In The English Kitchen today  . . .  Layered Chocolate Pudding Dessert, for two.  A small sized version of an old favorite!

I hope you have a beautiful Saturday whatever you get up to. Stay warm, safe and happy!  Don't forget! 

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And I do too!       


  1. I am a new reader to your blog, but look forward to reading many more posts.

    1. Welcome Carol! Sorry for the late response. I am late getting to the comments this week! xoxo

  2. My middle names could be What if.. and or Early..Early for everything and no sleep if I am going somewhere.Imagine my career..Endless sleepless wired nights..I hope all is well..Oh hospitals are soooo short staffed it's a tragedy..I am hoping more people will enter the medical field..My beans were so overcooked and over sweet this Christmas..I was shocked and embarrassed lol..Ill look up crock pot;)

    1. We are so much alike Monique, its almost scary! haha xoxo

  3. Enjoyed your poem today. Happy birthday to Eileen. No family doctor for us either, don't imagine we will ever get one. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. I doubt we will get one here as well Linda. It's almost gone past the point of no return! xoxo

  4. Oh! ‘Once Upon a Wintertime’ ….my favorite also! I found the Golden Book of it many years ago on EBay….I love it and put it out on a side table for Christmas and for Valentine’s Day….so sweet. (funny to share so many favs!)
    Happy birthday Eileen! Happy weekend, Marie. xo, V.

    1. I have always loved that Little Golden Book V! I had many LGB's when I was a child. Loved them all! xoxo

  5. I think it stupendous that you share meals often with your sister and kin...lovely!! Our grandparents bought several sets of encyclopedias and we had full use of a great deal of them. Books and getting to the library was not an often event so we read everything we had advantage of...Reader's Digest and their condensed books, Farm Journal (women's section anyway), a couple other noteworthy magazines. Our grandparents also got the newspaper so handed it down when finished with it. At least the last 5 yrs before I married and left home, when we all lived close to each other. Lovely times spent with my grandparents. Do go visit the uncle...I would think especially in winter he would welcome the company as it is not easy to get out in bad weather!!
    Elizabeth xoxo

    1. I am sure he would appreciate the visit Elizabeth. Just need to pick the right day to go. The weather where he lives on the mountain is often quite different than where we live here in the valley! xoxo

  6. I always enjoy Edna Jacques' poems that you post every week. Happy Birthday to Eileen. Drive-ins were fun! I could never seem to find our car after a trip to the concession stand. Hope you get good results from your scan. Love and hugs, Elaine

    1. You know I love me some Edna Elaine! My favorite poet! Oh, weren't the fries delicious at the Drive In? They never tasted as good anywhere else! Love and hugs, xoxo

  7. I enjoyed being reminded of "Once Upon a Wintertime!" I adored it, too.Thanks to @V for mentioning that there was a Little Golden Book! Now I want to find one.:)

    1. I really hope you are able to find one Marceline! Good luck! xoxo


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