Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Yada yada yada . . .

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Some days you just have nothing to say and today is one of those days for me.   Just prior to getting into bed last night, I twisted a funny way (not sure how I did that!) but when I did I pinched something inside on the upper right hand side of my abdomen.  It hurt like heck and is still hurting this morning.  Not sure what it is, but it's happened before on different occasions.   Anyways, I can't really concentrate today to write much of anything . . .

I was uplifted by all of your comments yesterday.  I don't think I would ever stop blogging completely.  It's meant too much to me and brought such joy into my life and if I was ever going to cut back it would not be on this blog . . . it would be on the other one, for that is the one which sucks up my time.  I need to learn to say no . . . I cannot please everyone, and trying to do so only makes me tired, lol 

I did start recently saying no to all the invitations I get to go here or to go there.   I am always grateful that people want me at this or at that, but really . . . I find the travel very tiring and more often than not . . .  I don't sleep the night before the event anyways.  aIt also always ends up costing us something irregardless of how free they have said it would be.  I just don't think the trips are worth it for me . . . not unless they are something really special.

I used to have dreams when I first started the food blog that perhaps one day I would get a cookbook deal or something like that, but I've put years and years . . .  and hours and hours into it, and nothing much has come of it that way.  It seems to happen in America much more frequently than it does over here.  At the end of the day I have to ask myself why I do it . . . and I do it for fun, nothing else.  It is not a competition.   When I think of the food shows I enjoy watching, it is the ones where the food is the star, not the presenter, or the chef.  It's the food and that is what I wanted to achieve with my food blog.  I have always wanted the food to be the star, not me, and so I think in the new year that is the direction it will take and I will try to let go of all the other stuff. That's the plan at any rate!

Shall I leave you with a thought for today???   I think so!

"Joy does not simply happen to us.
We have to choose joy
and keep choosing it every day."
~Henri Nouwen  

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Cooking in The English Kitchen today . . . Tourtiere.   A delicious Christmas tradition . . .

Have a great day!  (I seem to be having issues with photos on Photobucket today.  Not sure what that's all about!)

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